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Friday on AxXiom For Liberty Live – Lucas Catton,Colin Henderson on Narconon Arrowhead

Friday March 29th on AxXiom For Liberty with Kaye Beach and Howard Houchen

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 nn arrowhead

On Friday, Lucas Catton former president of Narconon Arrowhead, author of ‘Have You Told All?’, and our good friend Colin Henderson will be catching us up on the remarkable happenings at Narconon Arrowhead Scientology’s flagship rehab facility in located here in Oklahoma.

Lucas Catton

Lucas Catton

Catton came out of the shadows in the wake of the 3 Narconon patient deaths in a 9 month span that have led to criminal investigations and civil lawsuits against Narconon Arrowhead.

‘It was Catton who explained to us that Scientology officials have spent considerable resources lobbying and schmoozing state officials, worried that they would take a hard look at Narconon Arrowhead’s certification.

“When I left in 2006, they were eagerly trying to get some type of amicable relationship with the Department of Mental Health,” he says.’  . . . “They were worried that they had to get their entire program certified by the state, or get the law changed, or they would not be allowed to operate at all,” .  . .The Village Voice, August 18, 2012 http://blogs.villagevoice.com/runninscared/2012/08/scientology_lucas_catton_narconon.php

Gabriel Graves,32,  Hillary Holten, 21,  and Stacy Murphy, 20 years old all died at the Narconon Arrowhead facility. Read more Narconon Rehab Deaths

Lucas Catton also recently published a book on his experiences as a Scientologist and the figurehead and PR specialist at Narconon Arrowhead called ‘Have You Told All?’


NBC’s Rock Center did a feature on Narconon Arrowhead last August and will be airing  a very powerful piece on April 5th at 10pm EST/9PM CST featuring Lucas Catton and former staff member at Narconon, Eric Tenorio.  There will be a promo during the Rock Center’s show Friday March 29th show.

Axxiom For Liberty has been covering NN Arrowhead, the largest Narconon facility in the United States, since 2010 prior to the tragic deaths of at least 3 young people who were seeking help for their addictions that has set off a firestorm of media activity.

Much thanks to the sincere and tireless efforts of Colin Henderson who since his own dangerous experience with the facility in 2007, has been trying to warn others not to seek help there.

Here are just a few of the recent news items on Narconon Arrowhead;

-Legislation to curtail the dangerous practices at NN has been filed and has passed the Senate

Oklahoma Drug Rehab Bill Passes Senate: Scientology’s Narconon Days Numbered?

. . .history showed that the state had resisted Scientology’s plan to open the large rehab center in the late 1980s, and refused to grant it a license. But Scientology found a loophole in the law that allowed them to open based on a certification by a national nonprofit organization, bypassing state regulators.

In his bill, Ivester is trying to close that loophole.

Read more TonyOrtega.com

5 new suits have been filed against Narconon Arrowhead

“Narconon Arrowhead’s program “has the appearance of being nothing more than a pyramid scheme and sham” that operates to extort money while acting as a recruiting tool for the Church of Scientology, according to one of the lawsuits filed Thursday in Pittsburg County District Court. ”

Suits Claim Narconon Arrowhead Drugs-For-Sex Trade

National counseling certification has been revoked for CEO, staff members of Oklahoma drug rehab Narconon Arrowhead

March 9, 2013

McALESTER, Okla. (AP) — Narconon Arrowhead’s top executive and several of his employees have had a counseling certification revoked by the National Association of Forensic Counselors, officials say.
Read more: http://www.kjrh.com/dpp/news/local_news/narconon-officials-lose-counseling-certifications#ixzz2OfpR2hhj

And this is nothing new but something parents might want to watch out for, Narconon continues to do anti-drug presentations in public schools;

March 18, 2013

ASHER, Oklahoma –

Several parents say they are concerned over an anti-drug presentation at their school. The organization making the presentation and handing out literature is the controversial Narconon Arrowhead, which News 9 has been investigating here for several months.  Read more at NewsOn6

The curriculum provided by Narconon for grade and high school students is linked in the News 6 article and seems to diverge from scientific understanding of human biology.  This was a point of contention in California over Narconon’s anti-drug presentation to public school kids.

