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Oklahomans Get New ‘OverSite’ to Stop Terrorism at Sporting Events, Political Rallies

Kaye Beach

Oct. 23, 2012

An article published yesterday by Oklahoma’s News 6 introduces us to a new technology system designed to keep us safe from terrorism as large events such as sporting events, the State Fair and even at political rallies. It’s called “OverSite”

Given the fact that the OverSite system incorporates facial recognition, that ought to be a real hit given that we are governed by an administration that frequently confuses legitimate First Amendment protected activities as possible indicators of terrorism.

Crew Demonstrates Technology Aimed To Pinpoint Terrorists At Large Events

 Oct 22, 2012  News On 6

A sniper with a high-powered rifle was on top of the Case Center at the University of Tulsa on Monday.

He was demonstrating technology that can pinpoint a shooter’s location in a large crowd almost immediately.

The technology comes from Oklahoma company OverSite, and it can protect people from all kinds of terrorist attacks at big events like football games, political rallies, NASCAR races and state fairs.

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Interestingly the article provides this boast about the OverSite technology;

“If we’re looking for somebody in a crowd, we have our cameras working, we can find the bad guy, put facial recognition on him, he’s identified, even if beard, mustache, glasses, hat, still gonna catch him,” Eller said. link

Really?  Color me skeptical on that claim.

We need to know, are they using facial recognition on event goers in general or only on legitimate suspects with probable cause?

OverSite’s Trick Camera-SkyCam SpyCam

Closed Facility Aerial Cameras (surveillance) – Few people watching sporting events have failed to see a camera gliding on cables high above the event and crowd providing exciting and unique angles of play and reaction.  SkyCam works with OverSite©  to develop a two-camera capability that appears normal in all ways except that one camera does what SkyCam normally does while the other is individually controlled to watch the audience and scan for faces and/or activities that might be suspect to the well-being of the people and facility. Link

Here is a little more information on OverSite from their official website;


Protecting America’s Infrastructure

The OverSite© technology was created by Triarii Scientific, LLC (TriSci) in response to operational recognition that government agencies ranging from Homeland Security to the Department of Defense have been so overwhelmed protecting our military, training local and national emergency management personnel, finding common communications grounds, etc., that it has not been able to embrace the growing needs of a broad group defined as “Soft Targets.”

OverSite© can provide a broad selection of sensor technologies, timely analysis processes and response mechanisms such as

– Video

– Audio

– Chem-bio

– Radioactive

– Nuclear

Retina scan

        – Facial recognition

– Weather, etc.

– On-site analysis

– Response coordination

– Centralized communications

The technology was tested before in Oklahoma on April 6, 2011;

The OSU University Multispectral Laboratories recently demonstrated the unique capabilities of an integrated mobile security vehicle called OverSite during the simulation of a terror attack at Boone Pickens Stadium on April 6, 2011.


OverSite also had another test run prior to April 6, 2011 and at the Super Bowl XLV, no less.

Prior to the April 6 test, OverSite was also deployed at Super Bowl XLV in Dallas, Texas, where core system integration was tested and improved.

Since the April 6 test, the Over­Site Rapid Deployment Module, developed and integrated on behalf of the Oklahoma Nation­al Guard’s 63rd Civil Support Team, has been readied for deployment to Maryland


The federal Department of Homeland Security provided the funding for the April 6, 2011 demonstration of OverSite;

The simulation involved members of the Oklahoma Army National Guard Civil Support Team and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, who with the help of OverSite responded to ten different threat scenarios.  The proof of concept demonstration was funded by the Department of Homeland Security.


Triarii Scientific LLC – Earmarks Received 2010

2010 WMD Multi-Sensor Response and Infrastructure Project System
$1,600,000 Rep. Mary Fallin (-OK) Tulsa, Oklahoma

Industry of Fear

On  Sept. 19,  2011, ESPN Magazine expressed concern about the proliferation of counter terrorism and homeland security projects, including OverSite aimed at sporting events.  ESPN descibes

Industry of fear

. . .As the bullets sped toward their target, a monitor in an RV lit up. The screen flashed a triangular wedge of purple within an image of the stadium’s architectural plan. Todd Lamb, the lieutenant governor of Oklahoma, was (inside the RV, surveying this mobile command post.

. . . Lamb watched as a second purple sliver flashed, and the point where the two slices intersected began to glow. Security cameras swerved their view to the precise spot where the sniper had launched his shot, identifying the section, row and nearest seat to rushing guards. The whole thing took a little more than 15 seconds.

