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New Documentary ‘A Noble Lie: Oklahoma City 1995’ My Review

Kaye Beach

Dec. 4, 2011

A Noble Lie: Oklahoma City 1995

I just sat down last night with my husband to watch the new documentary,   A NOBLE LIE: Oklahoma City 1995.  I mention my husband because I purposely waited to watch the film with him, because I wanted the grounding of a relatively disinterested third party alongside me when watching the film for the first time.   My rational husband is not taken to to ascribing more sinister motivations to the unfortunate events of the day without warrant.  I, on the other hand, am close enough to this subject and the film as a project, as to perhaps,  not be so unbiased.

A Noble Lie is the debut documentary Free Mind Films and these guys exceeded even my high expectations.  My husband and I both agreed that the content of the film stuck admirably to the most damning and documentable facts bringing them them together in a fair and compelling manner that does justice to memory of the victims, survivors and independent  investigators of the OKC bombing.   I asked my husband if he would recommend this movie to his father who worked as a first responder at the scene of the tragedy, and he unhesitatingly replied “yes”.

We both appreciated the respect that the filmmakers afford to the intelligence of the viewer.  The narrative carries you through the story in a way that progresses naturally avoiding the common and off putting mistake often made by artists of this genre, of forcing the viewer further out in their conclusions than simple logic compels.  At the same time A Noble Lie also manages to touch upon some the more intriguing, less well known and more difficult to fit pieces of the puzzle without distracting from the solidity of the movie.  The film comes complete with an extensive bibliography so that you can fact check the sources and hopefully, even do some further research on your own.

Rather than compelling by sensationalizing, this film is compelling because of its clarity.   A Noble Lie never stoops-it simply presents.  Step by step, clearly and factually,  this documentary demonstrates that the story we have been asked to accept, is simply untrue adding newly uncovered information that builds upon what is already known.  If before you merely suspected that we have all been shortchanged and the deaths of those murdered that day on April 19th 1995 have not been served the  justice, after watching A Noble Lie you will be certain of it.

A Noble Lie lets us catch up with some of  those that for so many years have refused to turn away from the uncomfortable facts surrounding the Oklahoma City bombing, those who have not been deterred from seeking the truth and continue to hold our government officials to account.  It provides the basis for keeping those noble efforts alive and provides the impetuous for a new generation to keep pushing for justice.

Through interviews with those who still carry the pain and questions of the Oklahoma City bombing with them every day, we realize that what bombing survivor V.Z.  Lawton repeatedly reminds us of is absolutely true-that without truth, there is no justice.

I don’t know if justice will ever be served to all of those responsible for Oklahoma City bombing but A Noble Lie certainly does justice to those whose lives are forever changed by the tragedy.

Watch the trailer


Pre-order the film A NOBLE LIE: Oklahoma City 1995

Declare Your Independence! (from Government Surveillance…)

I was a guest on Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock today. Topic; Government surveillance, Biometrics and the new documentary on the OKC bombing by Free Mind Films “A Noble Lie” (See links below for items discussed)

I’m on Hour 2 and into hour 3 (but the whole show is great!) http://www.freedomsphoenix.com/Article/075291-2010-09-13-declare-your-independence-with-ernest-hancock-afternoon-september-13th-2010.htm

Envisioning the Future of the CODIS DNA Database

California Vision 2015

Jesse Trentadue, Salt Lake City Utah Attorney with a portrait of his slain brother, Kenneth Trentadue.

2009 Court Brief

“I didn’t start out to solve the bombing, I started out to find the men who killed my brother,” –Jesse Trentadue

This brief lays out what Jesse Trentadue has found to date as a result of his ongoing battle with the federal government to find out what happened to his brother Kenneth and why.

Fascination read!


From OKC to Abu Ghraib: The Kenneth Trentadue Case

CIA Vaughan Index 2009

FBI surrenders documents that judge ordered

J.D. Cash

More on Jesse Trentadue’s battle to find justice for his brother, Kenneth.

