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Should government control the people or should the people control government?

** Mark Lerner will be a guest on the Power Hour with Joyce Riley tomorrow Oct 1st to talk about his book “your Body Is Your ID”**

The Big Questionshould government control the people or should the people control government?

That is the first question we must ask ourselves. If you thing the people should be controlling the government and not the other way around then you will want to read “Your Body Is your ID”

A Surveillance Society or a Free Society?

Orwell’s prediction of a future big brother government came true. Whether acknowledged or not, Americans now live in a surveillance society.

Most of that American public falls into one of the categories the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) calls “potential threats”; environmentalists, animal lovers, anti-war protestors, pro-lifers, evangelical Christians, observant Jews, Constitutionalists, returning veterans, and third party candidate supporters are all “potential domestic terrorists.”

The Real ID Act 2005 mandated that facial recognition technology be used for all drivers’ license photos; facial recognition, a biometric, measures distances between facial characteristics – specific parts of the mouth, eyes, nose and so on — and digitizes this information. Using this technology, each citizen would be enrolled into a single global biometric identification system.

No matter where a person is – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma or Paris, France — that person can be identified with the use of facial recognition technology. Closed circuit television cameras/surveillance cameras (CCTV) and linked computer systems make possible remote surveillance and global information sharing.

Read More: A Surveillance Society or a Free Society by Mark Lerner

Excerpts from Your Body is Your ID;

“A surveillance society must be in place before the government can have absolute power over us, the citizens.”

from the book “Your Body Is Your ID”

Mark Lerner on the Power Hour Jan 25 from 8-9am CST

MARK LERNER, along with infamous Oklahoma State Representative Charles Key, have gone on the offensive this year and have written legislation for all People to use at State level to greatly diminish (current and future) Federal authority over privacy issues. Numerous critical items (Healthcare, Cap & Trade, Legal and Illegal Immigration, etc.) should be on all (knowledgeable) Americans’ radar screen but nothing is more important than stopping the Federal governments tracking technology: Both the Real ID Act and The PASS Act will result in Americans being enrolled into a single global biometric identification system that links a person’s body to their ability to buy and sell.
“With the use of biometrics and other technologies including RFID and information sharing technologies the federal government will control the people and the states rather than the states and the citizens controlling the federal government. State laws must exist that prohibit the use of these technologies against citizens. It is long past due for the states to define within state law what they the states will or will not do.”

Model State Legislation:
* SUMMARY of LEGISLATION for 2010 (010510)
* Biometric Driver License Religious Exemption Act
* Oklahoma Sovereignty Driver License Protection Act (122709)
* Personal Data Sharing Transparency Act ( 122709)
* Stop Big Brother Act (122709)


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