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Protect Online Privacy – Stop CISPA!

Kaye Beach

April 26, 2012

Action on this terrible bill is drawing near.  Please read and follow the link below to take action!  In addition, a call to your congressional representative would be helpful.

If you do not know who your congressman is, click here

Tom Cole 202-225-6165

John Sullivan 202-225-2211

Frank Lukas 202-225-5565

Dan Boren 202-225-2701

James Lankford 202-225-2132

Protect Online Privacy – Stop CISPA!

By Dave Nalle – April 24, 2012

On Thursday the House of Representatives is expected to begin debate on the Cybersecurity Information Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA), leading to a vote next week. This is yet another bill similar to SOPA which is designed to limit privacy and individual liberty on the internet. Now is the time to take action to let them know you don’t want the government accessing and sharing your email and personal data.

CISPA would massively reduce the privacy and security of your online communications and personal data. It would give government agencies and many private companies access to your personal communications and financial information and would allow government security agencies like the National Security Agency unprecedented power to access your data including medical records, private emails and financial information – all without a warrant, oversight by any court or due process of law.

Read more and send a message to your Representative

Reality Check for Real ID

Kaye Beach

Feb. 23, 2012

On Feb 14th I wrote an article entitled Are You Seeing Stars on Your State Driver’s License?  Say Hello to REAL ID

Janice Kephart, true believer in the Real ID cause and Director for National Security Policy at the Center for Immigration Studies, stopped by to leave a comment on my blog singing the praises of Real ID and denying that it is a national ID.  I was traveling when she left the comment and had little time and I will admit, little patience to respond to Ms. Kephart.  Fortunately, someone else stepped in and gave a great rebuttal to Kephart’s claims.  (You can read Gene’s reply at the bottom of the post in the comments section)

Paul Henry of Floridians against Real ID has been tireless in his activism and efforts to reverse the federal Real ID Act in his state for years now.  Paul is also a retired law enforcement officer and one that worked specifically on driver license fraud and other identity-related cases.  He too earned a visit from Janice Kephart  and his reply to her was most thoughtful as well as extremely thorough.  Highly recommended reading for anyone who wants to know the truth about Real ID.

Do you wonder;

  • Would Real ID have stopped the 9 11 hijackers?  Or illegal immigration?
  • Does Real ID require an RFID chip?
  • Is Real ID a “national ID”

Read Paul Henry’s reasoned reply!

An E-mail Conversation with a REAL ID Proponent



Scientists question cancer risks of full-body scanners

Kaye Beach

August 1, 2011

The science debate aside, what really stands out in this story is that the Department of Homeland Security and the TSA’s less than forthright dealing with this issue (and many others as well)

We don’t trust the DHS and for good reason!

Scientists question cancer risks of full-body scanners

By Rebecca Ruiz, Senior editor, msnbc.com

published July 13, 2011

Millions of fliers pass through them, but scientific experts are still at odds about the safety of full-body airport scanners that use an X-ray technology called backscatter. The machines use low-level beams to create an image of the body, revealing weapons or other concealed items beneath a passenger’s clothing.

The scanners emit very small doses of ionizing radiation, which is known to cause cellular changes in larger doses.

. . .To the average flier, the scientific debate and use of different technologies can be confusing. On one hand, humans are exposed to far more naturally occurring background radiation in one day than they receive from one trip through a backscatter scanner. But critics counter that we should limit unnecessary exposure to radiation, particularly when science offers little guidance on how to value cancer risks of low-dose radiation. No extensive studies have been successfully done on animals or humans to demonstrate the effect; at such limited exposure, it becomes impossible to single out a small dose of radiation as the cause of cancer compared to other possible explanations.

The debate recently became even more muddled. The Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC), a privacy-rights organization, has accused the Department of Homeland Security, the agency that oversees the TSA, of concealing risks related to the use and operation of backscatter scanners. Among the group’s claims are that the scanners may be causing “cancer clusters” among security screeners and that the TSA has mischaracterized the type of testing the machines have undergone

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The Oklahoma Gubernatorial Debate-Brogdon Wins!