It was just a drill. The sniper was an FBI agent. The crowd noise screamed through loudspeakers. The bullets were pinpointed, quickly and accurately, by an OSU-developed system called OverSite along with software and sensors made by Raytheon, a defense technology and security company. Oklahoma State scientists incubated OverSite at the University Multispectral Laboratories (UML), an unconventional-warfare outfit the school launched in 2006.  After years of research and millions in taxpayer and private money, OSU tested the project in April, demonstrating its impressive results to Lamb, Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin and other policymakers. (Emphasis mine)

. . . At today’s games, endless lines await you. Guards search you and, if it’s your unlucky day, grope you. Cameras spy on you. Traffic barriers, pat-downs and metal detectors all carry the same message: You are safer because your surroundings are bear-trapped.

. . . For the companies developing terror-fighting tools, the money and sex appeal are in sci-fi-level detection.

.  . .Since 9/11, these kinds of devices have filled airports, convention halls and corporate headquarters, and now their manufacturers hungrily eye sports arenas. “We see it as an emerging business,” says Mark Desmarais, the program director for Clear View at Raytheon. Security companies know just how to capture that market: scare the hell out of anyone who runs a stadium.

Read more of Industry of Fear

Oklahomans should be asking their elected officials some questions about this system.


Will data will be collected on ordinary event attendees and what is being done with that data?

Enhanced Driver’s Licenses-RFID Great Tool for People Tracking AND Thieves

Kaye Beach

Nov. 8, 2011

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification, often it is referred to as “Auto ID”  That is because whenever it is comes into range of a RFID reader, it automatically coughs up its unique identification number and sometimes more.  RFID is a tracking device.  That is what it is used for. Tracking  inventory, livestock or anything that anyone wants to keep tabs on, this is what RFID does so well.  Despite all of the denials and even ridicule leveled at those who point out the great privacy and security weaknesses of this technology, the truth remains; RFID should never be coersively used on human beings.   Not on (or in) their person, clothing, library books, vehicles or any other items that they have associated with them.

The information in the following article and video is not new-anyone who has looked into the matter at all knows that the RFID chips can be read from afar, what is exciting about it is that the issue still raises concerns and that the media finds it interesting enough too cover.

There was a lot of attention paid to marketing this technology years ago.  The brilliant minds of marketers and public relations gurus studied the attitudes of people from various countries very carefully before prescribing a tailor made strategy to the Auto ID industry designed to gain the acceptance of these populations.  For the United States that advice was to make us feel that pervasive use of these tracking devices in our everyday live was inevitable.  That is how you get Americans to accept it, according to the masterminds of Fleishman-Hillard (slide 17)

Of course it is not inevitable.  Americans  need only to wave their tiny freedom loving fists and say “Back off”!

Former Oklahoma State Senator Kenneth Corn authored an Enhanced Driver’s License bill back in 2009 (it didn’t go anywhere) and the last two sessions in a row we have seen a widely popular anti- RFID bill killed for no other reason than the wishes of industry profiteers or on the ill-temperd whims of legislative committee heads.

This would be a  good article to share with your legislator.

Hopefully they will not be insulting like former Sen Tom Adelson who likening those with privacy concerns about RFID to people who wear tin foil hats.  I don’t know about you but I can tolerate a legislator with a prickly personality but the ones that are arrogant and too lazy to read a page for themselves just wear me out!

Enhanced Driver’s Licenses can be Scanned by up to 30 Feet

HotBedInfo, 11/08/2011

An episode on Global TV aired Sunday, January 25, 2011 about the dangers of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chips found in Enhanced Driver’s Licenses, Passports, and Credit Cards.  The episode showed how anyone can put together simple electronics found online for a few dollars to grab your detailed information from as far as 30 feet away!

What is an enhanced driver’s license?

They are dual-purpose documents designed for the user’s convenience. In addition to serving as a typical driver’s license or ID card, they may be used to re-enter the U.S. at its land or sea ports when returning from Canada, Mexico, Bermuda or the Caribbean. This flexibility speeds your passage back across the border. They verify your identity and citizenship – no other proof is needed. Enhanced driver’s licenses and ID cards are among the federally approved border-crossing documents when entering the U.S. required under the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative.

Enhanced Driver’s License ID Theft
These new Driver’s Licenses contain an RFID chip to allow speedy processing at border crossings.  Provinces of BC, Manitoba, and Ontario implemented them although they are not mandatory at this time.

A person could be sitting in a food court happily scanning away!  Granted that was 30 feet of open space but in a food court even within 10 feet, hundreds of people could be scanned.

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Oklahoma Activist Gets the Hammer

Kaye Beach

June 3, 2011

As reported first by the Red Dirt Reporter, Andrew Griffin, The Sooner Tea Party’s HQ was burglarized last weekend.

Sooner Tea Party offices ransacked, records stolen


Here is the Red Dirt Report follow up;

Rumored “threats” against Gerhart, Sooner Tea Party may be linked to burglary

OKLAHOMA CITY – Several days after discovering the headquarters of the Sooner Tea Party was burglarized over the Memorial Day weekend, organization leader Al Gerhart told Red Dirt Report late Thursday that he suspects it to be politically motivated.

