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Gov. Fallin and Steve McKeever’s Drone Questing Collaboration

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Kaye Beach

March 27, 2012

Interesting article published today by FastCompany;

Inside Oklahoma’s Quest To Dominate The American Drone Industry

How politicians, universities, and aerospace firms are teaming up to turn the Sooner State into America’s UAV capital.

. . .Oklahoma businesspeople, academics, and politicians are collaborating through an organization named USA-OK, which aims to make the heartland state the focal point of American UAV development. A quasi-affiliated group, the Governor’s Unmanned Aerial Systems Council (PDF), was formed via an executive order from Governor Mary Fallin in 2011. Both organizations are lobbying for commercial drone test sites in Oklahoma and increased government assistance [that means your tax dollars!] in luring more large military contractors to the state.

Stephen McKeever, Oklahoma’s Secretary of Science and Technology and a prominent figure in the state’s UAV industry, told Fast Company that Oklahoma is already home to approximately 15 companies servicing the UAV industry. . . According to McKeever, the state offers a variety of incentives and subsidies for aerospace companies of all sizes.

McKeever and Fallin are busy luring this industry to Oklahoma meanwhile Mckeever and Fallin killed HB 1556 which would have simply required law enforcement to get a warrant before engaging in targeted surveillance of individuals and prohibit weaponization of the drones.

. . .Last month, the FAA announced that they are seeking six domestic test sites for UAVs. Due to the obvious commercial possibilities in, say, selling small aircraft for $1,000 a pop to farmers and real estate agencies looking to do aerial monitoring on a budget, UAVs are potential huge business. Giants such as Boeing and hundreds of smaller companies see commercial UAV usage as a gold rush waiting to happen.

State authorities inside Oklahoma issued a strategic drone plan detailing ways to build up the local UAV industry. These plans center on bringing one of the domestic UAV test sites to Oklahoma, which already tests military UAVs. . .

The FastCompany article mentions the Oklahoma UAS [DRONE] Summit held this Tuesday in Norman, but like the media in general, provides little detail on the conference.  (No mention of ‘Pesky Critters’ at all.)

This week, a major UAV convention took place in Oklahoma as well. . . .The agenda includes discussions of UAV use by emergency first responders, the Homeland Security Department’s proposed domestic spy drones. . .

Drone manufacturers even have lobbyists. [You don’t say!]  . . .Michael Toscano, the organization’s president, advocates the integration of commercial drones into American airspace. Toscano, in an interview, stressed job creation possibilities if the FAA legalizes commercial drones.

AUVSI spent big dollars in lobbying on the FAA bill that expanded the use of drones in US airspace.  Their money was well spent too.

As a PowerPoint presentation recently obtained by Republic Report shows, the industry group all but wrote the legislation. “Our suggestions were often taken word-for-word,” it says. Read More

Mr. Toscano wasalso  right by Gov. Fallin’s and Stephen McKeever’s side on Jan 17th at a press conference held at the State Capitol in order to unveil the marvelous benefits of drone technology that is being cultivated with our tax dollars.

Interestingly, Toscano thinks that there is no need for addition privacy regulation.

Toscano says the drone industry thinks existing laws are sufficient: ”We believe that your Fourth  Amendment rights are protected.

Well that figures since legislation like Oklahoma’s HB 1556 might interfere with what Toscano sees as an open market.

Toscano. . .says there are nearly 19,000 law enforcement entities in the United States, of which only 300 now have aerial surveillance capacities.

“Those departments have helicopters which cost about $1,500 an hour to operate,” Toscano says. “You can fly these drones for maybe less than $50 hour. A lot of smaller departments can now afford this technology.” read more


At the Jan. 17th press conference, McKeever said;

 “We fully recognize that reasonable people could have reasonable concerns and these must be dealt with that’s what our elected officials and government authorities are for.”

Fallin added that;

“We’re not interested in spying on anyone.”

Mary Fallin isn’t counting the little people.  Maybe she doesn’t consider what we would consider spying as spying.  Maybe she just thinks of as over sight.

