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Important! REAL ID Study at the Okla. State Capitol Wed. Nov. 18th at 9AM


Kaye Beach
Nov. 12, 2015

The REAL ID Study is finally confirmed!

A public meeting has been called to give legislators and constituents the opportunity to ask questions about the REAL ID Act.

The REAL ID meeting  will be held at the Oklahoma capitol on Nov. 18th at 9am in Room 206.

I am grateful to Rep. Bob Cleveland and Rep. Lewis Moore who took the initiative and made the arrangements for this important meeting.

I am very honored to have been invited to speak about REAL ID at this meeting. I will be speaking alongside two men I admire greatly –  former state Rep. Charles Key (who was the House author on our state’s REAL ID prohibition law) and my good friend, Howard Houchen, award winning K95.5 KITX AM radio show host.

The reason for the sudden interest in this decade-old federal law is that two state Senators have vowed to repeal the Oklahoma law prohibiting the state’s participation in the controversial REAL ID Act.
You can read the state statute prohibiting participation in REAL ID here

Biometric ID is problematic enough but the REAL ID Act compounds the privacy, security and liberty issues of what is,  at the moment still a state held biometric identification database. The REAL ID Act requires all state DMV database to be connected which means the data will be accessed and used widely probably in ways many of us have not even imagined.

If you are an Oklahoman who has questions about REAL ID, it is critical that you attend this meeting.

June 25, 2012, City of Norman 2060 Strategic Water Supply Plan Public Meeting 7PM-9PM

Kaye Beach

June 24, 2012

2060 Strategic Water Supply Plan Public Meeting Link




Just Released-



You can view a video overview of the water planning issues.

Mentioned in that video is the Oklahoma Water Regional Trust.  Here is a Power Point presentation about the creation of that Trust from 2010. Oklahoma Regional Water Utility Trust Presentation-1

Oklahoma Defend Your Health Care Freedom! Important Meetings Begin Feb. 7th

Kaye Beach
Oklahoma state Rep. Charles Key  has  wants to extend an invitation to you to learn about Health Care Exchanges, The Affordable Care Act, and what we can do in Oklahoma to protect Oklahoma.
Three meetings will be held that are free and open to the public and features talent and expertise from the highly respected Heartland Institute, a nonprofit research organization dedicated to finding and promoting ideas that empower people.
Benjamin Domenech, managing editor of Health Care News and a research fellow at The Heartland Institute is the guest speaker sharing his knowledge on the subject at all three meetings.
Rep. Key writes;
Health Exchanges have become a controversial issue as they are mandated by The Affordable Care Act, aka ObamaCare.  Many states have challenged their constitutionality and others have passed laws nullifying implementation of the Affordable Care Act, or parts of it, in their state. These exchanges are the cornerstone of The Affordable Care Act and without the exchanges ObamaCare cannot be fully implemented.  Understanding our options as a state are very important not only because this law is a major piece of legislation but because it will fundamentally change our way of life.Each presentation will not be the same although each will include discussion of the effect of Health Care Exchanges & Reform information.
Times and locations are:
Tuesday, February 7th , 2012 at approximately 9:30am (following session) in the  House Chamber
•Wednesday, February 8th, 2012 at  9:00am in the Oklahoma State Capitol, room 512A
•Wednesday, February 8th 2012 at noon  OCPAC (Oklahoma Conservative Political Action Committee)  meeting  Italiano’s resturate
 4801 N. Lincoln Boulevard
The Supreme Court may hear and rule on the constitutionality of the the individual mandate this year.  In the meantime we must take steps to protect our health care system from being nationalized.  Understanding the Health Exchanges is absolutely critical to preventing a complete takeover of our personal health care.  Put one or all of these important meeting on your schedule and be there so that you can help defend your freedom.