And from NewsOK.com

Sooner Tea Party headquarters burglarized

. . . the burglars took a lot of Sooner Tea Party records, but passed over expensive tools and equipment in the west Oklahoma City carpentry shop where he kept the records. An air-conditioner and a laptop computer Gerhart used for his business were the most expensive items Gerhart mentioned as being taken.

Gerhart said he found his 2009 and 2010 tax records stacked by the door, but the burglars apparently forgot to load them

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It isn’t only Gerhart who suspects that this is politically motivated.  I would venture so far as to say that it is obviously politically motivated and that is something that should concern every citizen of this state.

As I was informed recently by one irate legislator who had no qualms about venting fury at Al Gerhart by proxy-We all look the same to them

On May 19, 2011, I wrote,

Rep. Don Armes, upset over calls to his office made by the Sooner Tea Party’s Al Gerhart unleashed his fury on the two women in the House Lobby in front of a large number of astonished onlookers consisting of Capitol staff, lobbyists and visitors.  The tirade lasted for several minutes and despite protests from the pair of signature gatherers that they have no control over the actions of other activists, Armes continued with his finger in the face tirade against Gerhart saying “You all look the same to me!”

The insult to Oklahoma voters committed by Rep.  Armes yesterday is by no means the only contentious event that Oklahoma taxpayers have been treated to this session and . . . it certainly won’t be the last.

So what we are seeing, as noted in Rule #6 of AxXiom’s Ten Rules for Activists to Live By, the highest nail gets the hammer. 

Without a shadow of a doubt, that nail is Al Gerhart. 

He has made it a mission to get under the skin of legislators.  I encountered more than one irritated lawmaker when I was trying to collect signatures for the discharge petition at the end of session.  I asked one if Gerhart had done anything illegal. Had he lied or slandered them?  If so, there are legal remedies for that otherwise they are just being aggravated and this, I think, must rather go with the territory.

We should thank Mr. Gerhart for one thing, that by comparison, he makes the rest of us seem like very short nails.

There are activists and advocates for every issue under the sun.  I am personally most familiar with advocates for limited, constitutional government.  Under that heading we have activists that advocate for legal adherence to all ten of the Ten Amendments to the Bill of Rights. Most commonly this includes (but is not limited to) the First, Second, Fourth and Tenth Amendments, but also advocates for specific issues of peace, privacy, parental rights, freedom of information and transparency, free enterprise, sovereignty, property rights and more.

What do you really care about?  Is there any issue that you feel strongly enough about to;

  • Make a phone call or write an email?
  • Make a personal visit to a legislator?
  • Join a political interest group?
  • Hold a meeting?

Is there any issue that you feel is important enough to create or circulate a petition for?  How about leafleting or participating in a non violent demonstration or rally? 

If you can’t think of any issue that you feel passionate enough about that you would willing to do at least one of those things for, then stop reading here.

Comments on Facebook don’t count.

I am talking about political activism also known as civic duty. 

Whatever political circles you move in, left or right or anywhere in between, whatever your pet issue is, you are going to choose the type of activity that suits your sensibilities.  I will be honest.  My preferred method of advocacy is doing research to gather the facts that support my position and then using persuasion to get others to see it my way.  I don’t like pressure tactics.  I don’t like them used on me and I don’t like to use them on others.  It’s not my way.  Having said that, I really believe with all of my heart that our government has no legal or moral right to surveil, track, or monitor me or anyone else without probable cause.  I think that in our government doing so we are harmed legally and spiritually and furthermore I truly believe that if such practices are permitted it will be the end of everything that is beautiful about living in this country.  I believe than doing anything less than what I am capable of to stop this I bear responsibility for leaving an ugly and un-free America to my child and every other child that is born or will be in this country.  I admit, in this, I am zealous.

I am zealous enough that when research and persuasion has failed me I have resorted to the next level of activism including organizing meetings, mass calls and emails, demonstrations, petitions and the like.  I also reserve my right to participate in non-violent civil disobedience and would accept the responsibility for doing so.

What are you willing to do to protect your natural and legal rights?

Next question.

Could any of the activities you may envision possibly annoy, aggravate or confound any of your legislators? 

If so, there is not a shred of difference between you and me and Al Gerhart for that matter.

The highest nail….right now that nail is Gerhart.  He’s getting the hammer.

You all look the same to them.

Who’s next?

The Tea Party Marshal Plan

Here are some ideas to help neutralize the nay-sayers and enjoy your rallies.


The Marshal Plan;

1.Choose or elect some marshals. These people will take the role of crowd watchers. If they have a medical or law enforcement background that is a plus.

Some should position themselves so that they see the entire the crowd and be alert for any unusual commotion and some should circulate among the crowd but keep their focus on what is going on around them, not the event.