Did you know that ‘OverSite’  is actually another great surveillance technology program  being promoted out of OSU’s Multispectral Laboratories and tested on unsuspecting Oklahomans at sporting events. 

‘To look at their RV parked at a game or concert, you’d never know that inside is all this technology and more’ link

umlThe Oklahoma State University Multispectral Laboratories (UML) is a public-private partnership “between the University and Anchor Dynamics Inc (ADI), which receives support from Ponca City Development Authority and ConocoPhillips, designed to accelerate commercialization of new technologies.”  http://www.okstate-uml.org/content/company-history

The UML acts as a “Trusted Agent” for U.S. Government, technology developers and operators.

Naturally, like the non-spying drones,  this is being done with a little boost from the non-spying Department of Homeland Security

The proof of concept demonstration was funded by the Department of Homeland Security. Link

OverSite incorporates facial recognition technology and a trick camera to spy on the crowd without them ever knowing a thing.  (but it’s not spying! It’s ‘OverSite’!) Read more 

And with all of the time, energy and money that has been spent, not one thing has been done to address the biggest concern of ordinary Oklahomans which is their privacy and safety.  It is the ordinary people of this state, after all,  who are paying for the ‘incentives’ being offered to court the drone industry here.

Little people, little problems.  We have our nightmares and they have their dreams. . .

Stephen McKeever, a transplanted Brit living in Oklahoma, dreams of turning his state into the capital for drones — the unmanned aircraft that, the Federal Aviation Administration predicts, will swarm the skies by the thousands within two decades. Read more

Oklahoma Anti-RFID Bill Meets Trouble with Rep. Steve Martin and Rep. Sue Tibbs

Kaye Beach

Feb 16, 2011

Our privacy will once again lose to these shenanigans.

HB1399 by Rep Wesselhoft would simply prohibit the use of RFID tracking devices in our state driver’s licenses and ID cards.

This is the third time that this very simple and very popular bill has been run in the Oklahoma state legislature.  The first time it passed overwhelmingly in the House and Senate only to be killed by Governor Brad Henry after a love letter from a powerful industry lobbyist.  (See  Meet the Chippers 2010 )People in Oklahoma from the Right to the Left supported this bill, our legislators supported this bill but the industry lobbyists had the final say.

Last session the heads of the Public Safety Committee just outright killed the bill and this session it appears that Rep. Steve “Robo Cop” Martin  is using the same old dirty lobbyists tricks to destroy the anti-RFID bill that we saw attempted in the first session the bill was run.  Rep. Sue “Big Momma Gov. Tibbs promises to kill the bill if the committee substitute that Rep. Martin has offered isn’t accepted.  (the amendment actually reverses the intent of HB1399)

From OK-SAFE posted Feb 16, 2012;

OK-SAFE Inc. – Evidence of the powerful RFID lobby in the Oklahoma Legislature, the bill prohibiting RFID tags in the OK drivers license will only be heard in committee if the author of the bill agrees to new language allowing RFID tags in the Oklahoma drivers license.

Rep. Steve Martin, vice-chair of the House Public Safety committee, has offered a proposed committee substitute for HB 1399, by Rep. Paul Wesselhoft.  Martin’s proposed language is a backdoor attempt to allow the state to imbed RFID tags in drivers licenses and state issued-identification cards, while limiting their use.

Currently, the state of Oklahoma does not allow RFID tags in their drivers licenses, despite the federal push to add them. (See prior post on this bill here and information on the REAL ID debacle here.)

If Wesselhoft refuses Martin’s new language, committee Chairman Rep. Sue Tibbs will not allow the bill a hearing.

Read more

Trial of ex-Okla. senator, 2 co-defendants starts

Kaye Beach

Conspiracy, extortion and mail fraud and bribery.  Oh my!

Feb. 12, 2012

Trial of ex-Okla. senator, 2 co-defendants starts

Published Feb 11, 2012

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — The former leader of the Oklahoma Senate is scheduled go on trial Monday on federal charges that he accepted more than $400,000 in illegal payments from three companies that sought his influence.