Pay Attention to This One! Oklahoma Fourth Committee Meeting on Federal Healthcare Reform

Kaye Beach

Nov. 1, 2011

Those of us in Oklahoma who want to retain our privacy and control over our medical care should pay attention to the fourth joint legislative committee meeting on the effects of healthcare reform.   The fourth meeting, scheduled for Thursday, November 3rd, 2011, will be held at the Tulsa Technology Center, Riverside Campus.

Amanda Teegarden, Executive Director of OK-SAFE, Inc., is one of the scheduled presenters on that date, addressing the technology, security & privacy concerns associated with the implementation of health care reform.

She will be presenting some very interesting facts about Oklahoma healthcare reform system as constructed so far and illustrate why we should not go any further on this unconstitutional federal monstrosity of a mandate.

Amanda Teegarden is a crack researcher with the perspective of an ordinary taxpaying Oklahoman. Every freedom loving Oklahoman ought to pay very close attention to the information brought forth by her presentation this Thursday.

Here is one glimpse of what is in store for us if our state does not take care to protect the interests of Oklahoma citizens from the federal takeover of our healthcare.

Obamacare HHS rule would give government everybody’s health records

By: Rep. Tim Huelskamp | 09/23/11 3:29 PM
OpEd Contributor
Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius has proposed that medical records of all Americans be turned over to the federal government by private health insurers.

It’s been said a thousand times: Congress had to pass President Obama’s  health care law in order to find out what’s in it. But, despite the repetitiveness, the level of shock from each new discovery never seems to recede.

This time, America is learning about the federal government’s plan to collect and aggregate confidential patient records for every one of us

Read more

Raw patient claims data, demographic data, prescription drug utilization data. . .this is individualized, specific, sensitive information about you going into a federal database!





Read more and watch the press conference held by Congressman Huelskamp about this outrage here

There OK legislature has created a website detailing these meetings: www.okhealthcare.info – check for meeting details, including presentations.

Health Care Reform Law/Exchanges Meetings – OKC and Tulsa

Oct 25, 2011

OK-SAFE, Inc. – The third meeting of the joint legislative committee to examine the effects of the federal health care reform law (Affordable Care Act, aka “ObamaCare”, etc.) on Oklahoma will be held in the Senate Chambers at the Capitol on Wednesday, October 26, 2011.

The meeting will run from 9 am to approx. 4 pm and should be available for viewing online.

The third meeting features speakers addressing the impact on Indian Health; status of lawsuits, and the ballot question opposing the mandate; federal vs. state exchanges; constitutional issues; what other states are doing.

Every Oklahoman with concerns about the implementation of health insurance exchanges (now “marketplaces”), electronic health records (EHRs) being shared everywhere, or infringements on your medical privacy needs to attend these meetings.

Read more

Oklahoma Health Insurance Exchange or Faustian Bargain?

Kaye Beach

Sept. 13, 2011

A Faustian Bargain is a deal with the devil.  The stories vary but the gist of them all is that you exchange something terribly precious for what turns out to be in the long run, no more than ashes and that’s too bad because once the deal is struck there is no going back.

The first committee hearing on Federal Health Care Reform Law will be held tomorrow Sept. 14 at the Oklahoma State Capital in the House Chamber beginning at 9 AM.  It is the first of five hearings to be held through November.

What is the he purpose of these hearings?

According to our elected representatives;

[Sen. Stansilawski] “Oklahoma patients, taxpayers, businesses, health practitioners, insurers and others all have wide-ranging questions and concerns about this largely unwanted new federal law. The law will affect all Oklahomans, some in significant ways, so this committee will seek to address all relevant questions and concerns for the benefit of all Oklahomans.” 

 [Senator] Bingman said he wants to assure “health care choices, not mandates.” In today’s statement, he characterized the upcoming hearings as “an opportunity for Oklahoma to assert our state’s rights and I’m confident all stakeholders will rise to the challenge so we can avoid dangerous federal mandates wherever possible.”

[Speaker of the House] Kris Steele said, “The committee will explore all possibilities for putting forth Oklahoma solutions that support a free market health care system.”    Read more from CapitolBeatOK

A brief review  of the issue;

Oklahoma is one of 28 states that has filed suit against the federal government to challenge the constitutionality of the federal health care reforms.