Schools urged to drop antidrug program / Scientology-linked teachings inaccurate, superintendent says

February 23, 2005

State Superintendent Jack O’Connell urged all California schools on Tuesday to drop the Narconon antidrug education program after a new state evaluation concluded that its curriculum offers inaccurate and unscientific information.


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Restore Oklahoma Public Education – ROPE

A brief list of Common Core educational materials

Here is a link to our one page information sheet called, “What Oklahomans Need To Know About Common Core State Standards“.  If you’re not in Oklahoma and wish to have something more generic, please use this handout from our friends at the Truth in American Education website.

Here is the paper that really helped to spread the word about CCSS, “Common Core State Standards, An Introduction To Marxism 101”  This should help you put the background together on where the Common Core came from – it’s political background and who’s behind the push.

For those of you interested also in the data collection aspect, our paper, “How Much Data Is Enough Data? What happens to privacy when bureaucracies exceed their scope?” might be of interest.  We also have another one page information sheet called, “What Oklahomans Need To Know About The P20 Council” that you can hand out to those seeking information.

Candidate Promises Statue of Free Cheese in Norman, OK March 28, 2013, The American Thinker

‘David Kempf for Mayor’  on Facebook

Stop Scientology from Creeping into Okla. Public Schools Again!

Kaye Beach

Oct 23, 2012

Narconon Arrowhead, a drug rehabilitation organization based on Scientology has been permitted to give their presentation to Canadian Oklahoma High School students.  And this after the recent barrage of bad press and lawsuits arising from the untimely and suspicious deaths of several of Narconon Arrowheads charges.

Narconon Arrowhead recent deaths

Is it not possible to have good anti-drug educators to present at Red Ribbon Week at our schools that are not dogged by deaths, lawsuits and sex for drug scandals?

“. . . Narconon educators, versed in L. Ron’s pseudoscience, flunked out when it came to the ABC’s of actual drug facts. Over the decades, most US school districts have given Narconon the boot.” Link

Other states are on to this Scientology con and have banished them from infiltrating their schools.

Mayor abandons anti-drug program affiliated with Church of Scientology

SAN FRANCISCO / Church’s drug program flunks S.F. test / Panel of experts finds Scientology’s Narconon lectures outdated, inaccurate

The Canadian elementary and other Oklahoma kids are next unless something is done to stop it.

Canadian Elementary School Phone Number:
918-339-7205Canadian School District

October 23, 2012

Narconon Arrowhead gives presentation at local school

By Jeanne LeFlore Staff Writer


Narconon Arrowhead representatives gave a Red Ribbon Week presentation to students Canadian High School on Monday and are hoping to give a presentation at the McAlester Boys and Girls Club this week, according John Bitinas, public relations spokesman for Narconon Arrowhead.

The presentation has not yet been given to the elementary school students, according to Canadian Elementary Principal, Christy Lackey.

“I don’t have anything set up with them, yet.” Lackey said”

Tonght 9PM Central-NBC’s Rock Center Covers Narconon Arrowhead Deaths

Kaye Beach

August 16, 2012

Be sure to watch tonight at 9 PM central time as Brian Williams from NBC’s Rock Center presents his investigative report on Narconon Arrowhead.
Here is another story you might find interesting.

Bob Lobsinger fought  tooth and nail to expose Narconon back in the 90’s when the Scientology front organization first set up shop in Oklahoma.  Take a look at some of the articles he wrote and check out this article about the misadventure from the Village Voice-

Scientology’s Oklahoma Nemesis, Bob Lobsinger: “They Lied Every Step of the Way”

By Tony Ortega Thu., Aug. 16Scientology’s Oklahoma Nemesis, Bob Lobsinger: “They Lied Every Step of the Way” 2012 at the Village Voice

On Saturday and Tuesday, we gave readers some background on the Scientology drug treatment center in Oklahoma — called Narconon Arrowhead — that is now the center of controversy after four recent deaths which are under investigation, three just since October.

Tonight, a report by Rock Center’s Harry Smith on NBC should explode interest in the goings on at the strange drug rehab, where patients learn Scientology processes — like hours-long staring drills and talking to inanimate objects — rather than getting counseling for their actual drug problems.