Former Sen. Mike Morgan, D-Stillwater, was one of the most powerful people in state government while he served as president pro tem or co-president pro tem of the Senate from March 2005 until he left office in November 2008.

Beginning Monday, federal prosecutors will air allegations before a 12-member jury that Morgan conspired with a lobbyist and an attorney to use his leadership role to steer bills on behalf of two of the companies he allegedly received payments from.

Morgan, 56, lobbyist William Skeith, 53, of Edmond, and attorney N. Martin Stringer, 71, of Oklahoma City, are charged with conspiracy, extortion and mail fraud. Morgan also faces a bribery charge.

They have all pleaded not guilty.

Read more

Enhanced Driver’s Licenses-RFID Great Tool for People Tracking AND Thieves

Kaye Beach

Nov. 8, 2011

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification, often it is referred to as “Auto ID”  That is because whenever it is comes into range of a RFID reader, it automatically coughs up its unique identification number and sometimes more.  RFID is a tracking device.  That is what it is used for. Tracking  inventory, livestock or anything that anyone wants to keep tabs on, this is what RFID does so well.  Despite all of the denials and even ridicule leveled at those who point out the great privacy and security weaknesses of this technology, the truth remains; RFID should never be coersively used on human beings.   Not on (or in) their person, clothing, library books, vehicles or any other items that they have associated with them.

The information in the following article and video is not new-anyone who has looked into the matter at all knows that the RFID chips can be read from afar, what is exciting about it is that the issue still raises concerns and that the media finds it interesting enough too cover.

There was a lot of attention paid to marketing this technology years ago.  The brilliant minds of marketers and public relations gurus studied the attitudes of people from various countries very carefully before prescribing a tailor made strategy to the Auto ID industry designed to gain the acceptance of these populations.  For the United States that advice was to make us feel that pervasive use of these tracking devices in our everyday live was inevitable.  That is how you get Americans to accept it, according to the masterminds of Fleishman-Hillard (slide 17)

Of course it is not inevitable.  Americans  need only to wave their tiny freedom loving fists and say “Back off”!

Former Oklahoma State Senator Kenneth Corn authored an Enhanced Driver’s License bill back in 2009 (it didn’t go anywhere) and the last two sessions in a row we have seen a widely popular anti- RFID bill killed for no other reason than the wishes of industry profiteers or on the ill-temperd whims of legislative committee heads.

This would be a  good article to share with your legislator.

Hopefully they will not be insulting like former Sen Tom Adelson who likening those with privacy concerns about RFID to people who wear tin foil hats.  I don’t know about you but I can tolerate a legislator with a prickly personality but the ones that are arrogant and too lazy to read a page for themselves just wear me out!

Enhanced Driver’s Licenses can be Scanned by up to 30 Feet

HotBedInfo, 11/08/2011

An episode on Global TV aired Sunday, January 25, 2011 about the dangers of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chips found in Enhanced Driver’s Licenses, Passports, and Credit Cards.  The episode showed how anyone can put together simple electronics found online for a few dollars to grab your detailed information from as far as 30 feet away!

What is an enhanced driver’s license?

They are dual-purpose documents designed for the user’s convenience. In addition to serving as a typical driver’s license or ID card, they may be used to re-enter the U.S. at its land or sea ports when returning from Canada, Mexico, Bermuda or the Caribbean. This flexibility speeds your passage back across the border. They verify your identity and citizenship – no other proof is needed. Enhanced driver’s licenses and ID cards are among the federally approved border-crossing documents when entering the U.S. required under the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative.

Enhanced Driver’s License ID Theft
These new Driver’s Licenses contain an RFID chip to allow speedy processing at border crossings.  Provinces of BC, Manitoba, and Ontario implemented them although they are not mandatory at this time.

A person could be sitting in a food court happily scanning away!  Granted that was 30 feet of open space but in a food court even within 10 feet, hundreds of people could be scanned.