The marshals should introduce themselves to the police or security ahead of time and let them know that if there is any trouble they will notify them immediately. They should pick a distinctive colored tee shirt so that they can be pointed out quickly to people that might need their assistance. “See the guy in the orange shirt? He’s who you need to talk to…”

These people will need a means to communicate between them. Cell phones are fine and at least one in the crowd and one at a distance should have a bullhorn. All organizers should have their names and numbers. These guys are great for running relief in a variety of situations. They can be the eyes and ears for all of us and diffuse potential problems before it starts.

Choose people that are steady, mature, reliable and friendly.

Never, ever-lose your temper! Nothing good can come from it.

Bull baiters are likely. These are people that will try to get your goat and make you do or say things that they can use to discredit the Tea Party. Assume that anyone that is trying to engage you in a less than friendly manner is doing so for this very purpose. It’s not fair but you can turn it to you advantage if you can keep your cool.

Whatever you do, don’t give them any ammunition.

What you can do to make the situation bearable, if not actually kind of fun is…

3. Give them the Gaze

Watching the world, changes the world.

I despise the surveillance society that is building up around us. Maybe because I’m a mom, I do know what it is good for though. Keepin’ em in line!

Surveillance is a very effective method of social control, plain and simple.

Never underestimate the power of the gaze. Even physics seems to bear this principle out.

Take you camera. Even if it’s a dummy cam-don’t get mad, just point and shoot. The “spy”, “Provocateur” or “we’re not with stupid” signs are a bonus. Just think of how fun it will be to watch the boob on you tube later!

Speaking of cameras…Know that there will be cameras fixed on you hoping to immortalize your mug in an ugly scowl or angry contortion.

You don’t want to look like this, do you?

Lefty’s gone wild. Egging a Tea Party bus in Searchlight, AZ

So shame the devil and keep a smile on your face! After all, you are actually doing something to try and fix this mess that we are in and enthusiasm and optimism is irresistible. A positive attitude is unmistakable and it radiates. You want to inspire others who share your concerns to rouse from their apathy and join you?

3. Never be caught off guard by the media. Memorize a 30 second sound bite that encapsulates your message.

Don’t even be tempted to try and answer a bad or “set up” question. Instead, answer the question you wished they had asked!


Media: “What do you think about so and so that says that the Tea Party peopleare

a. haters b. extremists or c. anti-government or d. ‘insert derogatory label here’

You: “I can’t imagine…but I can tell you why I am here. I am here because….I am worried about x and ….

Words are powerful. Don’t use their words, don’t accept their labels. Naming is claiming. Define yourself!

The point is-You pick your message and stick to it like glue, and you won’t have to worry about being made out to look like a jerk no matter how they slice it.

4. Backlash!

Feeling the heat?

Smarts doesn’t it. But what did you expect- flowers?

Congratulations! Pat yourself on the back. You now know that you are making a difference

See the backlash for what it is. A confirmation. Evidence that our efforts are paying off. And don’t take it personal, it isn’t. Even good dogs will bite when they are scared.

You might have noticed that the slings and arrows seem to be coming from all sides. In fact, you may be getting it from your own political party.

HINT: Ignore what they are pointing at. Instead, figure out what is they are defending? Answer that question and the rest is gravy.

5. The numbers are the demonstration

I have been told that “Numbers ain’t everything” True in many cases but in the court of public opinion numbers are a lot.

At a political rally-the numbers are the ONLY thing!

If you are thinking of skipping the upcoming rallies because you’d rather avoid the controversy, I hope you think long and hard on that one.

Ask yourself, “Am I ready to concede my cause?” Because that is exactly what it will signal to the world and good luck trying to ever regain the momentum once it has been lost.

Ever seen a “rally” of 3 or 4 or 5? Nope. There is a reason for that.

Rallies (also referred to as “demonstrations”) show the popularity of our cause and to affirm to one another the rightness of it.

The strength of our numbers is what will bring the timid supporters out of the closet and into the light. The strength of our numbers will embolden good lawmakers to do the right thing and bad ones to fall back.

6. The time tested tactics of Divide and Conquer.

Divide et imperaA strategy for achieving political or military control    

A combination of political, military and economic strategies that aim to gain and maintain power by breaking up larger concentrations of power into chunks that individually have less power than the one implementing the strategy.


You would be insuperable if you were inseparable

Divide and conquer works like this:

In politics and sociology, divide and rule (derived from Latin
divide et impera) (also known as divide and conquer) is a combination of political, military and economic
of gaining and maintaining power by breaking up larger concentrations of power into chunks that individually have less power than the one implementing the strategy. In reality, it often refers to a strategy where small power groups are prevented from linking up and becoming more powerful, since it is difficult to break up existing power structures. Government is more easily maintained if factions are set against each other, and not allowed to unite against the ruler.