Another Narconon Patient Speaks Out

Kaye Beach

July 29, 2012

Poor training, deaths and patients are taught to order ashtrays around in this expensive Scientology based facility.

From Oklahoma’s News Channel 9.  July 26, 2012


July 26, 2012 – Former Narconon Patient Talks About Treatment Practices – OKLAHOMA CITY – As the investigation into a Scientology-run drug treatment center continues more people who attended the center are coming forward. The OSBI has now turned the results of its investigation into the recent death over to the District attorney in Pittsburg County. This, as News 9 is learning more about exactly what happens inside the facility. “It was a way to get you kind of weak and vulnerable and trust whatever they’re telling you,” said a former patient who asked not to be identified. “They’re kind of just people like me that have been through the program and decided to stay and work,”. The Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse is also investigating the facility.

Narconon Exposed! Special Guest Colin Henderson tonight on AxXiom For Liberty Live!

Kaye Beach

July 27, 2012

Miss this show?  Listen to the podcast!  Narconon Arrowhead Exposed July 27, 2012

The radio show has also been put into video format if you prefer, here is part I, part II, part III, IV (the rest can be located in your sidebar on YouTube)


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Guest co-host Craig Dawkins returns to the show tonight and we will be interviewing special guest Colin Henderson about the spate of deaths and dubious practices of the Scientology based drug rehabilitation facility, Narconon Arrowhead, located in Canadian Oklahoma

You can read his story here;


We covered Colin’s story over two years ago on AxXiom For Liberty.

What we learned then that is even more concerning now is how Narconon was permitted to operate  in the state even after the Oklahoma Board of Metal Health refused to approve the organization stating that, “No scientifically well-controlled independent, long-term outcome studies were found that directly and clearly establish the effectiveness of the Narconon program for the treatment of chemical dependency and the more credible evidence establishes Narconon’s program is not effective”

A review of the many articles published in the Newkirk Herald Journal beginning in the late 1980’s when Narconon first began to put down roots in Oklahoma, raises serious concerns about the process by which the organization gained approval to operate.

Originally Narconon was sited in Kay County on tribal property.

Tribal members contacted about the Chilocco project were not aware of a possible connection to the Church of Scientology.  All they’ve been told is that it is a “private corporation.”

Pawnee office of the Bureau of Indian Affairs said they were not aware of the connection, and were very “surprised” be- cause the “state” and the “governor’s office” were involved in getting Narconon to come to Chilocco.

Herald Journal Publisher April 27, 1989

Narconon Arrowhead, is finally being investigated.  Unfortunately it has taken the deaths of four young people, three of them in quick succession to put this facility in the spotlight.

July 25, 2012

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — After three deaths in nine months at an eastern Oklahoma drug rehab center with ties to the Church of Scientology, the local sheriff confirmed Wednesday that he has launched an investigation. link

The latest death happened just days ago, Stacy Murphy, age 20, was reported to have been found dead at the facility on July 19, 2012 ‘Somethings terribly wrong there’, says the father of Stacy Murphy.

Hillary Holten, 21 of Carrollton, Texas, died April 11; Gabriel Graves, 32, of Claremore, died Oct. 26.  . . .Kaysie Dianne Werninck, 28, died March 3, 2009, at a Eufaula hospital after she was transferred from the center.Read more: http://newsok.com/narconon-inquiry-in-oklahoma-expands/article/3695615#ixzz21nJQIgOh

When Regina Ramsey decided that she wanted to leave after Stacy Murphy’s death, she required the assistance of the Sheriff to do so.

Narconon Arrowhead Client Requires Police Assistance to Get Away

Something is indeed, very wrong at Narconon Arrowhead.

We will cover all of these issues and more tonight on AxXiom For Liberty.

Listen Live 6-8PM on LogosRadioNetwork.com

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Narconon Arrowhead Client Requires Police Assistance to Get Away

Kaye Beach

July 20, 2012

Narconon Arrowhead, a drug rehabilitation center located in Canadian Oklahoma is a front group for Scientology, a fact that is not revealed to prospective patients when they check in. Regina Ramsey paid $27, 000 to enter the facility and says she was forced to read the Scientology bible.  When she wanted to leave, she says the counselors at Narconon wouldn’t let her.   Checking in at Narconon is easy if not cheap, checking out however, can be a nightmare.  Yesterday marked the fourth unexplained death in three years at the facility. Three of those deaths have been within in the last year.