Read more

How The Radiation Lobby Puts Air Travelers At Risk

Kaye Beach

May 25, 2011

Published May 24, 2011 From Ivestors.com

How The Radiation Lobby Puts Air Travelers At Risk

Homeland Security:Why would TSA expose low-risk passengers to radiation instead of just profiling high-risk passengers? Muslim pressure groups? No, another lobby’s behind this outrage.

Led by a revolving door of ex-Department of Homeland Security and Transportation Security Administration officials, this Beltway lobby holds far more sway over such security decisions.

We’d been under the impression that the TSA chose to subject passengers to radiation-emitting body scanners at all airports (by 2014) largely because it’s politically incorrect to profile young Arab Muslim men.

But the manufacturer who landed the federal contract has a powerful lobbyist in Washington: former DHS chief Michael Chertoff. He and his partners at the Chertoff Group have been all over the airwaves touting this technology while badmouthing profiling.

Read More

That isn’t all Chertoff is lobbying for.

In 2008 the biometrics industry was elated with the work of then DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff.

Federal identity programs boost biometrics market

By Chris Strohm, National Journal 07/03/2008

In announcing major new regulations in January that set national standards for driver’s licenses under the 2005 Real ID Act, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff declared, “This is a great teaching moment on the challenges of really reconfiguring a society.”

Chertoff’s announcement was music to the ears of private companies and lobbyists who see major national security benefits, as well as the potential for big bucks, in helping agencies verify individuals’ identity. http://www.nextgov.com/nextgov/ng_20080703_8678.php?oref=search

L-1 Identity Solutions is the largest biometric company in the US and dominates the state driver’s license business.  L1 also produces all passport cards

The biometrics giant, L1, also provides ID documents for the Department of Defense and has contracts with nearly every intelligence agency within our government

In 2010 L1 announced the sale of its biometric and document divisions to a French corporation, Safran which is owned in part by the French government.

Former DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff is representing Safran.

Safran Group Enters Definitive Agreement to Acquire L-1 Identity Solutions

On September 20, 2010, the Safran Group announced a definitive agreement with L-1 Identity Solutions to purchase L-1’s Biometric, Secure Credentialing and Enrollment Services for $1.09 billion in cash on hand. Once the transaction is complete, Safran intends to incorporate these L-1 divisions as part of the Safran Group’s existing security business, Morpho, and solidify Safran’s presence as an industry leader for biometrics and identity management solutions. The transaction is expected to close during 2011, subject to regulatory approvals.

During this transaction, The Chertoff Group served as strategic advisors to Safran. The Chertoff Group members of the advisory team included: Michael Chertoff, Co-founder and Managing Principal at The Chertoff Group; Chad Sweet, Co-founder and Managing Principal at The Chertoff Group; and J. Bennet Waters PhD., Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer at The Chertoff Group. http://chertoffgroup.com/cgroup/media/press-releases/

Lawmakers express concerns about the contract with Safran

In letters to FBI director Robert Mueller, the lawmakers expressed uneasiness about granting a contract involving national security to Safran SA, partly owned by the French government. “Allowing a foreign government to provide services regarding sensitive information to our law enforcement and intelligence communities could potentially pose a grave counterintelligence threat to the U.S. government,” wrote Representative John Kline (R-Minnesota), a member of the House Intelligence Committee. “I urge the FBI to assess whether any domestic companies are capable of this work and weigh carefully the risks versus the benefits of granting a foreign government access to this sensitive data,” he wrote.


Read more about the sale of L1 to Safran and Michael Chertoff  “The Revolving Door That Never Stops Turning” 

Oklahoma lawyers and lobbyists were top campaign financiers in 2010

Kaye Beach

March 16,2011

The Tulsa World reported on March 13, 2011;

The 2010 state election campaign was a $37 million affair that was financed by folks from all walks of life but led by lawyers and lobbyists, who accounted for one out of every six dollars given to candidates, a World analysis of campaign data indicates.

