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*Update* Oklahoma – Biometric Exemption Bill Passed Committee 12-0! Thank You’s Needed!

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Kaye Beach

*Update 2/28/13 HB 1476 by Rep. Ken Walker passed the Government Modernization Committee 12 to 0 today!  Big thanks to all who called or emailed the committee members!  Please be sure to give them a thank you!

Here are the committee members’ emails;

Email block (use bcc)

jason.murphey@okhouse.gov, mike.turner@okhouse.gov, david.brumbaugh@okhouse.gov, david.derby@okhouse.gov, joedorman@okhouse.gov, dan.fisher@okhouse.gov, elise.hall@okhouse.gov, richardmorrissette@okhouse.gov, seneca.scott@okhouse.gov, jason.smalley@okhouse.gov, ken.walker@okhouse.gov, justin.wood@okhouse.gov

*Update 2/27/13 This bill is getting a lot of support!  Thank you to everyone who has called and emailed.  Thurs. morning, before the committee meeting (10:30 AM) It would be very helpfule to have a last push with some phone calls to the committee members. Numbers are listed below.  Thanks Again!**

Feb 26, 2013

Biometrics means “measurement of the body.”  Technology is used to measure behavioral or physical aspects of an individual and transform this personal data into digital code for the purpose of identification.

In Oklahoma, when we get a state driver’s license or identification card  we are having our facial biometrics captured by the high resolution photos.  High resolution digital cameras capture, map, digitize and database our facial features for the purpose of use by facial recognition technology.

Facial recognition technology enables at a distance identification and tracking through networked camera systems without our knowledge or consent.  (Oklahoma also requires a finger scan.)

The standard for the digital image on our ID cards is the adopted international standard of the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization and International Standards exist for one purpose: to enable the global exchange of information.

Americans are experiencing increasing demands by business and government to produce their ID as a condition for access.  Our ability to buy, sell travel (and if Congress gets its way-soon work!) is becoming contingent upon this biometric ID.

In truth, we are being enrolled into a global system of identification and control that links our bodies to our ability to buy sell and travel.  And it is being done through deception, coercion and stealth and these facts has vigilant Christians concerned.

“Oklahoma has a long tradition of protecting religious liberty through its laws.”  OK. AG Scott Pruitt

HB1476 by Rep. Jon Echols Ken Walker will be heard this Thursday in the Government Modernization Committee at 10:30 AM

HB 1476 will permit a religious exemption for those who object to being enrolled into a biometric identification system.

This is, in my mind, the most important bill offered this session.

HB 1476  says that

“Any applicant who has signed the exemption shall be exempt from supplying biometric data to the Dept. of Public Safety.”


“The Department of Public Safety shall cease collecting, retaining or disclosing biometric data and from making biometric comparisons of an applicant who has signed the exemption.”

This exemption means that those with a religious objection to biometric identification and enrollment could get a NON-biometric driver’s license or ID card AND that any biometric data previously collected from you would be deleted from the system.

HB 1476 reads in part;

Beginning November 1, 2013, the Department of Public Safety shall modify the application for the issuance of a Class D driver license or an identification card to contain a statement of exemption. The statement of exemption shall contain the following language:


“Because of my religious beliefs, I object to enrollment in an international biometric identification system including, but not limited to, facial recognition and digital fingerprinting that directly connects my body to identification and personal biometric information sharing.”

E. Any applicant who has signed the exemption shall be exempt from supplying biometric data to the Department of  Public Safety.

. . .

G. The Department of Public Safety shall cease collecting,  retaining or disclosing biometric data, biometric samples or  biometric templates from and making biometric comparisons of an applicant who has signed the exemption.

Please contact the members of the Government Modernization Committee before this Thursday and ask that they support HB 1476 which will permit people of faith in Oklahoma to avoid being mandatorily enrolled in a system of identification and control that violates their sincerely held religious convictions.

Members of the Government Modernization Committee

Chair Rep. Murphey, Jason  405/557-7350

Vice Chair Rep. Turner, Mike 405/557-7357

Rep. David Brumbaugh  405/557-7347

Rep. David Derby  405/557-7377

Rep. Joe Dorman  405/557-7305

Rep. Elise  Hall  405/557-7403

Rep. Richard Morrissette  405/557-7404

Rep. Dan Fisher  405/557-7311

Rep. Seneca Scott  405/557-7391

Rep. Jason Smalley  405/557-7368

Rep. Ken  Walker  405/557-7359

Rep. Justin F. Wood  405/557-7345

Email block (use bcc)

jason.murphey@okhouse.gov, mike.turner@okhouse.gov, david.brumbaugh@okhouse.gov, david.derby@okhouse.gov, joedorman@okhouse.gov, dan.fisher@okhouse.gov, elise.hall@okhouse.gov, richardmorrissette@okhouse.gov, seneca.scott@okhouse.gov, jason.smalley@okhouse.gov, ken.walker@okhouse.gov, justin.wood@okhouse.gov