It is a contentious issue to be sure.

The Oklahoma Governor accepted federal funding to develop the Health Insurance Exchange but following outrage from conservatives, she decided to return the funds in April of this year.

Legislation necessary to enable the Health Insurance Exchanges was rejected by the public and ultimately Oklahoma legislators leaving the state in a quandary.  The Health Insurance Exchange is essential to our participation in the Federal Health Care Reform law but the people and the state have both taken the stance of rejecting that law

First of all, what is a Health Insurance Exchange?

-According to this brief from the Kaiser Family Foundation found on the Oklahoma Insurance Department website;

[A Health Insurance Exchange is]”a new entity intended to create a more organized and competitive market for health insurance by offering a choice of plans, establishing common rules regarding the offering and pricing of insurance, and providing information to help consumers better understand the options available to them.”

-And this brief also from the Kaiser Family Foundation also listed among preparatory materials on the Oklahoma Insurance Department website, tells us that;

“An Exchange must be a governmental agency or nonprofit entity that is established by a state.”

Answer– in a nutshell, a Health Insurance Exchange is a new entity intended to create a competitive market for health insurance by establishing rules regarding offering of health insurance and pricing that is established by the state government.

Got that?

Number 2.   What is the importance of having a health insurance exchange?

‘Insurance Exchanges, a key component of the Affordable Care Act’

Feb 10, 2011 . . . the Oklahoma Policy Institute’s blog looks at the Health Insurance Exchanges that are a key component of the Affordable Care Act, the new federal health care reform law.

Richey says that one of the most important provisions in the “Affordable Care Act (ACT)” is the “requirement that states establish private insurance marketplaces, or Exchanges’, to sell plans to individuals and small groups in their state.”  Read more from CapitolBeatOK

Answer-Health Insurance Exchanges are “a key component of the Affordable Care Act, the new federal health care reform law.”  States are required to create Health Insurance Exchanges per the federal health care reform law aka “Obamacare”

Here is a visual on the Oklahoma Health Insurance Exchange

I know that is not very clear but what it shows is the paths and connections made as a variety of your personal information travels through the exchange.

Here is a much clearer picture of where all that personal health info is going.

From the National Conference of State Legislatures;

“The Affordable Care Act requires state-based American Health Benefit Exchanges to be established and working by 2014.  Exchanges are, for most states, new entities that will function as a marketplace for buyers of health insurance. . .” (Emphasis mine) read more

Think about that statement.  These Exchanges will function as a marketplace.

Saying that the state based exchange will “function as” is the same as saying “in lieu of”, “in place of” or “rather than” a free market exchange.

A free market, by definition,  is a market free from state intervention.

The truth is that while our elected representatives keep using terms such as “free market” when speaking about the state exchanges, a government managed exchange is antithetical to a free market anything!

More Questions. . .

I may be dense here but I am having difficulty understanding how the state will set up an Exchange that will;

  1. truly exist for the purpose of serving the needs of the people of the state of Oklahoma
  2. be secure and protect the privacy interests of the owners of this highly  sensitive information
  3. not also serve the purpose of fulfilling the necessary mandate of the Federal Health Care Reform law that the people and the state have said they don’t want.

Creating this exchange looks to be the last nail in the coffin for Oklahoma and Obamacare.

If he exchange is set up, aren’t we then married to the federal plan?

As OK-SAFE explained last spring;

“The Health Insurance Exchange will be connected to the “other” exchange – the Health Information Exchange (HIE).

We will live with both managed care and managed competition in an e-health system where invisible ‘navigators’ help consumers make ‘appropriate’ health care choices online; where actually visiting a real doctor is limited to ‘qualified’ consumers; where everyone has a health ID card tied to their bank; where people are indirectly forced to participate in state-run exchanges in order to qualify for the tax credits necessary to offset their new $24,000/person annual health insurance premiums; and where no single insurance carrier will be burdened with too many sick people,”

What is a Health Information Exchange (HIE)?