Lawyers and lobbyists gave a combined $6.2 million to campaigns ranging from those running for governor to district attorney to House of Representatives.

The two professions, whose job functions often overlap, were also the top givers among industry sectors during the 2008 state political campaigns.

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Will the Oklahoma Anti-RFID Bill Die? Our Loss is Their Gain

Will the Oklahoma Anti-RFID Bill Die? Our Loss is Their Gain

China says that RFID provides “a way for the government to control the population in the future”

Yes!  The Global Repression Business Is Booming!

SIA CEO Richard Chace Schmoozing

By Kaye Beach

July 23, 2010 Updated March 1, 2011


Last year in Oklahoma the powerful lobbying organization, SIA, swooped in and demolished a bill that would have kept RFID out of our identity documents.  This was a simple and well crafted bill that enjoyed bipartisan support and passed with a large majority through both houses.  All it lacked to become law was the Governor’s signature.  The CEO of the Security Industry Association used his considerable influence to make sure that the bill did not receive the Governor’s approval.

Here is a portion of the letter Chace sent to Oklahoma Governor Brad Henry

In 2011 our state legislators are offered an opportunity to make last year’s fiasco right.

HB 1399 by Rep. Paul Wesselhoft is the same bill that was passed by both houses and supported by people in Oklahoma across the political spectrum.  HB 1399 is the same bill that was vetoed at the urging of Richard Chace of the Security Industry Association.

SIA Letter Brad Henry

Here is a quote from Richard Chace;

“I want to thank George Orwell for having the depth and foresight to plan my career” 1998 Richard Chace, SIA

Will the people in Oklahoma get their bill that will keep the Orwell worshiping Richard Chace’s spychips off of our driver’s licenses and ID cards?

Apparently not.

Last week I reported that HB 1399 had been assigned to the Public Safety Committee. On Wed. Feb 23rd we learned that Rep Tibbs and Rep. Steve Martin decided not to hear the bill.

Read more Do You Want RFID on YOUR ID?? Anti-Chip Bill Needs Your Help!

Richard Chace is very proud of his accomplishments.  Killing our bill last session is listed prominently among the many of them.  Take a look

Meanwhile China uses the latest technology, courtesy of the US, to keep control of the population.

China Enacting a High-Tech Plan to Track People

August 12, 2007

“Data on the chip will include not just the citizen’s name and address but also work history, educational background, religion, ethnicity, police record, medical insurance status and landlord’s phone number. Even personal reproductive history will be included, for enforcement of China’s controversial “one child” policy. Plans are being studied to add credit histories, subway travel payments and small purchases charged to the car The New York Times

“. . .that is a way for the government to control the population in the future

–Michael Lin, the vice president for investor relations at China Public Security Technology

The Chinese are at least honest about what purpose this technology serves.  Control. And so far, it’s working beautifully!

SIA CEO Richard Chace writes;

Dear Colleague,

China has been on an economic growth spurt for the past two decades. In the past decade, bilateral trade between China and the United States has grown by a factor of five. In the past five years, since joining the World Trade Organization China has become a world economic power. At the end of 2006, a delegation of U.S. cabinet members, headed by Secretary of the Treasury Henry M. Paulson, participated in the first meeting of Strategic Economic Dialogue with China to focus on China’s further integration into the global economy

The SIA’s China Security Market Report

Old style censorship is being replaced with a massive, ubiquitous architecture of surveillance: the Golden Shield. Ultimately, the aim is to integrate a gigantic online database with an all-encompassing surveillance network – incorporating speech and face recognition, closed-circuit television, smart cards, credit records, and Internet surveillance technologies

Greg Walton reports in 2001 China’s Golden Shield: Corporations and the Development of Surveillance Technology in the People’s Republic of Chin

Chace has a decidedly MLM flair in his salesmanship.  But I should not demean multi level marketers.   How many of them are hawking the means to control a population to communist countries?

“The China Security Market Report provides a blueprint for business success!”

Developed by The Security Industry Association (SIA) to guide companies looking to enter this high growth market and offering valuable information for companies already in China, SIA’s China Security Market Report contains the most comprehensive information collected on China’s security market and the forces influencing its growth.