Although the media seems to have overlooked what would have to be a news worthy event, I am happy to report that Sen. Brogdon won the GOP straw poll!  54 to 42 %.

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Video 5

URGENT! Oklahoma DNA Expansion Bill DEFEATED

Oklahoma House defeats bill to require DNA samples prior to suspect’s conviction

By Associated Press

5:11 PM CDT, May 20, 2010

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — The Oklahoma House has overwhelmingly defeated legislation that would authorize officials to take DNA samples from suspects accused of felonies and violent misdemeanors before they go to trial.

The House voted 82-14 Thursday to kill the bill after opponents said it eroded the rights of individuals who may be innocent of the accusation against them.


                              Fifty-Second Legislature                          
                               First Regular Session                            

    HOUSE BILL 2941     DNA Index System; require person arrested for a felony  
    Nelson              or certain misdemeanor                                  

    CCR                 FAILED                                                  

         YEAS:   14                                                    RCS# 2871
         NAYS:   82                                                    5/20/2010
         EXC :    5                                                      2:52 PM
         C/P :    0                                                             

    YEAS:   14

    Billy              Denney             McDaniel, J.       Steele             
    Carey              Hamilton           Nelson             Mr. Speaker        
    Coody              Hickman            Osborn             
    Cox                McCullough         Rousselot          

    NAYS:   82

    Armes              Holland            McNiel             Scott              
    Auffet             Hoskin             McPeak             Sears              
    Bailey             Inman              Miller             Shannon            
    Banz               Jackson            Moore              Shelton            
    Brannon            Jett               Morrissette        Sherrer            
    Brown              Johnson            Murphey            Shoemake           
    Buck               Jones              Ortega             Shumate            
    Cannaday           Jordan             Ownbey             Sullivan           
    Christian          Joyner             Peters             Terrill            
    Collins            Kern               Peterson           Thompson           
    Cooksey            Key                Pittman            Thomsen            
    Dank               Kiesel             Proctor            Tibbs              
    Derby              Kirby              Pruett             Trebilcock         
    DeWitt             Kouplen            Renegar            Walker             
    Dorman             Lamons             Reynolds           Watson             
    Duncan             Liebmann           Richardson         Wesselhoft         
    Enns               Luttrell           Ritze              Williams           
    Faught             Martin, Sc         Roan               Wright, H.         
    Fields             Martin, St.        Russ               Wright, J.         
    Glenn              McAffrey           Sanders            
    Harrison           McDaniel, R.       Schwartz           

    EXCUSED:    5

    Blackwell          Morgan             Smithson           
    Hilliard           Nations            


DNA upon Arrest
HB 2751 now HB 2941
By Rep. Lee “I Feel” Denney

“I felt like if we could get their DNA upon arrest and they commit serial crimes we could catch them faster” Says Rep. Lee Denney.

This is an outrage!

Rep. Lee Denney has no concept of presumption of innocence and no respect for the fundamental precepts of individual liberty that our nation was founded upon!

I nominate her the honorary Communitarian of the Year Award for her utilitarian approach to criminal justice.

The ENDS DO NOT JUSTIFY THE MEANS Rep. Denney-wrong country!

watch and listen to the debate (click HB2941 Nelson)


Read the ccr Bill

Austin City Hall hosts raucous debate over fusion center

Austin City Hall hosts raucous debate over fusion center

It’s not every day that Elevated Risk gets to report on a local story. But yours truly works from Austin, Texas, and on May 3 the city’s Public Safety Commission here in the heart of the Lone Star State held a meeting on the area’s police intelligence fusion center. The event at Austin’s City Hall became a microcosm of what we’ve seen nationally: protests that the centers haven’t developed strong enough policies to protect civil liberties and privacy rights.

A small but vocal group of Austin residents, convinced that the centers will give police too much power, shouted at the commissioners as they voted almost unanimously to recommend that the City Council give approval for the facility to move forward. However, there was one holdout vote from a local judge.

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