Terry Yeakey-Always a Hero

Oklahoma Activists Push Back Against Injustice

Back in November two totally non-violent Oklahoma activists were assaulted and sent to jail by a group of Penn Square Mall security employees.

The two activists were guilty of no crimes and offered no insult yet this group of uniformed men, possessing no more right or authority than what they may have  imagined was bestowed them by virtue of their  matching outfits, took it upon themselves to  viciously assault the pair.

These “gentlemen” were hired to keep an eye out for the safety and well-being of the people who choose to visit Penn Square Mall in order to unload their wallets for the benefit of the merchants who choose to pay the high rent for the use of the property at said mall.   But rather than act like adult men, these employees choose to unleash full force and commit violence by way of response to what could  have otherwise been handled neatly and calmly with a few words.

We are fortunate that these matching shirt sleeved individuals were not armed with more than their fists.

The two activists, who maintained that they did nothing to deserve the assault much less be arrested, got to pay a bondman, stay overnight night in the overcrowded OK County jail, an emergency room bill, some bruises and a trumped up set of charges that could have had a very deleterious effect on their freedom not to mention what it could mean for their opportunities for future employment.

With encouragement and support the two decided to try and clear the record and take a chance on our justice system.  I commend them for their courage.

I went to court to see for myself how our courts would handle the case and to see how the three security guards would hold up under scrutiny.

None of them could quite bring themselves to repeat story that they had told to the police and written in the Oklahoma City Police arrest report.  This was oddly sort of comforting to me.

These men didn’t seem practiced at the art of bald faced lying and for that, I credit them.  Maybe the heavy embellishing in a written police report is an act too far removed from the reality of the harm caused by their words and actions.  But that seems to be too generous a thought.  If you can commit actual violence on another without any provocation or threat, I would have to assume that false arrest and imprisonment or the future effects of a criminal record that that Brent and James faced, did not bother them unduly.

These three lawbreakers will not be subjected to the level of discomfort that they inflicted on their victims.    The  obvious discomfort  and perhaps embarrassment of their short court fiasco plus the exasperation and disgust displayed by the trio’s Amazonian-like  attorney at the  inability of the security guards  to hold their stories, this will be  likely be the harshest punishment that they will face.  I would be satisfied if instead of being sorry only that they were caught, they would be sorry for what they had done.

Either way, they will think twice before they set hands on another again without cause and that is what the justice system, when it works, is for.  The law cannot make anyone good nor can it really make anything wrong, right again.  It can restore some dignity and validation to the innocent and it can set a standard that can sometimes, somewhat stand in the gap for those who have a deficit of decency within themselves yet still desire to avoid the penalties that the law can impose.

I know that this particular situation is a comparably mild example of the injustice caused by those whose job it is to promote justice, however the points made apply all the same.  When we hear stories of police misconduct, we tend to we think that it could never happen to us.  We want to think that the victims must have been doing something wrong and we try to avoid identifying with them so we can feel safe.  As long as we are good, these things could never happen to us.

If you would like to step through a wider window into the world of injustice and abuse of authority, here are a few good places to start. here, here and here, and here (for the one of the most awful examples of brutality and injustice I can think of)

So many people that are treated unjustly do not have the resources to mount a defense.  This is what ultimately convinced James and Brent that they had to try.

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. -Martin Luther King

The Red Dirt Reporter, Andrew Griffin picks up the story now, five months after the incident;

April 29, 2010

OKLAHOMA CITY  — Five months after being charged with assault and battery following an unprovoked altercation with Penn Square Mall security guards, We Are Change Oklahoma activist James Lane said all charges against him have been dropped.


SHOW NOTES for April 23, 2010

posted 4/25/10


April 23, 2010 Axiom for Liberty archived show


The creator of the National Police Misconduct Statistics and Reporting Project

Did you know…

that the last time the US government bothered to gather any information about the problem of police misconduct in the United States was in 2002?