In modern times, Traiano Boccalini cites “Divide et impera” in La bilancia politica, 1,136 and 2,225 as a common principle in politics. The use of this technique is meant to empower the sovereign to control subjects, populations, or factions of different interests, who collectively might be able to oppose his rule. Machiavelli identifies a similar application to military strategy, advising in Book VI of The Art of War
[3] (Dell’arte della guerra
[4]), that a Captain should endeavor with every art to divide the forces of the enemy, either by making him suspicious of his men in whom he trusted, or by giving him cause that he has to separate his forces, and, because of this, become weaker.

The strategy of division and rule has been attributed to sovereigns ranging from Louis XI to the Habsburgs.

Sir Francis Bacon touts the cunning maxim of “separa et impera” in a letter to James I of 15 February 1615. Likewise James Madison recommends in a letter to Thomas Jefferson of 24 October 1787 [5], summarizing the thesis of The Federalist #10
[6]: “Divide et impera, the reprobated axiom of tyranny, is under certain qualifications, the only policy, by which a republic can be administered on just principles.”

In Perpetual Peace: A Philosophical Sketch by Immanuel Kant (1795), Appendix one. divide et impera is the third of three political maxims. The other being Fac et excusa (Which basically means-it is better to beg for forgiveness than ask for permission) and Si fecisti, nega (if you did it-Deny it!)

Typical elements of this technique;

Creating or encouraging divisions among the subjects in order to forestall alliances that could challenge the sovereign.

  • aiding and promoting those who are willing to cooperate with the sovereign.
  • fostering distrust and enmity between local rulers.
  • encouraging frivolous expenditures that leave little money for political and military ends.

The use of this strategy was imputed to administrators of vast empires, including the Roman and British, who were charged with playing one tribe against another to maintain control of their territories with a minimal number of imperial forces. The concept of “Divide and Rule” gained prominence when India was a part of the British Empire, but was also used to account for the strategy used by the Romans to take Britain, and for the Anglo-Normans to take Ireland. It is said that the British used the strategy to gain control of the large territory of India by keeping its people divided along lines of religion, language, or caste, taking control of petty princely states in India piecemeal..

You have seen this all before.

It is the very same tactics of schoolyard bullies and practiced for the very same purpose-Power and Control

They don’t want you to be too powerful or feel too free.

They will use ridicule, blame, shame and intimidation to isolate their targets from one another.

They will try to tease, taunt, goad, torment and antagonize you into losing your cool and look like a fool and use that against you.

7. The Default Rule

This last bit of advice, is the best advice I have ever been given. It will serve you well should you encounter any situations not foreseen.

This rule is my default rule and has served me very well in all things;

Be as wise as serpents and as gentle as doves.

Don’t forget to enjoy yourselves and bring sunscreen!


Obama Care Protest takes a Detour July 17, 2009

okc609 067 

Today in downtown OKC, shortly before noon a crowd of around 50 Oklahomans who oppose the current plans for healthcare reform marched up to Mary Fallin’s office and went in. This group organized by Sooner Tea Party, counter-protested against proponents of the plan last week and expected to do the same this week but apparently Move On, had moved on.

None of the OK GOP representatives are likely to vote in favor of this initiative but why waste a chance to visit your congressional representative? Coburn’s office was closed due to a personal loss by one of his staff.



Congresswoman Fallin was not in but two of her assistants were and they were gracious about giving this well behaved “mob” some of their time. The conversation was taken outside, in front due to the size of the crowd and an impromptu Q and A session commenced with the two spokesmen for Fallin’s speaking and listening to the crowd for nearly an hour.

okc609 011


The  mix of people who showed up was an intersting one,  most were unfamiliar to me and in fact a few of the more vocal participants just happened upon the demonstration and joined in. They were informed and fiery so I decided to audio record the event, take pictures and just watch what happened.

I was pleased to hear the plain message that our next governor must advocate for upholding the Tenth Amendment. This tells me that the wisdom of restraining the federal government from controlling the states has wide popularity among a variety of conservatives here.

The two men addressed the crowd beginning with the assurances that Mary Fallin is very conservative, has a very conservative voting record and is doing her best to get the message opposing this reform out through radio, blogs and television.

Many of the protestors expressed a desire to do something more to help.

James Lane took his lunch off of work in order to participate and his suggestion was that was a townhall meeting might be in order so that we could get to work helping our state government come together in the healthcare reform issue. Several said that they wished for more leadership from our DC representatives, here in the state. One gentleman from Fallin’s office said that these were all good points and promised to speak to the Congresswoman about their ideas and then reminded everyone that she was home every weekend.

One lady made a clear statement at the beginning that;

“if we don’t have states rights we are going to lose the whole battle!”

Fallin’s representative stated that Congresswoman had voted against every spending initiative of the Obama administration which was met with an outburst of objections from the crowd. The assistants countered by assuring everyone that Fallin did not vote for the stimulus but a few of the protestors interjected that although she did not vote for the stimulus, she did vote for the $700 billion dollar bailout last fall, to which her assistants deferred that that particular measure was;

“A totally different item, totally different. These are different. Keep in mind about that whole deal-they’re not spending that money the way that they told congress”


When asked about oversight the Fallin staff members offered
that Republicans are in the minority and could do little.