—the electronic movement of health-related information among organizations according to nationally recognized standards.

As we should realize by now, “nationally recognized standards” really just means ‘national standards’ and ‘national standards’ really means state administered but federal controlled.

Deborah Peel, founder of Patient Privacy Rights makes a sobering prediction;

“2011 will be the year that Americans recognize they can’t control personal health information in health IT systems and data exchanges.”

Find out more here

I have many more questions about both the desirability and feasibility of a Health Insurance Exchange. These meetings, we are told, are designed to answer all of these questions.  That is why I will go.

Various “stakeholders” will be present to give their views.  Let’s make sure that the most important stakeholder of all- the taxpaying citizen is there as well.

Norman officials, developers reach compromises over building near Lake Thunderbird

Norman city officials say they have reached some compromises with developers over proposed ordinances aimed at protecting Lake Thunderbird’s watershed.


Published: June 27, 2011

NORMAN — City officials said they have reached some compromises with developers over proposed ordinances aimed at protecting Lake Thunderbird‘s watershed.

The ordinance would still establish 100-foot water quality protection buffer zones along the streams but would allow development within 25 feet of the streams if certain engineering standards are met, Lewis said.

The compromises will be introduced and the ordinances considered when the city council meets at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday in the Municipal Building’s council chambers, 201 W Gray St.

爱达荷华人社区 Is America being Shanghaied? AxXiom For Liberty Radio Tonight

Friday, June 17, 2011

Tonight on AxXiom For Liberty Radio with Kaye Beach and Howard Houchen,

爱达荷华人社区 Is America being Shanghaied?

Shanghaied-to put by trickery into an undesirable position.

Listen Live from 6-8 pm CT on Rule of Law Radio

First, we will be speaking to Ron Black, conservative media commentator (best know as the 400 lb Gorilla of Oklahoma Media) about  Oklahoma’s Jam in June to Benefit Bikers Against Child Abuse

“As China seeks to make inroads in becoming an economic power inside the United States, they are not just planning to build factories and hire workers, but instead create whole cities and economic zones based on what has already been done on the mainland of ChinaLink

We are pleased to bring you two very knowledgeable guests to discuss this important issue.

Vicky Davis, former systems analyst and investigative researcher located in the soon to be People’s Republic of Idaho.

See-Foreign Trade Zones Inland Ports Trojan Triangles for Vicky’s research
You can find all of Vicky’s work at http://www.channelingreality.com/


Amanda Teegarden, the Executive Director (and highly regarded researcher in her own right) of OK-SAFE, Oklahoma’s ever reliable advocates of sovereignty and free enterprise.  http://www.ok-safe.com

Idaho has been all over the news recently as Americans discover that,

“China Wants To Construct A 50 Square Mile Self-Sustaining City South Of Boise, Idaho”

Vicky Davis has been on top of this situation since the start.  Back in January Vicky joined Howard and I on Axxiom For Liberty to talk about Idaho’s Gov. Butch Otters deal making with the Red Chinese or  “Trojan Triangles”  as she describes the plan.

see Jan 14th SHOW NOTES or listen to the podcast here

China seeks to build a city and economic zone in the state of Idaho

June 13, 2011 Kenneth Schortgen Jr   Finance Examiner

As manufacturing and American jobs continue to flow out of the US and into foreign countries offering better tax incentives, regulations, and cheaper labor, one place in America is offering China the opportunity to bring their model of planned economy to our borders.

That place is the state of Idaho, and plans are being made right now to build a 50-mile self sustaining city and economic zone that has the approval of the state’s Governor.

The US government has already created up to 257 foreign trade zones in America, and besides the one being planned in Idaho, Chinese companies are also currently in talks with the states Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania 

Perhaps the most famous of these “special economic zones” is Shenzhen.  . . .If the Chinese have their way, we will soon be seeing these “special economic zones” pop up all over the United States. –. – Idaho Statesman via End of the American Dream

Read more

We were warned.