Logan Co. Comm’n Sharpton Asks Questions About Driver’s License Scanning and Background Check Devices in Schools

Kaye Beach

September 6, 2012
I have been watching the news about Edmond Schools’ new Lobby Guard checkpoint  system that requires visitors to scan their driver’s license for an instant background check..  Schools in Jenks have had the devices for a while but they are new to the central Oklahoma area.  I know there is some concern from parents but I have yet to see any of the concerns addressed by the media. (Correct me please, if I am wrong.)  If you are an Edmond parent who has misgivings about the new systems, you might think that you are alone.  I assure you that you are not.

Mark Sharpton, Logan County Commissioner asks some very good questions about the new system.  Parents in Edmond should be empowered to have their concerns and questions addressed thoroughly before meekly swiping their driver’s licenses and ID cards as well.

Just How Far Should the Government Go

Opinion by Mark Sharpton

Published August 26, 2012

Typically my updates are about county road and bridge improvements but this time I want to address an issue related to liberty. Liberty comes from the Latin word libertas, meaning “unbounded, unrestricted or released from constraint.” It contains the idea of being separate and independent. I have given thought to this lately since learning that several schools in the state have chosen to begin conducting instant background checks on visitors, including grandparents wanting to have lunch with their grandchildren. As I understand it, some schools are setting up a kiosk which scans a person’s driver’s license before allowing them to enter. The scan will check for outstanding warrants, divorce issues and sex offenders, and then action will be taken in response to what is found. While I understand the concept of trying to protect children, is this really the role of school officials? Just how much power do we want government to have in “protecting” us?

Please Read More!

They Know What’s Best for You: The Vision of the Annointed

Jan. 8, 2011

Another insightful article from the Antiplanner’s blog-

The Vision of the Urbanites

Jan. 3, 2011

As the Antiplanner has traveled and visited people all over the country, I’ve noticed an interesting phenomenon. Though I’ve met thousands of suburban and rural residents who are very happy with their homes and lifestyles, I’ve never met one who thinks the power of government should be used to force others to live in the same lifestyle. Yet I’ve met lots of urban residents who openly admit that they believe their lifestyle is so perfect that government should force more if not most people to live in dense, “walkable” cities.

Do cities turn people into liberal fascists? Or do liberal fascists naturally congregate into cities, and if so, why?

A general description of the phenomenon I’ve observed can be found in Thomas Sowell’s 1995 book, The Vision of the Anointed. Sowell says that America’s liberal elites view themselves as smarter or more insightful than everyone else, and thus qualified to impose their ideas on everyone else. The process of doing so, says Sowell, follows four steps (p. 8):

First, the anointed identify or, more usually, manufacture a crisis. Sowell’s book reviews three such crises: poverty, crime, and teen pregnancy, all of which were declining in the 1960s when the liberals turned them into crises. The crises relevant to this blog include such things as urban sprawl (totally manufactured as in fact it is not a problem at all) and auto driving (while some of the effects of driving are negative, these are easily corrected while the overall benefits of driving are positive).

Second, the anointed propose a solution that inevitably involves government action. Sowell makes it clear that the the leadership of the elites go out of their way to define or manufacture the crises in ways that make it appear the government action are the only solutions. In other words, their real goal is to make government bigger, not to solve problems. I don’t know if that is true or not, but it doesn’t really matter; what matters is they propose the wrong solutions to problems that often don’t really exist.

Third, once the solution is implemented, the results turn out to be very different, and often far worse, than predicted by the anointed. Crime, poverty, and teen pregnancy went up, not down, when government stepped in to “fix” these problems in the 1960s. In the case of urban planning, anti-sprawl policies made housing unaffordable and led to the recent mortgage crisis. Anti-automobile policies make congestion worse and therefore waste even more energy and produce more pollution.

The final stage is one of denial, in which the elites claim that their policies had nothing to do with the worsening results. Other factors were at work, they claim; in fact, the results might have been even worse if their enlightened policies had not been put into effect.

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Utopia Versus Eutopia

by Daniel Hager

Utopianism has a long-running history
that includes turning the 1900s into
the bloodiest century in human experience.
Typically utopian schemes are founded on the premise that individual self interest must be subjugated for the purported
greater public good.

The Junk Science of Walkability


The  more I study what is going on with the whole sustainability, comprehensive social engineering, save-the-world-through-city-planning nonsense, the madder I get but I don’t think running around hollering “Git Off My Land!” is going to help much.

I doubt that this is an uncommon reaction for those who are still attached to their life, liberty and property and the gut reaction to the efforts of regulatory zealots is entirely a natural one.