Both at home and abroad, unremarkably, the SIA’s bottom line is money.

During the past year, SIA has spent a great deal of time exploring prospects for security investment in China. SIA has developed a relationship with the Chinese Security and Protection Industry Association (CSPIA) for the exchange of information and facilitation of business.

Richard W. Chace

CEO and Executive Director

Security Industry Association

The SIA is very involved in helping their members connect with and sell to the Chinese government.  That these “security” products are being used by the repressive regime to better control the people of China doesn’t seem to present any ethical problems at all to Mr. Chace or the SIA.

It is illegal (not to mention immoral) to sell a host of items that can be used for repression to the Chinese government.

Following the 1989 military assault on demonstrators by the People’s Republic of China (PRC) in Tiananmen Square, the U.S. Government imposed constraints on the export to the PRC of certain items on the Commerce Control List (CCL). Section 902(a)(4) of the Foreign Relations Authorization Act for FY 1990-1991


Here is an excerpt from The All Seeing Eye of China;

With the help of U.S. defense contractors, China is building the prototype for a high-tech police state. It is ready for export”

Chinese citizens will be watched around the clock through networked CCTV cameras and remote monitoring of computers. They will be listened to on their phone calls, monitored by digital voice recognition technologies.

Their Internet access will be aggressively limited through the country’s notorious system of online controls known as the “Great Firewall.”

Their movements will be tracked through national ID cards with scannable computer chips and photos that are instantly uploaded to police databases and linked to their holder’s personal data.

This is the most important element of all: linking all these tools together in a massive, searchable database of names, photos, residency information, work history and biometric data.

When Golden Shield is finished, there will be a photo in those databases for every person in China: 1.3 billion faces

[. . .]Like everything else assembled in China with American parts,

Police State 2.0 is ready for export to a neighborhood near you.

Naomi Kline “China’s All Seeing Eye”

Anyone who has been following the growing surveillance state in the US will instantly recognize that the same systems described for China are being implemented here in the US also.

Pot, meet kettle.  Kettle, pot.

Even as the US provides China with the technological tools for tyranny, it still feels obligated to chastise the country for the poor treatment of its citizens.

In March 2010 the Chinese, bristling in response to the US State Department’ s release of a report on China’s human rights abuses, decides to release their own report detailing human rights abuses in the US.

Here is a sample of what is contained in China’s report;

While advocating “freedom of speech,” “freedom of the press” and “Internet freedom,” the US government unscrupulously monitors and restricts the citizens’ rights to freedom when it comes to its own interests and needs.

The US citizens’ freedom to access and distribute information is under strict supervision. According to media reports, the US National Security Agency (NSA) started installing specialized eavesdropping equipment around the country to wiretap calls, faxes, and emails and collect domestic communications as early as 2001. The wiretapping programs was originally targeted at Arab-Americans, but soon grew to include other Americans.

The so-called “freedom of the press” of the United States was in fact completely subordinate to its national interests, and was manipulated by the US government. According to media reports, the US government and the Pentagon had recruited a number of former military officers to become TV and radio news commentators to give “positive comments” and analysis as “military experts” for the US war in Iraq and Afghanistan, in order to guide public opinions, glorify the wars, and gain public support of its anti-terrorism ideology (The New York Times, April 20, 2009).

After a lengthy detailing of human rights violations perpetrated by the US government with all instances sourced by either official reports or news articles, China’s Information Office of the State Council ends the report by stating;

The above-mentioned facts show that the United States not only has a bad domestic human rights record, but also is a major source of many human rights disasters around the world. For a long time, it has placed itself above other countries, considered itself “world human rights police” and ignored its own serious human rights problems. It releases Country Reports on Human Rights Practices year after year to accuse other countries and takes human rights as a political instrument to interfere in other countries’ internal affairs, defame other nations’ image and seek its own strategic interests. This fully exposes its double standards on the human rights issue, and has inevitably drawn resolute opposition and strong denouncement from world people. At a time when the world is suffering a serious human rights disaster caused by the US subprime crisis-induced global financial crisis, the US government still ignores its own serious human rights problems but revels in accusing other countries. It is really a pity.