More about Shenzhen’s special economic zone-

Excerpts from China’s All Seeing Eye by Naomi Klein 2008

Thirty years ago, the city of Shenzhen didn’t exist. Back in those days, it was a string of small fishing villages and collectively run rice paddies, a place of rutted dirt roads and traditional temples. That was before the Communist Party chose it. . .to be China’s first “special economic zone,” one of only four areas where capitalism would be permitted on a trial basis.

The theory behind the experiment was that the “real” China would keep its socialist soul intact while profiting from the private-sector jobs and industrial development created in Shenzhen.

. . .China today, epitomized by Shenzhen’s transition from mud to megacity in 30 years, represents a new way to organize society. Sometimes called “market Stalinism,” it is a potent hybrid of the most powerful political tools of authoritarian communism — central planning, merciless repression, constant surveillance. . .

Like everything else assembled in China with American parts, Police State 2.0 is ready for export to a neighborhood near you.

Read more

We have experienced very pointed efforts by security technology peddlers to prevent laws from being passed in Oklahoma that would protect the people in this state from the very same repressive technology that the same organization is peddling in China.

What is good enough for Communist China is good enough for Oklahoma

May 17, 2010 By Kaye Beach

Why was HB 2569, a good bill that would have protected Oklahoma residents from the risks and insecurities of RFID technology embedded in required identification documents such as state driver’s licenses and state ID cards vetoed?             

It appears as though the same industry lobbyists that are helping China to enslave its citizens are also involved in killing HB 2569.  Here is the letter Richard Chace, the CEO of the Security Industry Association, wrote to Oklahoma Gov. Brad Henry urging him to veto the bill.  And here is SIA’s press release bragging about their successful intervention in state politics to further their cause.

Read more

But Oklahoma officials would never do to our state what is being done to the people in Idaho, would they?  Read on.

Sleeping with the Enemy – U.S. Governors to Pair Up with Chinese Officials

OK-SAFE wrote this interesting article yesterday that informs us that on July 15-17, 2011 Governor Fallin will be pairing up one on one with Chinese dignitaries to talk about issues like job creation, education and health at a US-China Governors Forum in Salt Lake City Utah.  If you are very curious about just what will be going on at this meeting you are going to have to stifle it.  This is to be a closed door meeting.  No media or public will be permitted to attend.

Read more

Oklahoma: The Reddest State Gets a Little Redder

. . .Here is a  press release regarding an recent visit to the Oklahoma State Capitol by dignitaries from the Chinese Consulate. The article was published on the website for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China but I didn’t see this in the local news.

The press release says that Gov.Fallin  and Lt.Gov Todd Lamb met with three Chinese Consulate dignitaries including Consul General  Gao Yanping at the Oklahoma Capitol to discuss “exchanges and cooperation between China and Oklahoma in all fields”

Apparently Gov. Fallin has been very enthusiastic about China-U.S. exchanges ever since she was the Lt. Gov.

The meeting in Utah between our state Governors and Chinese provincial party secretaries and Governors will be the first of two according to OK-SAFE who is has filed a Freedom of Information request in order to locate documents that should be publicly available in order to find out more.

We need to be asking some questions about this.

Sleeping with the Enemy – U.S. Governors to Pair Up with Chinese Officials

“Dark Skies” Might Be a Hard Sell in Oklahoma

Kaye Beach

*Update June 15,2011

Like I said-Dark Skies might just be a hard sell…Due to an sudden “dark sky” event, the lighting ordinance proposal had to be postponed due to a mighty storm that appeared to centered right on top of the Norman Municipal complex area where the City Council meeting was being held last evening.

June 15, 2011

High winds tear roof from apartment building, snap power poles in Norman. . .

Down burst hits Norman, NWS says

The down burst was centralized in Norman, Pike said.

The storm hit and knocked out the power in the municipal building just before the lighting ordinance was to be considered.  The meeting had to be  canceled.  It has been rescheduled for June 21st.