Regina Ramsey’s mother was forced to call on police assistance to extricate her daughter from the facility but it is reported that Oklahoma officials are now  giving the dubious Scientology enclave some long overdue attention.

Read and view the Fox 25 report

Three Dead at Narconon: Sunshine Begins to Fall on Scientology Based Oklahoma Treatment Center

Kaye Beach

June 5, 2011

My good friend, Colin Henderson, has been telling me about his experience at Narconon and his fears for the safety of others for years now.

(You can listen to his interview from Dec. 10, 2010 on AxXiom For Liberty radio here)

He has also been asking  Oklahoma State officials to look into Narconon to no avail.  Will the deaths of three  under the care of this facility bring some needed attention to Narconon?

Left to right Gabriel Graves, Hillary Holten, and Kaysie Werninick

Colin went to Narconon for addiction treatment and was denied his needed blood pressure medication and instead was treated to Scientology course work.  Colin had specifically asked Narconon staff before he decided to use their treatment  if they were connected to L. Ron Hubbard’s Scientology religion and was told that they were not and that Narconon was an entirely secular program.

Kudos to Fox 25 who  is covering this story.  Follow the links to watch the news videos.

Narconon Arrowhead rehab deaths

Three deaths, all connected to the same drug rehab facility in Oklahoma. Narconon Arrowhead is in the town of Canadian, Oklahoma.


Narconon Arrowhead rehab deaths part 2

Three deaths all connected to the same Scientology-based drug rehab facility in Oklahoma. Fox 25 goes to state officials for answers.


Withdrawal Without Meds

Three deaths connected to a drug rehab facility in Oklahoma. Some former patients say the center won’t give them their prescription medication. Fox 25 speaks with a doctor to find out the risks of detoxing without prescription drugs.


Secret FDA Report Reveals Health Information Technology Safety Issues

Kaye Beach

April 4,2011

While we are being treated to the virtually  unopposed assertion that health information technology is going to make us so much safer, I thought it might be worthwhile to see just what could go wrong.  (With the government in charge of all that information, how much can possibly go right?)  No matter how fabulous the technology, it is still us lowly humans that are in control of it.  We are and always will be, the weakest link.

For some reason the government hasn’t made much of a study out of the issue and solid, quantifiable figures on people harmed or killed due to info foul ups are tough to come by.  It took a little digging but the indicators that there might be trouble in technology-enabled  universal health care paradise is out  there.

I wonder who will be held accountable in cases like this?

Here is the document summary but be sure to read Health Care Renewals entire report too

In summary, the results of this data review suggest significant clinical implications and public safety issues surrounding Health Information Technology. The most commonly reported H-IT safety issues included wrong patient/wrong data, medication administration issues, clinical data loss/miscalculation, and unforeseen software design issues; all of which have varying impact on the patient’s clinical care and outcome, which included 6 death and 43 injuries. The absence of mandatory reporting enforcement of H-IT safety issues limits the number of relevant MDRs and impedes a more comprehensive understanding of the actual problems and implications.

Health Care Renewal, an site dedicated to

“Addressing threats to health care’s core values, especially those stemming from concentration and abuse of power. Advocating for accountability, integrity, transparency, honesty and ethics in leadership and governance of health care.”




AxXiom for Liberty 8-20-2010 “The Prison System” Show Notes

August 20.2010

Everyone should care about the state of our Criminal Justice system.  1 in 31 Americans are currently caught up in the corrections system and 1 in 100 Americans are behind bars.

The reality is that it takes less and less to gain the attention of law enforcement these days.


For one thing, there are just too many laws criminalizing too many things ;

According to several scholars and legal researchers, Congress is criminalizing everyday conduct at a reckless pace. This study provides further evidence in support of that finding. Members of the 109th Congress proposed 446 non-violent criminal offenses and Congress enacted 36 of them. These totals do not include the many offenses concerning firearms, possession or trafficking of drugs or pornography, immigration violations, or intentional violence. The sheer number of criminal offenses proposed demonstrates why so many of them were poorly drafted and never subjected to adequate deliberation and oversight.