Injustice Everywhere
National Police Misconduct Statistics and Reporting Project

David Packman:

“I’ve tried my best to make something positive come from everything that happened by creating the National Police Misconduct Statistics and Reporting Project in the hope that it can educate people about the issue of police misconduct and help improve attitudes towards victims, improve how victims of police misconduct are treated, and make it easier for them to find the kinds of help that were never available to me and my family.”

David’s story in his own words;

(As you read this story, please keep in mind that I was eventually found innocent thanks to security camera footage taken at the scene of the incident. The news stories that mention the video evidence that eventually freed me can be found here and the follow-up news weekly article: Justice Delayed. Also, I know it’s a long read, but I’ve tried to edit it down as much as I can.)


News about the incident;

Stab in the Dark

Funhouse Arrest Relies on Mob-Rule Verdict


Justice Delayed

Accused Funhouse Stabber Gets Sprung


News Feeds on Twitter;

Injustice Twitter Feed


National Detainee and Prisoner Rights News feed
RSS News Feed;


Worst Police Misconduct Videos of 2009

The Orwellian dream realized of 24/7 monitoring of civilian life appears to be a double-edged sword for police, though it’s also true that they continue to fight to keep such videos under wraps… many more videos were mentioned in reports that never made it out to the public.

We mentioned Hope Steffey’s case;

The video obtained by Hope Steffey’s lawyer and released to the public represents only a fraction of Hope’s actual torture by the Stark County sheriffs department in Ohio. The video is difficult to watch, but it’s very important for people, particularly Americans, to know that this outrageous crime has taken place in their country. The legal outcome of this case could determine what kind of country the United States becomes. If this level of injustice and brutality towards American citizens by their own law enforcement agencies and legal system is condoned and not corrected, the real possibility of humiliating and painful torture exists for all Americans. http://www.sott.net/articles/show/151009-US-Woman-Hope-Steffey-Brutalised-and-Strip-Searched-by-Male-Officers

Laws in some states keep Information about misconduct secret.


Links to the open record laws of each state. Scroll down to “Record Categories — Open or Closed” and then to “Police Records.” There you will find the state’s law on investigatory documents

SEE www.suffolkmedialaw.com

Injustice Everywhere- Incident Map


If you find this gentleman’s work as valuable as I do, please help him by going to Injustice Everywhere and clicking the donate button on the left.

Thank you David, for all of your hard work!

James Lane, co-host of Radio Free Oklahoma and founder of Oklahoma We Are Change joined us for the first part of the show

Andrew Griffin of the Red Dirt Report and the Oklahoma Watchdog gave his observations on the political antics in Oklahoma over the last couple of weeks. He shared his thoughts about McCains’s Senate Bill 3081.

Charles Key was treated to fabricated quotes by the Associated Press;

Keep the power in hands of people

Oklahoma State Representative Charles Key

On April 13, the Associated Press released a story about militias that claimed, among other things, that I was considering filing legislation for a state-authorized militia next year in Oklahoma. This was simply false. I had made it clear several times in the interview that I had no intention to file, knew of no other legislator who was planning to file such legislation, and hadn’t discussed the possibility with anyone.

Two days later, in a meeting with the reporter and his supervisor, it was revealed that the AP had decided to write a story on the militia. They were determined to find a connection to the tea parties, conservative legislators and other grassroots constitutional organizations one way or another. The story not only attributed false statements to me and others but also went national to a willing press who repeated the false information over and over.

Why did this happen? Will the media probe this question of how they got it so terribly wrong with as much zeal as they pursued their pre-determined effort to make a connection between militias and conservatives? I wouldn’t bet on it.

I believe the bigger issue that we face today is this: Will we return to the principles our nation was founded upon or will we continue to devolve to an inferior political system and fade into history?


Andrew Griffin from Oklahoma Watchdog;

Key demands Associated Press retraction

By ANDREW W. GRIFFIN Oklahoma Watchdog, editor Posted: April 22, 2010 andrew@oklahomawatchdog.org OKLAHOMA CITY — State Rep. Charles Key (R-Oklahoma City) sent out a press release late last week noting that he had been misquoted in an April 12 Associated Press article. As Key wrote in a piece headlined “Keep the power in hands of people,”

Read More;


Deborah Stevens Producer and co-host of Rule of Law Radio
Joined us with commentary on the wiretapping laws.