June 14, 2011

If the idea of “Dark Skies” doesn’t give you are warm and fuzzy feeling all over, it could just be that you are an Oklahoman.

But don’t be so hasty.  There are more ominous aspects to this proposal than just the foreboding connotation of threatening weather that come to mind when dark skies are mentioned in these parts.

“Everyone is a citizen of the world. At some level we should all be its stewards with accountability toward preserving its environment. One component of that is the preservation of dark skies or the prevention of light pollution”

GLOBE at Night . . .enlists the help of students to collect data on the night sky conditions in their community and contribute to a worldwide database on light pollution.

Read more about Dark Skies Awareness

There will be a Norman City Council meeting today at 5:30 pm to include consideration of the controversial lighting ordinance.
TUESDAY, JUNE 14, 2011 at 5:30 P.M.

See City Council Agenda

The proposed lighting ordinance is back up for a vote.

Norman Transcript Articles

June 11, 2011

Lighting Ordinance Resurfaces

April 13, 2011

Lighting ordinance draws opposition

The proposed ordinance, O-1011-44, is being presented as primarily an energy conservation measure.


(Established by Ord. No. O-1011-44 — ___, 2011)

1.         Purpose and Intent.  It is the intent of this Section to define practical and effective measures by which the obtrusive aspects of commercial outdoor light usage can be minimized, while preserving safety, security, and the nighttime use and enjoyment of property.  These measures are intended to reduce light spillover, minimize glare, and decrease resource waste.

Council Committee compromise version 6 7 11 Commercial Lighting vers 3 (2)-1

April 15,2011

Norman City Council and Public Discuss New Lighting Ordinance

Almost every seat was full on Tuesday night during the city council meeting; many were filled by students, all dressed in black shirts.

The students of Norman North High School’s astronomy club attended the city council meeting on Tuesday, April 12. They waited patiently in the back for their turn to speak their opinion to the city council. They all wore black shirts to show their support for the lighting ordinance. As the four students and one of their teachers stepped toward the podium, a power point presentation came up on the screen. The students passed forward a petition with 637 signatures in support of the proposed lighting ordinance proposed by the City Council.


Norman Public School teachers apparently are using our taxes to indoctrinate school kids on new   “rights” and using them to instigate the implementation of city policy that offers us these new “rights” invented by international organizations  in lieu of long established natural and legal ones.

The students, however, are to be commended.  They overcame the usual apathy and turned out in force to defend what they are being taught is a right.

The Starlight Initiative

An unpolluted night sky that allows the enjoyment and contemplation of the firmament should be considered an inalienable right of humankind equivalent to all other environmental, social, and cultural rights, due to its impact on the development of all peoples and on the conservation of biodiversity.”
Starlight Declaration. La Palma, Spain 2008.


Too bad the schools aren’t teaching about them about their true rights to life, liberty and property that are recognized and guaranteed to each and every one of us by law in the United States.   For the first time, I am thankful that my daughter chose the more physical and less academic route at Norman North.  I don’t think I could face this sort of  public realization that my tax dollars had been used in this manner.

Outside Agitators

“Grzybowski said the class is Norman’s outside agitators to the city for the issue of light pollution, encouraging City Council to preserve the night sky by passing lighting ordinances”

“The students — steered by Norman North astronomy teacher Eileen Grzybowski — have collected readings throughout Norman as part of Globe Night 2010, a worldwide campaign to fight light pollution —“

(Source March 15, 2010  Star light, star bright  The Norman Transcript)

GLOBE Night 2010 centerpiece of the Dark Skies Awareness Global Cornerstone Project for the International Year of Astronomy (IYA) in 2009 a UNESCO initiative.  (More information below)

Mrs. Grzybowski’s husband is the author of this publication;

The Canadian River and floodplain in Norman, Oklahoma: Environmental perspective

Joseph A Grzybowski (Author)