They won’t let us put any of our input into the bills” said one spokesman for gubernatorial candidate Fallin.


“The lady fan of state’s rights says;

We have got to shift the power back to the states!


And one person, with pleading frustration says ;

“Do you have our names? You need to have our names.. . I mean why not, here you have a great opportunity.. . ”

Spokesman- “Sure, We can get them, get a sheet we’ll write them down. . .we want to hear from you and I’ve got some cards too.

The frustrated protestor further informs the Fallin staff members that;

“Over the last year. . .I said please, let me know how I can help , or sent my name to the Republican Party. You think I ever hear anything? No. I never hear anything!”

While cards are being passed around Mr. Lane, the lunchtime demonstrator and newly minted conservative activist speaks;

While we appreciate that she didn’t vote for the stimulus but her vote on the the bailout, I mean that was still unconstitutional. On what grounds did she oppose the stimulus? If it’s just because that’s the way the wind is blowing. . .I want to know that she has strong values and principles that she is going to hold to. The bailout vote was unconstitutional and it was just as bad as the stimulus”

Fallin’s staff member responds;

Well, I gotta tell you. . you know. ,I don’t want to get into. . We could talk for two hours about why TARP hasn’t worked now but. . I tell you. . uh. . .She voted for it. . .because. . I’ll tell you who else voted for it! A guy whose office is in that building (gestures across and down the street)- Tom Coburn-no. Listen. In that moment in time, our economy was on the ropes. I..I.. again Caleb (spokesman #2) put it well, what happened afterwards is another debate. At the time our credit markets were frozen. She was told that if we don’t do this and we don’t do it the way we say were gonna do it, the economy is going to experience a. .

The crowd interjects

Who was she listening to??” someone asks.

She was told. . .it wasn’t just. . . The way that . . .She was. . she was. . . she was . .under the impression, as was the congress if they didn’t do this the credit markets would freeze, the very grease in the wheel of the American economy would freeze and so. Look. . look. . she voted. .



This bit of information came out on Friday, July 17, 2009

Paulson reveals US concerns of breakdown in law and order




The crowd is not mollified much by these comments and many speak out at once .  The dark haired unnamed Spokesman seemed to become slightly irritated; “Without your ability to get a loan-everything fails!”

Fallin’s staff member, Caleb reclaims control;

“We are getting off point here. . The point is that we have this healthcare issue coming up, right now and once it is over our economy it will be a massive, massive entitlement that will be almost impossible to repeal.”. ..

“A lot of these other things that we just passed recently, we can repeal if conservatives get back in power-soon but something like healthcare in a massive entitlement form will be almost impossible so we got to beat this now.”

The crowd again asked what they could do to help and they were advised that the Republicans needed to regain power.


A petite but feisty lady kept up the drumbeat and pulled the two spokesmen back to the subject at hand each time they attempted to steer the discussion to less contentious subjects
 okc609 074

We are told that the Republicans must reclaim power or all is lost but these demonstrators want to know specifics.

Several times members of the crowd raised the subject of state government asserting their proper authority and repelling the federal government Sen. Brogdon’s name was mentioned again as an alternative to status quo politics and his support of the Tenth Amendment Resolution was held up as the model for Fallin to follow.

“Washington does not need to be deciding what kind of life I am going to live!” This was one statement made by a participant that drew a round of applause.

“We want to know what she is doing for state’s rights…there are others running for governor that are big advocates of state’s rights and unless she falls in with that…unless she starts advocating for that, she is going to lose my support”

One of Fallin’s spokesmen offered that she voted against the stimulus. When it was apparent that this answer didn’t satisfy he hastily went on;


“I gotta tell you. . she did attend the Tea Parties in April, she did go. She is supportive. I can’t tell you how many times she emailed me from Washington to tell me. . .w-when I could go because she was excited about this movement and your ideas. . saving our deficit, saving our future generations AND. . . . and. . you know. . makes herself very vocal on this issue”


Once again, the crowd was reminded that Fallin rejected all of President Obama administration’s spending initiatives and again the crowd seemed less than impressed and countered by reminding them that she did vote for the bailout and that was unacceptable.


Some ladies brought literature on what AZ is doing to protect the people from Obama care and asked is falling could, since she is running for Governor, go ahead and start advocating within the state for something similar? The AZ measure to protect the residents of that state specifically from the Obama Care bill is an idea that this group liked. They were firm in wanting to see legislators in Oklahoma stand up to the federal government and defend the principle of sovereignty guaranteed by the Tenth Amendment

Arizona Moves to Oppose Obama’s Expected Health Care Mandates




Participants said that they wanted to see the conservatives do something other than just cast votes They want to see the Republican party get organized, get a strategy and utilize the help that that is being offered to them by the grassroots and stop simply biding their time until they get back in power.