Without Intent: How Congress Is Eroding the Criminal Intent Requirement in Federal Law, by Brian Walsh and Tiffany Joslyn, The Heritage Foundation, May 10, 2010

It is nearly impossible for an ordinary person  to keep track of, much less make any sense of the law anymore.

How Many Laws Have You Broken Today?

Over the past three years, the trend toward what I call “criminalization” of everyday conduct has only intensified.  (Criminalization is the conversion of conduct that was once considered a contractual dispute, or merely socially stigmatized, into a criminal offense.) READ MORE

We are trying to harness the power of  the law for purposes beyond its design.

“After five years of research culminating in our recent book, The Tyranny of Good Intentions, Larry Stratton and I found that the legal principles that guarantee a fair trial have been eroded by both good and bad intentions.” —Paul Craig Roberts on the Tyranny of Good Intentions

The Tyranny of Good Intentions: How Prosecutors and Bureaucrats Are Trampling the Constitution in the Name of Justice

From Booklist
Roberts and Stratton say the Constitution and its basis in the historic rights of Englishmen to be secure in person and property are not merely imperiled but substantially gutted. In the twentieth century, many personal and property rights have succumbed to governmental regulations and to ambitious, unscrupulous government attorneys. The authors cite cases to show how it became possible to be guilty of a crime though lacking criminal intent; to be liable for damages that were, when committed, not damages; to forfeit assets without cause or assurance of recovery; to be coerced to plead guilty; to avoid punishment by snitching on others; and to force private attorneys to divulge confidential client information. For the sake of fighting the war on drugs, cleaning up pollution, and other initially well-meant causes, Roberts and Stratton warn, the U.S. is becoming the image of its totalitarian former enemies in its prosecution of justice–or, rather, injustice. Top-drawer public affairs argumentation. Ray Olson
Copyright © American Library Association. All rights reserved

“The Tyranny of Good Intentions is a bold defense of our fundamental freedoms. It demonstrates that government oppression is not a right-left issue, but rather a universal evil that should be resisted by all free people. It demonstrates why conservatives and liberals who despise tyranny must unite against statists of both the right and the left who falsely believe that partisan ends justify deprivations of liberty. . . . When rights are subordinated to government power, the first steps toward tyranny are taken.” ~ Alan Dershowitz, author, The Genesis of Justice

We no longer insist that the fundamentals of law be upheld.

From Blackstone to Bentham:  Why wrongful convictions are on the rise

by Paul Craig Roberts

Jeremy Bentham despised William Blackstone for emphasizing law as a restraint on government. Government needed to be unrestrained, Bentham argued, in order to do more good. With regard to criminal law, Bentham argued that it is wrong-headed to make conviction so difficult when government’s purpose is to increase the general level of happiness by combating crime.

Bentham believed in proactively rounding up people who were likely to commit crimes. He believed in compulsory self-incrimination and wanted to revive torture. He hated the attorney-client privilege and believed that lawyers should aid prosecutors in convicting their clients.

Read More

We have allowed our country to violate basic human rights, in special cases such as with terrorist suspects.  We know better than to set foot on such a slippery slope.  Or we should.

Sexual Victimization in Juvenile Facilities Reported by Youth, 2008-09

January 7, 2010    NCJ 228416

Presents data from the 2008-09 National Survey of Youth in Custody (NSYC), conducted in 195 juvenile confinement facilities between June 2008 and April 2009, with a sample of over 9,000 adjudicated youth. The report provides national-level and facility-level estimates of sexual victimization by type of activity, including youth-on-youth sexual contact, staff sexual misconduct, and level of coercion. It also includes an analysis of the experience of sexual victimization, characteristics of youth most at risk to victimization, where the incidents occur, time of day, characteristics of perpetrators, and nature of the injuries.

Read Report

Torture Inc. Americas Brutal Prisons


Overview of Oklahoma’s Correctional System

An inmate in the Oklahoma County Jail has a good chance of dying.  In 2006, the Oklahoma County jail had a mortality rate higher per 100,000 inmates than Los Angeles County Jail, Cook County Illinois, among many others.  Three inmates have died there this year.  Fourteen inmates died in the jail in 2007 and 2008.