We razzed the Southern Poverty Law Center for their efforts to demean some of the most beloved activists of the Liberty movement today;

Back Fire!

Republic Magazine just got picked up for national distribution by Barnes & Noble, website membership is over 22,000 and we’ll be updating the site very soon to kick it into overdrive.

Patriots Report-Memberships are UP!

Amanda Teegarden Exec. Director of
OK-SAFE, Inc. Oklahomans for Sovereignty and Free Enterprise, joined in to tell us about some upcoming
and discuss some of the
alarming changes
that we are witnessing in government
. These are changes that started long before President Obama took office and transcend partisan politics.

Her research and our mutual interest in state
Fusion Centers
was briefly touched upon as well.

Some additional documents on
Fusion Centers

A big thank you to all the great guests from Fridays show!

Rep. Charles Key wants state law to stop federal interference with low-power radio stations

Thanks to Andrew Griffin and Oklahoma Watchdog for caring about both the “little guy”  as well as the low power people!
January 28, 2010

OKLAHOMA CITY – Rep. Charles Key wants state law to stop federal interference with low-power radio stations.

The Oklahoma City Republican submitted House Bill 2812 to allow low-power broadcast despite Federal Communications Commission authority effective Nov. 1.

The “Communications Freedom Act” would give stations that are not interfering with existing signals authority to broadcast without federal license.

“The Legislature of the State of Oklahoma declares that: A transmission of energy, communications or signals by radio originating inside the State of Oklahoma, that has not been proven and adjudicated by the Oklahoma court system or the Federal court system to specifically be causing, or to have caused quantifiable harm to, or interference with the transmission or reception of energy, communications or signals from: a.) within Oklahoma to any place beyond its borders. b.) any place beyond the borders of Oklahoma to any place within Oklahoma, or c.) or to places beyond the borders of Oklahoma; is not intended to be involved in interstate commerce.”

It specifies “a transmission of energy, communications or signals by radio” that is noncommercial is “not intended to be involved in interstate commerce” or is not meant to affect interstate commerce.

“How can the FCC regulate something under the interstate commerce clause (of the U.S. Constitution) when (low-power FM) is neither interstate nor commerce?” asked James Lane, an Oklahoma City-based activist with We Are Change Oklahoma.

Lane noted that low-power FM should be embraced by states and communities. A great example, he said, is the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. New Orleans-area radio station crews left the area and low-power station personnel stayed behind to broadcast public service information.

“We’re making this an issue of standing up to the federal government which we believe is overstepping its Constitutional boundaries,” Lane said.

Read More;


Obama Care Protest takes a Detour July 17, 2009

okc609 067 

Today in downtown OKC, shortly before noon a crowd of around 50 Oklahomans who oppose the current plans for healthcare reform marched up to Mary Fallin’s office and went in. This group organized by Sooner Tea Party, counter-protested against proponents of the plan last week and expected to do the same this week but apparently Move On, had moved on.

None of the OK GOP representatives are likely to vote in favor of this initiative but why waste a chance to visit your congressional representative? Coburn’s office was closed due to a personal loss by one of his staff.



Congresswoman Fallin was not in but two of her assistants were and they were gracious about giving this well behaved “mob” some of their time. The conversation was taken outside, in front due to the size of the crowd and an impromptu Q and A session commenced with the two spokesmen for Fallin’s speaking and listening to the crowd for nearly an hour.

okc609 011


The  mix of people who showed up was an intersting one,  most were unfamiliar to me and in fact a few of the more vocal participants just happened upon the demonstration and joined in. They were informed and fiery so I decided to audio record the event, take pictures and just watch what happened.

I was pleased to hear the plain message that our next governor must advocate for upholding the Tenth Amendment. This tells me that the wisdom of restraining the federal government from controlling the states has wide popularity among a variety of conservatives here.

