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Secretary Napolitano Meets with State, Local, and Tribal Law Enforcement on Countering Violent Extremism

Kaye Beach

Jan 18, 2011

Get ready for more top down imposition and pressure on our police forces in order to “prevent violent extremism”

As near as I can tell, an “extremist,” in the eyes of this government,  is anyone that takes issue with its policies, actions or aims which means that there is a whole lot of those extremists and more of them are being minted daily.

The best way to prevent “violent extremism” is to ensure that the ordinary, common garden variety  “extremists” are thoroughly monitored and intimidated. In this way they can be completely disabused of their unacceptable ideas, thoughts or philosophies.   This, my friends,  means nothing good for our rights.  Freedom of speech and association, the right to petition our government for redress of grievances, the right to freely travel and more will keep taking the hits under the guise of keeping us safe.

Congress has a 9% approval rating. 

Only Fidel Castro is more unpopular (at least by this chart) than Congress.  Don’t you think it is odd that in the face of this dismal fact they keep on plowing ahead with travesties like the NDAA?  Isn’t it weird that they keep forcing upon us laws that the majority of us are appalled at?  It’s not so weird really.  They can’t possibly hope to win us over with what they are doing.  I think they are banking on controlling us instead.  Mark my words.  Before long it will be a rare American that will be able to avoid the ugly side of Big Momma Gov. hell bent on rooting out thought criminals.

Happy Hunting Homeland Security and good luck in Oklahoma!  Even our cops will look like extremists to you.


Secretary Napolitano Meets with State, Local, and Tribal Law Enforcement on Countering Violent Extremism

Release Date: January 18, 2012

For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
Contact: 202-282-8010

WASHINGTON—Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano today joined Attorney General Eric Holder and Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism John Brennan at the White House to meet with senior state, local and tribal law enforcement officials to discuss the Obama administration’s Strategic Implementation Plan for Empowering Local Partners to Prevent Violent Extremism in the United States—released in December—and engage them on the critical task of preventing violent extremism in their communities. Attendees included sheriffs and chiefs of police from across the country, including representatives from the International Association of Chiefs of Police, Major Cities Chiefs Association, National Sheriffs’ Association, National Native American Law Enforcement Association, Governors Homeland Security Advisors Council, and Criminal Intelligence Coordinating Council.

“Engaging local communities is critical to our nation’s effort to counter violent extremism and violent crime, and this meeting brings together many of our partners,” said Secretary Napolitano. “The Department of Homeland Security will continue to collaborate with our state and local law enforcement partners and engage the public in our efforts to combat violent extremism, while protecting civil rights and civil liberties.”

During the meeting, Secretary Napolitano underscored DHS’ efforts to support local communities by enhancing existing partnerships to focus on information-driven community-based solutions, building government and law enforcement expertise, supporting community oriented policing practices and expanding grant prioritization to counter violent extremism and violent crime regardless of ideology. In addition, DHS is continuing to implement recommendations from the DHS Homeland Security Advisory Council Countering Violent Extremism Working Group, such as developing a curriculum for state, local, tribal, and territorial law enforcement focused on a community-oriented policing approach to countering violent extremism and violent crime. DHS’ Office for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties also works to educate communities and state, local, tribal, and territorial law enforcement on cultural awareness across the nation.

Secretary Napolitano also reiterated President Obama’s call for Congress to take action to prevent layoffs of law enforcement and first responders, and keep our communities safe by passing legislation such as the American Jobs Act. The legislation would provide $5 billion in assistance to states and local communities to create or save thousands of law enforcement and first responder jobs across the country.

Over the past year, DHS has worked with the Department of Justice on the Nationwide Suspicious Activity Reporting Initiative (NSI)—an administration effort to train state and local law enforcement to recognize behaviors and indicators related to terrorism, crime and other threats; standardize how those observations are documented and analyzed; and ensure the sharing of those reports with the FBI-led Joint Terrorism Task Forces for further investigation.

DHS has also collaborated with federal, state, local, and private sector partners, and the general public, to expand the “If You See Something, Say Something™” campaign. Originally implemented by New York City’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority and now licensed to DHS for a nationwide campaign, the “If You See Something, Say Something™” campaign is a simple and effective program to engage the public to identify and report indicators of terrorism, crime and other threats to the proper transportation and law enforcement authorities.

DHS will continue to expand the “If You See Something, Say Something™” campaign nationally to ensure America’s businesses, communities, and citizens remain vigilant and play an active role in keeping the country safe.

For more information, visit www.dhs.gov/cve.

See Something, Say Anything You Want (because you won’t get sued)

Kaye Beach

Jan 27, 2011

Not if Pete King gets his way.   He’s a Republican by the way.  It’s hard to tell anymore, isn’t it?

He wants to grant immunity to busy bodies that report you when they think you are acting act weird.

With all of the reports that are sure to pour in since DHS Secretary, Janet Napolitano began her Wal Mart telescreen gig, this bill is bound to be a winner.