Read More

We have permitted pound of flesh profiteering by private prison industries.

Former Luzerne County judge pleads guilty in kids-for-cash scheme

Published: Friday, July 23, 2010, 7:03 PM

PHILADELPHIA — A former judge in northeastern Pennsylvania pleaded guilty Friday to a racketeering conspiracy charge for his role in a kickback scheme that put juvenile defendants, many without lawyers, behind bars for sometimes minor offenses.

Ciavarella, 60, routinely shackled children, denied them legal counsel and removed them from their homes during brief plea hearings, juvenile advocates said.

Read more

Private prisons subject of controversy in Oklahoma

A private prison system that has yet to exist for a decade is coming under fire as part of growing concerns by legislators about rising costs involving the state’s correctional system.

With the Department of Corrections requesting millions of dollars in supplemental legislative funding for the 10th time in 12 years, many legislators are looking for ways to slow down the high costs of locking up criminals. A million-dollar audit was approved by the Legislature in order to have an independent performance review of the agency and the prisons under its purview.

Read More

Corrections Corp. Shows Crime Pays as States Turn Jails Private

Oklahoma DOJ Investigation of the Oklahoma County Jail and Annex

Oklahoma County Jail Memorandum of Understanding 2008

July 31, 2009

Safety or Profit?

Oklahoma prisons to take other states’ maximum-security inmates

Private prisons in Oklahoma soon could be housing maximum-security inmates from other states under a law approved in the waning days of the 2009 legislative session.The language inserted into an omnibus corrections bill changes state policy that previously allowed only minimum- and medium-security inmates from other states to be housed in private prisons.House author Randy Terrill, R-Moore , defended the law,…

This could  be your child, your brother….

Support Your Local Rape Gang

by William Norman Grigg

If you can stand to, take a careful look at the faces at the top of this page.

Do they inspire respect, confidence, a quiet sense of gratitude for public service courageously rendered? Or do they look like the kind of human detritus one would find lurking in the vicinity of the local Junior High, leering at underage girls (or boys)?

How would your answer change if, instead of being seen in a police mug shot, each of the individuals above were swaddled in a government-issued police costume and clothed in the supposed majesty of the “law”?

You see, these three guys, who are accused of conspiring in the jailhouse rape of an 18-year-old high school student, are former deputies in the employ of the Grant County, Kentucky Sheriff’s Department. Sgt. Clinton Shawn Sydnor, the fetching item on the left, was the highest-ranking officer on duty that night at the Grant County Detention Center, located in tiny Williamstown, Kentucky.

Read More

Oklahoma’s Female Prison Population study 2004

Findings and recommendations on  Oklahoma’s Criminal Justice System 2008

Just one example of the depravity some encounter in Oklahoma jails or prisons.  Were these women a threat to society?  They could be now!

Okla Female Inmates v Delaware County Sheriff


SNITCHING Blog a comprehensive resource on criminal informants: legal developments, legislation, news stories, cultural reactions, commentary and more….





Oklahoma: Prison Resources

Oklahoma Prison Project

This site is a journalism project of the Documentary Workshop class at The University of Tulsa. The purpose of the project is to document the lives of women in prison in Oklahoma, the state with the highest per capita number of incarcerated women. http://okprisonproject.blogspot.com/

Statistics for the State of Oklahoma 2009


Oklahoma’s Criminal Justice System:

2008 report  The Oklahoma Academy


The overload on the Oklahoma Corrections systems is the direct result of conscious decisions made by Oklahoma elected officials. Without corrective action, Oklahoma is surely on a collision course with a federal court intervention and/or a major ‘crowd out” of tax dollars for other state functions. There is a third way. That is to forthrightly recognize the root causes of this situation – and correct them.

Oklahoma County jail officials dispute Department of Justice report


Published: July 8, 2010

The Oklahoma County jail had a higher homicide rate than any other large local jail in the nation during a seven-year period beginning in 2000, according to a U.S. Justice Department study that is being criticized by local officials.

“Statistics are statistics,” said Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Department spokesman Mark Myers.