Unfortunately, Amazon.com lists this publication as out of print

Joseph A. Grzybowski, Ph.D. is a Biologist/Ornithologist [scientist who studies birds]and Professor who serves on various local, regional and national committees involving endangered species and environmental management.” link

IYA2009 Boosts Globe at Night to Record Number of Dark-Skies Observations

Source: International Year of Astronomy 2009 Posted Thursday, April 30, 2009

In Norman, Oklahoma, high school students, their teachers and local amateur astronomers produced a map of nearly 500 SQM measurements that canvassed their city. Local teacher and amateur astronomer Eileen Grzybowski, with students Brittany, Emily and Braden, then made a well-received presentation of the results to their local Environmental Control Advisory Board. (Emphasis mine)

They [the City of Norman’s Environmental Control Advisory Board]  want us to partner with them and be the outside agitating voice in the newspapers and elsewhere to put the issue of revising our lighting ordinances front and center, Grzybowski reported.

They[the City of Norman’s Environmental Control Advisory Board] made suggestions as to how the presentation could be revised to make a bigger impact.

They want us to obtain pictures taken from the sky down to the Earth from an airplane and pictures of our ground-based sites of high light pollution and dark oases, and they want us to include data about security issues and cost savings. http://www.spaceref.com/news/viewpr.html?pid=28094

**See below for information regarding the IYA2009 and “GLOBE at Night”


“Our next step is to go before the City Council and do the light demo and discuss our preliminary results.” Says Grzybowski

Which they did on May 13, 2010.



MAY 13, 2010




City of Norman Environmental Control Advisory Board

Investigates, prepares plans for, and recommends programs regarding the preservation and enhancement of the environmental quality of the City as well as administers variance procedures in the Air Quality Control Ordinance. Meets the 3rd Wednesday; 5:30 p.m., Norman Municipal Building Multi-Purpose Room, 201 West Gray. (3-year term)

US Mayors’ Climate Protection Agreement


  • Amanda Rook – 07/14/09 – 07/14/09 – 10/27/12 – 5
  • Mark Jensen  – 11/10/09 – 11/10/09 – 10/27/12- 2
  • Dr. Moira Waterbury – 11/10/09 – 11/10/09 – 10/27/12 – 5
  • Asia Scudder – 04/27/10 – 04/27/10 – 10/27/13  – 4
  • Yves Badaroux – 04/27/10 – 04/27/10 – 10/27/13 – 3
  • Dave Boeck – 04/10/07 – 10/27/10 – 10/27/13 – 4
  • Larry Steele, CHAIR – 10/27/08 – 10/27/08 – 10/27/11 – 7
  • Jane Dye – 10/27/05 – 10/27/08 – 10/27/11 – 7
  • Neil Suneson – 08/09/05 – 10/27/08 – 10/27/11 – 2


About those Dark Skies

2007 First meeting of the Starlight Reserves Working Group.

The overall aim is to discuss the problems of identification of specific catego­ries of natural sites, skyscapes, cultural nightscapes, and excep­tional sites for astronomical observation, as “Starlight Reserves” for their possible nominations on the World Heritage List.



IYA 2009
The United Nations declares 2009 the International Year of Astronomy.

20 December 2007: the United Nations 62nd General Assembly proclaimed 2009 the International Year of Astronomy. The Resolution was submitted by Italy, Galileo Galilei’s home country. The International Year of Astronomy 2009 is an initiative of the International Astronomical Union and UNESCO.

THE STARLIGHT INITIATIVE (Granting all the “right” to observe the stars which will obviously clash with your right to light your property!)

An unpolluted night sky that allows the enjoyment and contemplation of the firmament should be considered an inalienable right of humankind equivalent to all other environmental, social, and cultural rights, due to its impact on the development of all peoples and on the conservation of biodiversity.”
Starlight Declaration. La Palma, Spain 2008.