The Human Rights Record of the United States in 2009

The SIA issues market reports for a host of countries to help investors take advantage of the demand for high tech population management tools or other security systems.

Richard Chace, in his plea for Oklahoma Governor Brad Henry to veto a bill that would have prohibited RFID tech from being used in drivers licenses and ID cards, assures him that the SIA takes the protection of our privacy very seriously.

We may not buy it, but governments the world over certainly are.

Please contact your representatives and let them know that techno-repression of the population is NOT an Oklahoma value!

Oklahoma Anti-Chipping Bill Redux

Kaye Beach

Feb. 22, 2011

Flashback last session:

2010 Lobbyists Kill Oklahoma’s Anti-chipping bill

HB 2569 by Rep. Wesselhoft would have blocked the federal government from tracking individuals through a radio frequency identity chip embedded in their driver’s licenses.

The bill was very popular with ordinary Oklahomans and it received overwhelming bipartisan support in the state legislature.  HB 2569 was easily passed by both the House and the Senate.   Unfortunately for the people, some high powered lobbyists did not care for the anti-chipping bill….

HB 2569 was targeted from the beginning by an out-of-state  technology manufacturing lobby group called SIA (Security Industry Associations, in Alexandria, VA).

On Jan 26, 2010 a representative from SIA called Rep. Wesselhoft and asked him to drop this bill; Rep. Wesselhoft refused.

A short time later, former Oklahoma legislator-turned-lobbyist,Jim Dunlap, representing HID Global (a SIA member), attempted to have the bill amended to allow for RFID tracking tags to be used in the OK DL/IDs.   After much uproar the amendment was withdrawn.

On April 26, 2010 HB 2569 was sent to the Governor to be signed.

This is the same day that SIA CEO Richard Chace  sent a letter to the Governor asking him to veto HB 2569.

On April 28, 2010 Governor Henry vetoed the bill

In state after state, the SIA have imposed, using their influence and power to stifle state legislation designed to protect constituents from unwarranted intrusions into their lives.

Oklahomans have another chance this session.  Rep. Wesslehoft is offering HB 1399 “prohibiting the use of radio frequency identification tags on driver licenses and identification cards” Please contact your Representatives and tell them that this year you expect them to protect the interests of their constituents NOT the interests of the SIA or HID Global.

OK-SAFE provides the following information:

This year, HB 1399 (by Wesselhoft/Russell) has been introduced, once again prohibiting the use of RFID tracking technology in the OK DL/ID cards.

HB 1399 has been assigned to the Public Safety Committee chaired by Rep. Sue Tibbs (R-HD 23).

Please call/email the following committee members and ask that HB 1399 be voted on and advanced to the Floor.

Rep. Sue Tibbs, 405-557-7379     suetibbs@okhouse.gov
Rep. Steve Martin, 405-557-7402 stevemartin@okhouse.gov
Rep. John Bennet, 405-557-7315 john.bennett@okhouse.gov
Rep. Ed Cannaday, 405-557-7375 ed.cannady@okhouse.gov
Rep. Josh Cockroft, 405-557-7349 josh.cockroft@okhouse.gov
Rep. Doug Cox, 405-557-7415      dougcox@okhouse.gov
Rep.Tommy Hardin, 405-557-7383 tommy.hardin@okhouse.gov
Rep. Chuck Hoskin 405-557-7319  chuck.hoskin@okhouse.gov
Rep. Fred Jordan 405-557-7331     fred.jordan@okhouse.gov
Rep. Charlie Joyner 405-557-7314 charlie.joyner@okhouse.gov
Rep. Al McAffrey 405-557-7396      al.mcaffrey@okhouse.gov
Rep. Pat Ownbey 405-557-7326     pat.ownbey@okhouse.gov
Rep. Pam Peterson 405-557-7341 pampeterson@okhouse.gov
Rep. Brian Renegar 405-557-7381 brian.renegar@okhouse.gov
Rep. Paul Roan 405-557-7308        paulroan@okhouse.gov
Rep.Todd Thomsen 405-557-7336 todd.thomsen@okhouse.gov
Rep.Steve Vaughan 405-557-7355 steve.vaughan@okhouse.gov