Pete might try listening to this expert;

“Director Michael Leiter complained that the NCTC receives ‘literally thousands’ of pieces of intelligence every day. Adding innocuous information about the everyday activities of Americans will only increase this burden on intelligence resources.” link

Instead of this one;  (results yahoo search “Pete King+IACP” first hit)

4:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. – Meet in office with Jim McMahon, the Deputy Executive Director of the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) and former NYS Director of Homeland Security. Good conversation and cooperation on terrorism. Jim is a terrific guy. LINK

Ahhh!  Second hit is worse!

Press Release of Senator Lautenberg

Police Chiefs Endorse Lautenberg, King Bill To Close ‘Terror Gap’

Lautenberg-King Bill Would Restrict Terrorists’ Access To Guns


WASHINGTON, D.C. – The International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) has announced its support for legislation — the Denying Firearms and Explosives to Dangerous Terrorists Act of 2007 (S.1237/H.R.2074) — Sen. Frank R. Lautenberg (D-NJ) and Rep. Pete King (R-NY) have introduced to prevent terrorist suspects from purchasing firearms.

JoeFranzese writes;

Republican quislings Peter King of New York, Mark Kirk of Illinois and Mike Castle of Delaware have just introduced a new gun control bill that comes right out of this so-called “Rightwing Extremist” report.  I’m talking about H.R. 2159, the shockingly misnamed “Denying Firearms and Explosives to Dangerous Terrorists Act of 2009.”  I call it the “Disarming American Citizens Act of 2009.” Read more about this awful bill

Does Pete King’s “R” stand for Ridiculous?  I knew I smelled IACP all over this guy.

But back to his current travesty…

Pete goes on and on  about Muslim extremists.  Has he been under a rock for the past few years?  It’s not just the Muslims that are at the other end of the end of the of the snitch state spy glass.  Not to say that it is a good idea to let Wal Mart people get away with ruining anyone’s life by siccing the feds on them for buying too many diapers or taking photographs, Muslim or otherwise.

…This might be a good time to look at who is working on the domestic “extremism” problem before you buy on to this nonsense. (See below)

It might not hurt to take a short trip back to the recent past either and see who the domestic extremists are in the eyes of Homeland Security and their Fusion Centers.

Here are just a couple of examples (there are many, many, more)

DHS: Rightwing Extremism report

lawmaker aims to protect tipsters on extremists

(AFP) – 1 day ago

WASHINGTON — A top US lawmaker unveiled legislation on Wednesday to protect individuals who tip off authorities to potential extremist threats from lawsuits, in the event that they turn out to finger innocents.

House Homeland Security Chairman Pete King introduced the “See Something, Say Something Act” as a shield for those “acting in good faith” and with “objectively reasonable suspicion” that a plot may be unfolding.

“Good citizens who report suspicious activity in good faith, should not have to worry about being sued,” King, a Republican, said in a statement released by his office, citing “frivolous lawsuits” in 2007.

Read More

Who decides what constitutes an extremist threat?

Experts…of course.

HSAC -The Homeland Security Advisory Council

The HSAC shall provide organizationally independent, strategic, timely, specific and actionable advice to the Secretary and senior leadership on matters related to homeland security.Link

The Council is comprised of experts from state, local and tribal governments, emergency and first responder communities, academia and the private sector. Link

Problems with HSAC?

Private Interests Influence Homeland Security Agenda: POGO Criticizes Conflicts of Interest & Secrecy of Advisory Council

HSAC -The Homeland Security Advisory Council

The HSAC shall provide organizationally independent, strategic, timely, specific and actionable advice to the Secretary and senior leadership on matters related to homeland security.Link

The Council is comprised of experts from state, local and tribal governments, emergency and first responder communities, academia and the private sector. Link

Check out the membership!

DHS Announces New Initiatives to Counter Violent Extremism in Communities

Six months ago, the Homeland Security Advisory Council’s (HSAC) “Countering Violent Extremism” Working Group–comprised of chiefs of police, sheriffs, community leaders and homeland security experts–made a series of recommendations to the DHS leadership.

HSAC Recommendations

The overarching goal was to incorporate efforts to counter violent extremism into pre-existing, community-oriented violent crime reduction efforts.

There were many great ideas in this report aimed at increasing public awareness of the threat:

– Develop case studies on recent events (Zazi, Ft Hood, Jihad Jane, etc) and use them to train local law enforcement
– Create public service ads to educate public on the threat and how to recognize characteristics of dangerous behavior
– Share threat info and assist with better security practices for faith-based communities
– Create a web sites for parents, caregivers, educators on human trafficking, hate crimes and predators.
– Develop a comment lexicon and definitions for “radicalization”, “extremism”, etc
– More focus on community-oriented policing

Six months later, DHS released the follow on guidance: Next Steps: Supporting Community-Based Efforts to Reduce Violent Crime (dated August 2, 2010)  DHS Fact Sheet
– DHS is developing standardized curriculum for state and local  LE
– Will host regional summits to discuss best practices
– More focus on educating the community on recognizing threats and how to report (expand the “If You See Something, Say Something” campaign)
– More partnering with communities and sharing threat info