The initiative is designed as an international campaign in defence of the values associated with the night sky and the general right to observe the stars. It is open to the participation of all scientific, cultural, environmental, and citizens’ organizations and associations, as well as public institutions and other public and private bodies willing to effectively cooperate in the conservation of clear skies and the dissemination of the knowledge related with their observation. The final aim of the initiative is to strengthen the importance of clear skies for humankind, emphasizing and introducing the value of this endangered heritage for science, education, culture, technological development, nature conservation, tourism and, obviously, as a quality-of-life factor.


GLOBE at Night is a fun, international citizen-science event that encourages everyone— students, educators, dark sky advocates and the general public— to measure the darkness of their local skies and contribute their observations online to a world map. The program is a centerpiece of the Dark Skies Awareness Global Cornerstone Project for the International Year of Astronomy (IYA) in 2009. Its goal is to raise public awareness of the impact of artificial lighting on local environments by getting people involved. http://www.darkskiesawareness.org/gan.php

GLOBE at Night in Norman

United States: 475 Sky Quality Meter measurements & 475 Orion measurements during GLOBE at Night in Norman, Oklahoma àlighting inventory for city


Dark Skies initiatives are concerned with land development control policies and part of a “Global Assessment” done on behalf of an International Union


The Dark Skies Advisory Group of the Specialist Group works to reduce light pollution and protect a natural night sky. While it focuses primarily on protected areas and sites, the group is also concerned with appropriate design and land development control policies.


IUCN, the International Union for Conservation of Nature, is the

world’s oldest and largest global environmental network – a

democratic membership union with more than 1,000 government and

NGO member organizations, and almost 11,000 volunteer scientists

in more than 160 countries.


The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) recognizes the importance of natural darkness to the ecological integrity of protected areas, and to the sustainability of healthy lives in healthy cities.  The Dark Skies Advisory Group has been established within IUCN’s World Commission on Protected Areas to help advance this recognition. 

“. . .ecosystems and wild species operate 24 hours each day, seven days each week.  They have evolved to cope with, depend on and take advantage of natural darkness.  A night sky without artificial light is therefore vital to the proper functioning of natural ecosystems.  Artificial lighting affects species migration patterns, predator-prey relationships, and the circadian rhythms of many organisms, to name just a few of the consequences of light pollution.”

Web site of the IUCN Dark Skies Advisory Group

The IUCN’s official mission is “to influence, encourage and assist societies throughout the world to conserve the integrity and diversity of nature and to ensure that any use of natural resources is equitable and ecologically sustainable.”

Members of the IUCN include the US Department of Agriculture Forest Service, US Department of the Interior Fish and Wildlife Service, US Department of the Interior National Park Service, US Environmental Protection Agency, the Sierra Club, The Nature Conservancy, Natural Resources Defense Council, National Wildlife Federation, National Audubon Society, and hundreds of other federal, state and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and land trusts

Naturally-The Sierra Club supports the proposed lighting ordinances in Norman.

It is imperative that all Sierra Club members attend this important meeting to ensure that the proposed lighting ordinance remains effective and is even strengthened.

We also continue to urge Sierra Club members to individually contact their council members and the mayor asking them to adopt this ordinance as it is currently proposed or even strengthening the ordinance. Contact information including email addresses are located here for council members: http://www.ci.norman.ok.us/content/city-council and here for the mayor: http://www.ci.norman.ok.us/content/mayor.


 “Dark Skies” Might Be a Hard Sell in Oklahoma 6 14 11 pdf

China ratings house says US defaulting

Kaye Beach

Friday June 10, 2011

We are in trouble with China.

Maybe Governor Fallin can put in a good word for us in July when she plans to have a get together with them.

China ratings house says US defaulting

A Chinese ratings house has accused the United States of defaulting on its massive debt, state media said Friday, a day after Beijing urged Washington to put its fiscal house in order.

“In our opinion, the United States has already been defaulting,” Guan Jianzhong, president of Dagong Global Credit Rating Co. Ltd., the only Chinese agency that gives sovereign ratings, was quoted by the Global Times saying.

Washington had already defaulted on its loans by allowing the dollar to weaken against other currencies — eroding the wealth of creditors including China, Guan said.

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