Look. We are willing to help” says one lady who went to Denver to help out with the Mccain-Palin campaign

I’m tired of donating to the party; I want to donate to an individual that is going to step up and do it!”

When asked what the party was doing to ensure future success, one of Fallin’s spokesmen finally hit on an idea that met with approval;

“We have to stay consistent with our principles.”

fallin crowdem2

To which the British ex-pat questioner, now American citizen responded with a tight lipped






fallincrowdJimmyCMy new friend, Jimmie Carter!

fallincrownogThis gentleman made plenty of well-articulated points.





okc609 022Signing up!

 fallinrepsecSecurity man hovering in the background made us all feel much safer


okc609 067There were so many well-reasoned ladies present. I asked them if they would like to go with me to our Capitol and help by giving input to our elected officials.

okc609 063

British-American and fan of the Fair Tax.

Protest Government Run Healthcare Friday, July 17th 11am -Noon

Join your fellow Tea Party Patriots on July 17th at the local home office of each Congressman and Senator to make it absolutely clear that;

  We oppose government run health care!
 These will occur simultaneously across the country from Noon to 1:00 PM Eastern, 9:00 to 10:00 AM Pacific. From Florida to Washington, from Maine to California, from Alaska to Hawaii and everywhere in between you and thousands of other Tea Party Patriots will assemble together outside the offices of those who are elected to represent us, and make our voices heard once again.

Take 1 hour off of work on July 17th to show up and speak out. 

Make a simple sign that’s easy to read by passing cars
The Tea Parties will be at the following sites, in
Oklahoma on Friday, July 17, 2009 11a.m to 12 p.m.

Write up on the event-https://axiomamuse.wordpress.com/2009/07/18/obama-care-protest-takes-a-detour-july-17-2009/
Senator Jim Inhofe
1900 NW Expressway Ste. 1210 (50 Penn Place)

Senator Tom Coburn
100 N. Broadway Ste. 1820 (Downtown)

Representative Tom Cole
2420 Springer Dr. Ste. 120

Representative Mary Fallin
120 N. Robinson Ste. 100

Representative Frank Lucas
10952 NW Expressway Ste B

We need you and anyone else you can bring in order to achieve our goal of having massive numbers to make our point outside every single district office in the country.

Twittering-Coordinated Mayhem (at the RNC)


I was in the bookstore and spotted this;





Naturally I was intrigued and bought the magazine.   Here is what I found inside;

Twitter.com and Coordinated Mayhem:

An Examination of the Incorporation of Twitter by the RNC Welcoming Committee

By Lance Lamoreaux


There are myriads of threats that jeopardize peace and stability. Among these threats, the proliferation of extremism is a peril to civilized society. These extremist include, but are not limited to the following: religious, anarchists, anti-government, and anti-globalization. They operate both in the United States and abroad. Advances in technology and media have enabled extremists to broadcast their propaganda to an untold audience. These provocative messages have enticed a vulnerable following into discontent and action. Consider the riots that occurred during World Trade Organization meetings in Seattle, the Rwandan Genocide, and the recent rioting in Greece. Instability is increasing with the compounding of the economic crisis. The reality is that there are countless people being incited to violence and extremism through media manipulation. The fact that that these extremists are coordinating themselves through technology is especially frightening. There is one media source that combines both dissemination and coordination – Twitter.com.


The RNCWC effectively disrupted the RNC through careful organization. The RNC Welcoming Committee website has a link to a PowerPoint Presentation that meticulously outlines the group’s objectives, shares intelligence including maps, police statistics, government policies, Delegate hotels, and expresses communication procedures. On the slide labeled “Communications” is the following text:

* Will utilize .txtmob, so bring your cell phones
* Will offer scout trainings in the weeks leading up to the RNC
* Tin Can Comms Collective is developing a comms system
It appears that rather than using .txtmob(13), the RNCWC used Twitter as their communication system. One of the PowerPoint slides has a map that labels seven different sectors(14). On Twitter.com, there are seven corresponding sectors(15).

Furthermore, participants on the street sent text messages that were received by other members of that sector. With the information coming in from the other sectors, the dispatchers and street level participants were able to coordinate attacks, avoid arrests, and exploit security weaknesses.

There was one principal dispatcher that coordinated the action of the other sectors.

The Twitter profile was RNC08. The Twitter profile RNC08 had 537  people following its updates. The profile even had a link to the RNCWC’s website.  The link is irrefutable proof that the RNCWC used Twitter to coordinate their actions in St. Paul. 

Neat.  I was one of the 537 followers of RNC08.

 Does the ability to use a social networking tool earn me a designation of “extremist” or as an anarchist?

TheRNCWC’s website never makes any direct references to Twitter. Most likely the RNCWC’s organizers did not want law enforcement to be aware of their method of communication.

I’ll bet you are right about that.

