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AxXiom For Liberty Live Tonight 6-8 PM Jonathan Small, OCPA and Chris Long Documentary Filmaker

Kaye Beach

May 25, 2012

AxXiom For Liberty Radio Live with Kaye Beach and Howard Houchen

Listen Live on LogosRadioNetwork.com from 6-8 PM CST

Hour 1,  Howard and I welcome Jonathan Small, C.P.A., Fiscal Policy Director for OCPA to discuss the latest Oklahoma state budget agreement, state spending, and what’s the deal for getting REAL tax cuts.?!

Read more about Jonathan Small and the Oklahoma Council for Public Affairs


In Hour 2, we have another very special guest- Chris Long.

Chris is currently Attending University of Oklahoma where he is working on his Master of Arts in Broadcast and Electronic Media.  His current film is Crying out Loud: Messages from the Heartland.  This film is centered on the Tea Party movement. What began as a project for a 5 minute film has evolved into a 2 year study for Chris who has made the project into his Thesis.

We will find out what Chris has learned about this movement in Oklahoma, the people involved in the Tea Party and how this movement fits into the larger populist influence, both left and right, that has shaped politics in the state of Oklahoma since its beginnings.

We welcome your calls!

Call in number 512-646-1984

The Rape of Delaware County, Oklahoma

Kaye Beach

May 24, 2012

Who knew little Delaware was up to so much deviousness? Sexual abuse of captive prisoners, illegally collected fines from traffic stops, secret meetings. . .

Article written by William N. Grigg, posted May 22, 2012 on Pro Libertate

In Oklahoma’s Delaware County, Sheriff’s deputies were too busy figuratively raping motorists in the village of Bernice to supervise guards who were literally raping inmates in the county jail. As a result, the County Commission has put the screws to the entire county in the form of an 18 percent sales tax increase in order to pay the victims a $13.5 million settlement.
Bernice, which has a population of about 600, is bisected by Highway 85A. For the past quarter-century, the town has been one of the most notorious speed traps in the Midwest. Until recently, the town didn’t have a police department; instead, it contracted with the Delaware County Commission, paying $5500 a month to rent sheriff’s deputies to write speeding tickets and other citations.
A recent investigation conducted by Oklahoma State Auditor and Inspector Gary A. Jones  discovered that since 1977, the municipal government had never published its ordinances as required by state law – which meant that its schedule of fines and court fees was invalid: The trustees never published the ordinances, as required by state law.
“Any ordinances (other than those pertaining to the appropriation of money) that are not published within 15 days of their passage are not in force,” notes the audit.  As a result, “the municipal court should not have collected fines of more than $50. The court has over-collected approximately $106,308 in fines through the end of June 2011”; in addition, the court also “over-collected” nearly $8,000 in court costs. The auditor directed the Bernice Town Board to reimburse those who had been subjected to illegal fines (in one instance, a motorist was given a ticket for $545). More importantly, from the perspective of those higher up in the tax-feeding chain, the auditor slammed the Town Board for withholding a cut of ticket revenue and court fees from the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation and state Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training.


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Meet the Candidates! Lawton Okla. Thurs. Oct. 14th 7-9 pm


Just a few of the Candidates that will be speaking tonight in Lawton;

Tom Coburn, Gary Jones, Janet Barresi, and Jim Priest


GOP Declines CaucusOK at Oklahoma State Convention

GOP Declines CaucusOK at Oklahoma State Convention
April 23, 2009


Written by Sandra Crosnoe

Congratulations to Gary Jones and Angie LaPlant on their win at the 2009 Oklahoma State Republican Convention! Yes, I supported Cheryl Williams and was sorry to see her loose, but I am sure that in the effort to keep all factions of the party involved and included that she will rise to even greater opportunities within the party structure. She is so articulate and works well with everyone. What a gracious speech after the decision of the body! It will be very telling about the rhetoric from the podium to see what significant post she is offered in the party in the next few weeks.

Grassroots leaders breathed a collective sigh of relief that the party has now chosen to run things from the top down rather than implement the caucus as proposed. After all it is a lot less work for us to simply let the party hierarchy decide who our candidates will be. No need for grassroots activists to engage in the party efforts, we’ll get our voting instructions when we show up at the next district convention. Worked out really well for us last time with McCain now didn’t it?!

Now those of us in the grassroots side of the equation can get back to what we do best – mobilizing people on issues. Don’t tell anyone, but our numbers are growing and we are up from the last cycle in a non-Presidential year. The proposed GOP platform was improved and strengthened by the delegates on the floor. So the conservative base of our party is still present and strong and growing.