“As originally interpreted, the United States Constitution denied government the right to regulate and control the citizen in the use of his property. Over the years the commerce clause and the general welfare clause have been so interpreted as to permit both the state and Federal governments to regiment labor, agriculture, manufacturing, transportation, communication, finance and all other forms of economic activity. Today, if there is any limit on the power of government to regulate, no one knows what that limit is.” (H. Verlan Andersen, Many are Called But Few are Chosen)

Also see-James Madison’s thoughts on property ownership

I have found a wonderful, well researched  website that I’d like to share-The Antiplanner.

This site shares the all-American independent and free-enterprising sentiment but carries it a step further by getting down to the facts and figures that illustrate what many already know instinctively to be true-

“Everything that is really great and inspiring is created by the individual who can labor in freedom.”

— Albert Einstein (1950)


The Junk Science of Walkability

Sigh. Another day, another junk science paper from the smart-growth advocates. This time it is a paper titled Walking the Walk, which argues that the fact that housing prices are higher in so-called walkable neighborhoods proves that “consumers and housing markets attach a positive value to living within easy walking distance of shopping, services, schools and parks.”

In fact, all the paper proves is that the person who wrote it doesn’t understand basic economics. The report is junk science because it confuses cost with demand and presumes that correlation equals causation.

The report measured walkability by the number of businesses and other destinations — groceries, restaurants, drug stores, schools, libraries, parks, etc. — located within one mile of of a residence. Scores were highest if destinations were within a quarter mile, and zero of they were more than a mile away. In general, then, the most walkable neighborhoods were the ones with the highest commercial densities.

Read More

Head’s up on Oklahoma State Questions because if they pass they will be Law — OK-SAFE Recommendations for Nov 2nd

For further information and the actual ballot wording please see the OK-SAFE website. Downloading and copying and sharing is encouraged!

Should government control the people or should the people control government?

** Mark Lerner will be a guest on the Power Hour with Joyce Riley tomorrow Oct 1st to talk about his book “your Body Is Your ID”**

The Big Questionshould government control the people or should the people control government?

That is the first question we must ask ourselves. If you thing the people should be controlling the government and not the other way around then you will want to read “Your Body Is your ID”

A Surveillance Society or a Free Society?

Orwell’s prediction of a future big brother government came true. Whether acknowledged or not, Americans now live in a surveillance society.

Most of that American public falls into one of the categories the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) calls “potential threats”; environmentalists, animal lovers, anti-war protestors, pro-lifers, evangelical Christians, observant Jews, Constitutionalists, returning veterans, and third party candidate supporters are all “potential domestic terrorists.”

The Real ID Act 2005 mandated that facial recognition technology be used for all drivers’ license photos; facial recognition, a biometric, measures distances between facial characteristics – specific parts of the mouth, eyes, nose and so on — and digitizes this information. Using this technology, each citizen would be enrolled into a single global biometric identification system.

No matter where a person is – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma or Paris, France — that person can be identified with the use of facial recognition technology. Closed circuit television cameras/surveillance cameras (CCTV) and linked computer systems make possible remote surveillance and global information sharing.

Read More: A Surveillance Society or a Free Society by Mark Lerner

Excerpts from Your Body is Your ID;

“A surveillance society must be in place before the government can have absolute power over us, the citizens.”

from the book “Your Body Is Your ID”

Doing Politics and Keeping Your Soul

Yes.  It is possible.

We cannot make positive changes by using negative tactics.

We will lose more than a campaign that way.

Robert X Johnson has a powerful  message-Tactics for the Good Guys.

Howard Houchen Good Sense of Humor….and Good Sense!

Howard Houchen and untamed Liberty (the dog)

Adam Kokesh for US Congress

District 3 New Mexico


Want to Help Adam Kokesh win?

Phone Banking:


Up for a Road Trip to NM?

From now until June 1 (NM Primary Day) The Kokesh for Congress Campaign would appreciate some extra friendly faces to help them with the final push.

For more info call 505-470-1917

Adam Kokesh’s Principles of Good Government

By Adam Kokesh, on May 26, 2010

1. Government must act only within its Constitutional legal authority.

2. We should evaluate government programs based on specific objectives and alter or abolish programs that do not meet their goals.

3. To shrink government responsibly, we should prioritize cutting programs based on which are the most harmful or wasteful.

4. Except for cutting harmful or wasteful programs, change should be made incrementally, with continuous assessment, and followed by precise adjustments.

5. All votes should be about one issue at a time.

6. Every function of government should be conducted at the most local level practical.

7. The federal government should never threaten to withhold funds in order to manipulate States or local governments.

8. All government budgets, agency rules, and proposed policy should be posted online in a way that is easily accessible in plain language.

9. Laws and agency policy should protect whistleblowers who speak out from within our government.

10. Elected leaders should live by the same set of laws and under the same programs as everyone affected by their policies