 Their website did state that anarchist organizations wishing to participate should contact them through email. This is most likely when anarchists were informed of using Twitter to communicate.

Yep-I guess I am “one of them” by that logic.  Psst.  Hey Lance Lamoreaux (if that is your real name) there is this thing they have on Twitter called a search engine.  http://search.twitter.com/

If someone is attending an event and they use Twitter it wouldn’t be unusual to check and see if someone is referencing that event. i.e. a search for RNC will produce RNC08. BTW, I am a Republican, not an anarchist.

Twitter users (most of whom are not terrorist ahem -Carl Rove-) even have a crafty method of calling attention to particular subject matter by using “hashtags”.   By placing a hashtag before a term, users can add metadata to their Tweets.   Like this;


You could use that tag whenever you wanted to highlight tweets that make reference to the methods and theories of subversion and if it catches on others would use it too making it easy to locate this kind of information among all the chatter on Twitter. 

Lance wraps up this way;


By applying Twitter, the RNCWC was able to coordinate mayhem and stay a step ahead of law enforcement. Twitter is an ideal means of communication for coordinating large amounts of people as it is free and able to broadcast messages to untold masses.


Law enforcement in St. Paul did an exceptional job of gathering intelligence before the event. Their preparation and appropriate response effectively prevented the RNCWC from “crashing the party.” Law enforcement and security managers must continue to adapt and prepare for advances technology. Typically, information on MySpace and Twitter sites is relatively easy to infiltrate as computer “undercover” work is simplified. If security personal suspect an impending attack involving masses of people, it is essential that they monitor blogs and other social networking sites for information and insight.

Stability, peace, and order hang by a thread as anti-establishment rhetoric fills the information superhighway.


 Economic decline only exacerbates security threats posed

Twitter Terrorists?

Read the entire article here; Coordinated Mayhem

AFC examines the issue from a decidedly different perspective;

Social Networking” as Political Paranoia

As a subset of applied mathematics, social network theory purports to uncover hidden links and relationships amongst social groups and networks and has over time, become an invasive tool deployed by private- and state intelligence agencies against political activists

Having identified the RNC-WC as an enemy to be contained at all costs, HW cites the group’s open, legal political organizing, including obtaining “financial support” and “increased membership via the internet” as well as “public appearances at various locations across the US,” as a significant factor that rendered the group a legitimate target for surveillance and disruption

One can argue, as did the late civil liberties scholar Frank Donner, that the RNC-WC’s legal organizing made them doubly suspect in the eyes of securocrats. In so far as the group’s stated goal was to expose the “enormous amount of … horror and devastation currently experienced by the world and its peoples” by the Republican Party, their dissident stance transformed them into dangerous “others,” ripe pickings for “aggressive intelligence.” Donner wrote;

The FBI’s assertedly modest intelligence function as an early warning alert to prosecutors and a decision-making resource masks its true role as a weapon against threats to the existing order. Planned injury, implemented by an illegal autonomous system of power, explains domestic intelligence far more convincingly than either the “pure” or “preventative” intelligence thesis. Investigation and accumulation of information are at root merely the means to the ends of punishment, intimidation, frustration, and defeat of movements for change of any kind. (The Age of Surveillance, New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1980, p. 177)

 According to the theory, by monitoring the communication patterns between various targeted nodes, a networked structure is discernible, one amenable to infiltration and disruption by a security agency. Indeed, in the context of HW’s discourse social network- and link analysis was applied for mass surveillance of dissident groups such as the RNC-WC prior to the Republican Party National Convention.

And in order to buttress its charge that RNC-WC and related anarchist groups are intent on violent confrontations rather than hard-edged civil disobedience, HW ominously declares:

The community at large appears to be a decentralized network since it does not possess one central hub; however, it does possess several important hubs. Consequently, these networks are more difficult to disrupt due to their loose connections and easy ability to replace damaged or compromised nodes. As such, the national convention anarchists are following the pattern of most terror networks in this aspect. (HW, p. 5, emphasis added

Read the entire post at Antifascist Calling


Jason Ethier of Northeastern University, in his study of modern social network analysis, said the following of the the Scalable Social Network Analysis Program developed by the Information Awareness Office:

The purpose of the SSNA algorithms program is to extend techniques of social network analysis to assist with distinguishing potential terrorist cells from legitimate groups of people … In order to be successful SSNA will require information on the social interactions of the majority of people around the globe. Since the Defense Department cannot easily distinguish between peaceful citizens and terrorists, it will be necessary for them to gather data on innocent civilians as well as on potential terrorists.

This powerpoint explains the network analysis visually;

advise gss2005_5484

The internet is a remarkable tool for communications of any kind, there is nothing mysterious or insidious about taking advantage of the opportunities it presents to do what mankind has been doing ever since the creation of language-communicating.

If doing that is suspect, well, then we are all in a heap of trouble then aren’t we?


More about Twitter;