The two men addressed the crowd beginning with the assurances that Mary Fallin is very conservative, has a very conservative voting record and is doing her best to get the message opposing this reform out through radio, blogs and television.

Many of the protestors expressed a desire to do something more to help.

James Lane took his lunch off of work in order to participate and his suggestion was that was a townhall meeting might be in order so that we could get to work helping our state government come together in the healthcare reform issue. Several said that they wished for more leadership from our DC representatives, here in the state. One gentleman from Fallin’s office said that these were all good points and promised to speak to the Congresswoman about their ideas and then reminded everyone that she was home every weekend.

One lady made a clear statement at the beginning that;

“if we don’t have states rights we are going to lose the whole battle!”

Fallin’s representative stated that Congresswoman had voted against every spending initiative of the Obama administration which was met with an outburst of objections from the crowd. The assistants countered by assuring everyone that Fallin did not vote for the stimulus but a few of the protestors interjected that although she did not vote for the stimulus, she did vote for the $700 billion dollar bailout last fall, to which her assistants deferred that that particular measure was;

“A totally different item, totally different. These are different. Keep in mind about that whole deal-they’re not spending that money the way that they told congress”


When asked about oversight the Fallin staff members offered
that Republicans are in the minority and could do little.

They won’t let us put any of our input into the bills” said one spokesman for gubernatorial candidate Fallin.


“The lady fan of state’s rights says;

We have got to shift the power back to the states!


And one person, with pleading frustration says ;

“Do you have our names? You need to have our names.. . I mean why not, here you have a great opportunity.. . ”

Spokesman- “Sure, We can get them, get a sheet we’ll write them down. . .we want to hear from you and I’ve got some cards too.

The frustrated protestor further informs the Fallin staff members that;

“Over the last year. . .I said please, let me know how I can help , or sent my name to the Republican Party. You think I ever hear anything? No. I never hear anything!”

While cards are being passed around Mr. Lane, the lunchtime demonstrator and newly minted conservative activist speaks;

While we appreciate that she didn’t vote for the stimulus but her vote on the the bailout, I mean that was still unconstitutional. On what grounds did she oppose the stimulus? If it’s just because that’s the way the wind is blowing. . .I want to know that she has strong values and principles that she is going to hold to. The bailout vote was unconstitutional and it was just as bad as the stimulus”

Fallin’s staff member responds;

Well, I gotta tell you. . you know. ,I don’t want to get into. . We could talk for two hours about why TARP hasn’t worked now but. . I tell you. . uh. . .She voted for it. . .because. . I’ll tell you who else voted for it! A guy whose office is in that building (gestures across and down the street)- Tom Coburn-no. Listen. In that moment in time, our economy was on the ropes. I..I.. again Caleb (spokesman #2) put it well, what happened afterwards is another debate. At the time our credit markets were frozen. She was told that if we don’t do this and we don’t do it the way we say were gonna do it, the economy is going to experience a. .

The crowd interjects

Who was she listening to??” someone asks.

She was told. . .it wasn’t just. . . The way that . . .She was. . she was. . . she was . .under the impression, as was the congress if they didn’t do this the credit markets would freeze, the very grease in the wheel of the American economy would freeze and so. Look. . look. . she voted. .



This bit of information came out on Friday, July 17, 2009

Paulson reveals US concerns of breakdown in law and order




The crowd is not mollified much by these comments and many speak out at once .  The dark haired unnamed Spokesman seemed to become slightly irritated; “Without your ability to get a loan-everything fails!”

Fallin’s staff member, Caleb reclaims control;

“We are getting off point here. . The point is that we have this healthcare issue coming up, right now and once it is over our economy it will be a massive, massive entitlement that will be almost impossible to repeal.”. ..

“A lot of these other things that we just passed recently, we can repeal if conservatives get back in power-soon but something like healthcare in a massive entitlement form will be almost impossible so we got to beat this now.”

The crowd again asked what they could do to help and they were advised that the Republicans needed to regain power.


