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Oct. 26, 2015

Kaye Beach

The conversation surrounding the supposed impending enforcement of the federal REAL ID Act is so muddled that it is virtually impossible for anyone to develop an informed opinion on the matter. I am trying to help by providing documentation that will put to rest a few of the elementary aspects of REAL ID so that, hopefully, we can have a productive discussion about the matter.

To my mind, there is a few things about this federal law that we should understand before making a decision about whether or not our state should commit to it. For instance, we need to understand that REAL ID is a biometric ID and what the implications of moving the population en mass to this form of identification  are. Many seem to be confused about the difference between biometric ID and RFID so I want to write a post about that. We should also be aware that REAL ID requires the linking of our state databases and the is also an open ended aspect of the Act that we need to consider. There is much more to the REAL ID ACT but these are the items that come to my mind most immediately.

In my last post I addressed only one issue – are our Oklahoma state drivers licenses and ID cards biometric ID‘s? The answer is YES and you can take a look at the some of the sources of that information here.

In this short post, I am only going to address one subject as well.


The Federal REAL ID Act of 2005 REQUIRES that a digital facial image be captured from each driver’s license and ID card applicant.

These images must to be captured conformant to an international biometric format standard enabling the use of facial recognition technology and global information sharing.

The National Conference of State Legislatures is a trusted policy think tank that advises state legislators about a variety of policy matters. In 2014 the NCSL did a policy brief on REAL ID. Here is what they say:

NSCL REAL ID biometric


A digital facial image is required by the REAL ID Act.

202 facial image DHS PIA 2007

Link: https://www.dhs.gov/sites/default/files/publications/privacy_pia_realid_1.pdf

Buried in a pile of REAL ID rules is a notation that mentions a bit of technical information regarding the digital facial images that are required by the Act that reveals that the image is collected as biometric data (as opposed to just a simple photograph)

ICAO 9303 Real ID Rules 2007

And more from the Department of Homeland Security on how this biometric data is intended to be used.


Link: https://www.dhs.gov/sites/default/files/publications/privacy_pia_realid_1.pdf

These are just a few sources that verify that REAL ID is indeed a biometric ID but in the spirit of trying to keep things simple, I am trying to provide just just enough information to put the question to rest.

real id is biometric id

Here is a one page PDF of this info in case you would like a copy of these sources.

Now we know that our current ID cards and driver’s licenses are biometric ID’s and that the federal REAL ID is also a biometric ID.

My next posts will cover the difference between RFID and Biometric ID and some of the implications of biomtric identification and what the difference is between having a state level biomertric ID vs. a federal one.

Ask Sen. Coburn to take a pass on PASS ID!

Senator Tom Coburn’s

(click for) Town Halls

Please respectfully remind Senator Tom Coburn of the fact that Oklahoma passed SB 464 prohibiting The Real ID Act from being implemented in this state.  Sen. Coburn is a ranking member on the Senate Committee on Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs and this committee is critical to the passage of Real ID II-The PASS ID

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Janet Napolitano is trying to salvage Real ID with S 1261: PASS ID Act.   This measure does little more than give Real ID a name change and very superficial make over

On June 15, 2009, S. 1261, the “Providing for Additional Security in States’ Identification Act of 2009″ or the “Pass ID Act” was introduced in the Senate.(The PASS ID Act)

The PASS ID Act does not improve the most objectionable aspects of the Real ID Act of 2005.  For example;

1. The PASS ID Act requires a biometric facial image on all state driver’s licenses and ID cards. Just like Real ID. Facial recognition software, biometric scans, and radio frequency tracking along with linking of widely disparate databases taking place, will make truly pervasive surveillance and control of populations possible for the first time

2.  The PASS ID Act would allow a RFID chip to be embedded in the licenses.

3.  PASS ID prohibits federal agencies from accepting any non-compliant forms of ID for official purposes like boarding an airplane, entering a federal building or receiving benefits like Social Security. 2   (Remember-these are tax-payer funded institutions and programs!)

4. National ID systems such as PASS ID create inherent and substantial risks of fraud and identity theft. If the bill becomes law, it would establish a national ID card. 3 More than 2 dozen states have either passed laws or developed measures opposing Real ID.

5. In 2007, Oklahoma lawmakers passed SB 464, which states that “The state of Oklahoma shall not participate in the implementation of the REAL ID Act of 2005.” More than 2 dozen states have either passed laws or developed measures opposing Real ID.

The people and their representatives have clearly spoken-NO REAL ID!

click-Dates, Times Sen Coburn Townhalls plus contact info and sample email/letter/fax

See www.stoprealidcoalition.com for more info

1, 2 and 3http://epic.org/privacy/pass_id/

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