(To send a group email copy and paste the group below:
suetibbs@okhouse.gov, stevemartin@okhouse.gov, john.bennett@okhouse.gov, ed.cannady@okhouse.gov, josh.cockroft@okhouse.gov, dougcox@okhouse.gov, tommy.hardin@okhouse.gov, chuck.hoskin@okhouse.gov, fred.jordan@okhouse.gov, charlie.joyner@okhouse.gov, al.mcaffrey@okhouse.gov, pat.ownbey@okhouse.gov, pampeterson@okhouse.gov, brian.renegar@okhouse.gov, paulroan@okhouse.gov, todd.thomsen@okhouse.gov, steve.vaughan@okhouse.gov )

Contact House members at 1-800-522-8502, or 405-521-2711

He really said this!

For a more in depth review of the mess last session  see “Meet The Chippers”

Surveillance and Dissent in China

Kaye Beach

Chinese leaders look for ways to defuse unrest as revolt fizzles out

IN THE end, the call for a Chinese response to uprisings in the Middle East fizzled out, but leaders are clearly rattled by how quickly the Jasmine Revolution spread online and have called for new ways to defuse unrest.

Disgruntled citizens did gather in China’s major cities after the internet call went out, but the authorities were ahead of them. On Saturday they rounded up the major dissidents not already in jail and were a major presence in areas where protesters gathered.

Read more

Thousands of cameras watch China’s Uighurs, inhibiting discourse

URUMQI, China — Looking slowly around his own bedroom, the nervous Uighur man with hunched shoulders said he wasn’t sure whether he could speak openly about the Chinese government.

“Someone may be listening on the other side of any wall here,” said Anwar, a 50-year-old shopkeeper who didn’t want his last name made public. “We must think of our own safety.”
Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2011/02/21/2077540/thousands-of-cameras-watch-chinas.html#ixzz1EeF1Llq2

China has ways of making sure any unrest “fizzles out”  We are getting there.

Here’s a guy not content with making big bucks off selling surveillance tech to China so that it can control it’s citizens, he makes sure the state’s don’t have any protective legislation in place that would interfere with his organization being able to profit from the same technology here.

“I want to thank George Orwell for having the depth and foresight to plan my career” 1998 Richard Chace, SIA

SIA CEO Richard Chace Schmoozing

Recently in Oklahoma the powerful lobbying organization, SIA, swooped in and demolished a bill that would have kept RFID out of our identity documents.  This was a simple and well crafted bill that enjoyed bipartisan support and passed with a large majority through both houses.  All it lacked to become law was the Governor’s signature.  The CEO of the Security Industry Association used his considerable influence to make sure that the bill did not receive the Governor’s approval.

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China’s All Seeing Eye

With the help of U.S. defense contractors, China is building the prototype for a high-tech police state. It is ready for export.

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State Lawmakers Rally to Oppose Photo Enforcement

Florida, Iowa, Missouri, Washington and Virginia legislators consider banning automated ticketing.

In the face on an onslaught by the insurance and traffic camera lobbyists to convince the public that red light cameras and speed cameras save lives, state lawmakers around the country are fighting back.

Representatives in Florida, Iowa, Missouri, Washington and Virginia from both the Democratic and Republican parties have noted the lack of effectiveness of automated ticketing machines in their respective states and have proposed severe restrictions or outright bans on their use. Later today, the Virginia House Militia, Police and Public Safety Committee will discuss legislation that places a moratorium on further red light camera deployment in the commonwealth.

“No locality shall implement or expand a traffic light signal violation monitoring system on or after July 1, 2011,” House Bill 2327 states.

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