A petite but feisty lady kept up the drumbeat and pulled the two spokesmen back to the subject at hand each time they attempted to steer the discussion to less contentious subjects
 okc609 074

We are told that the Republicans must reclaim power or all is lost but these demonstrators want to know specifics.

Several times members of the crowd raised the subject of state government asserting their proper authority and repelling the federal government Sen. Brogdon’s name was mentioned again as an alternative to status quo politics and his support of the Tenth Amendment Resolution was held up as the model for Fallin to follow.

“Washington does not need to be deciding what kind of life I am going to live!” This was one statement made by a participant that drew a round of applause.

“We want to know what she is doing for state’s rights…there are others running for governor that are big advocates of state’s rights and unless she falls in with that…unless she starts advocating for that, she is going to lose my support”

One of Fallin’s spokesmen offered that she voted against the stimulus. When it was apparent that this answer didn’t satisfy he hastily went on;


“I gotta tell you. . she did attend the Tea Parties in April, she did go. She is supportive. I can’t tell you how many times she emailed me from Washington to tell me. . .w-when I could go because she was excited about this movement and your ideas. . saving our deficit, saving our future generations AND. . . . and. . you know. . makes herself very vocal on this issue”


Once again, the crowd was reminded that Fallin rejected all of President Obama administration’s spending initiatives and again the crowd seemed less than impressed and countered by reminding them that she did vote for the bailout and that was unacceptable.


Some ladies brought literature on what AZ is doing to protect the people from Obama care and asked is falling could, since she is running for Governor, go ahead and start advocating within the state for something similar? The AZ measure to protect the residents of that state specifically from the Obama Care bill is an idea that this group liked. They were firm in wanting to see legislators in Oklahoma stand up to the federal government and defend the principle of sovereignty guaranteed by the Tenth Amendment

Arizona Moves to Oppose Obama’s Expected Health Care Mandates




Participants said that they wanted to see the conservatives do something other than just cast votes They want to see the Republican party get organized, get a strategy and utilize the help that that is being offered to them by the grassroots and stop simply biding their time until they get back in power.

Look. We are willing to help” says one lady who went to Denver to help out with the Mccain-Palin campaign

I’m tired of donating to the party; I want to donate to an individual that is going to step up and do it!”

When asked what the party was doing to ensure future success, one of Fallin’s spokesmen finally hit on an idea that met with approval;

“We have to stay consistent with our principles.”

fallin crowdem2

To which the British ex-pat questioner, now American citizen responded with a tight lipped






fallincrowdJimmyCMy new friend, Jimmie Carter!

fallincrownogThis gentleman made plenty of well-articulated points.





okc609 022Signing up!

 fallinrepsecSecurity man hovering in the background made us all feel much safer


okc609 067There were so many well-reasoned ladies present. I asked them if they would like to go with me to our Capitol and help by giving input to our elected officials.

okc609 063

British-American and fan of the Fair Tax.

Radio Free Oklahoma hosts Lt. Col Robert M. Bowman

The show airs from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. Central Standard Time each Wednesday.



Radio Free Oklahoma welcomes Bob Bowman to the show


By Andrew W. Griffin

Red Dirt Report, editor

Posted: July 14, 2009


OKLAHOMA CITY – Radio Free Oklahoma is pleased to welcome Lt. Col. Robert M. Bowman, USAF ret., to the show scheduled for Wednesday from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. on Rule of Law Radio.

A strict adherent to the US Constitution and one-time Reform Party presidential candidate, Bowman is President of the Institute for Space and Security Studies, Executive Vice President of Millennium III Corporation, and Presiding Archbishop of the United Catholic Church. Bowman is also the recipient of the Eisenhower Medal, the George F. Kennan Peace Prize, the President’s Medal of Veterans for Peace, the Republic Aviation Airpower Award, The Society of American Military Engineers’ Gold Medal (twice), the Air Medal with five oak leaf clusters, and numerous other awards, he is one of the country’s foremost authorities on national security.

Read More;




The show airs from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. Central Standard Time each Wednesday.

Call in and Listen Live! www.RuleofLawRadio.com