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Ohio says no to Real ID citing concerns about biometric collection, facial recognition

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Kaye Beach

Dec. 16, 2013

Ohio is the first state to reject the federal Real ID Act solely on the basis of the biometric (facial recognition) collection.

(Read Biometrics 101 -Your Body is Your Id)

When people really understand that the mass collection of biometrics on ordinary people turns all of us into suspects and transforms our rights into privileges, sensible people will reject it.

State officials balked at the “one driver-one license” rule and at being required to store and share copies of personal documents, such as birth certificates, said Joe Andrews, spokesman for the Ohio Department of Public Safety…The objection is that it’s not acceptable in many circles in Ohio to do facial recognition on everyone who comes in to get a license,” http://www.dispatch.com//content/stories/local/2013/12/06/state-pulls-plans-to-comply-with-federal-id-law.html

Ohio had been set and ready to go with Real ID but when residents and legislators got a whiff of what Real ID with its facial biometric requirement was really about, they weren’t so happy.

 After Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine
quietly added a facial recognition capability to the
Ohio Law Enforcement Gateway
, which gives government officials unified access to databases for their browsing pleasure, state residents became a tad creeped out that they’d been conscripted into an ongoing police line-up. Link

The actuality of harm to our rights inherent in mandatory biometric ID is beginning to become apparent.  Compared to a few years ago, it is now much easier for the people and their legislators to see what this technology is and how it is being used and they are taking issue with it.

Recently Missouri legislators completed an investigation into privacy violations of Missouri residents and found that the state’s Department of Revenue has  continued implementation of the federal Real ID Act in spite of state law prohibiting it.

Mo. House Committee Releases Report Accusing DOR Of Breaking 2009 Anti-REAL ID Law

 “The Department of Revenue adopted a system of scanning and retention of source documents,” Cox said.  “They acquired and they spent considerable money in obtaining biometric information on citizens, they adopted the central issuance of driver’s licenses, and finally adopted what’s sometimes referred to as Level Three security, which is also a feature of (the) REAL ID Act, according to the Homeland Security Secretary, Janet Napolitano.”

But the federal government says it still intends to force the Real ID Act on the states.

National Conference of State Legislatures (NSCL)
Oct. 2013

REAL ID Enforcement on Its Way

In a recent meeting with NCSL, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security
(DHS) confirmed it is on schedule to announce, later this year, a timeline for the phased-in enforcement of the federal REAL ID Act.

There will likely be four to six phases, with each phase focusing on the use of  REAL ID-compliant IDs in different settings, such as to board commercial aircraft.

Each phase will consist of three steps: 1) signage regarding the upcoming enforcement, 2) verbal warnings of enforcement and 3) hard

Full enforcement of REAL ID is expected to begin
in two to three years.  Approximately 21 states are expected to already be in full compliance when DHS releases the timeline this year.


While the stealth national/international biometric ID has remained largely hidden from mass awareness, that is going to change.  More and more citizens and legislators will become aware of the reality of mandatory biometric ID being forced upon the American people and we can expect that this reality will create a new wave of battles.   It won’t be a moment too soon though because the fact is that all states are collecting digital facial images suitable for use with facial recognition technology which means you can kiss your privacy, autonomy and religious freedom goodbye unless its stopped.

I am engaged in my own battle against mandatory biometric ID right now.  I want to know if I have the right NOT to be enrolled into this system of biometric identification and financial control.  Many would benefit from a favorable ruling in my lawsuit and I am asking for your support to help me win my case.

Please help me stop mandatory biometric enrollment by making as generous a contribution to my legal fund as you are able to today.

If you wish to donate to my legal defense fund, you may do so online  through Paypal.com
By US mail, you can send a check or money order to;
Kaye Beach
P.O. Box 722381
Norman, Oklahoma, 73070

(Please make the check out to “Kaye Beach”. You may write “legal defense fund” in the memo section of your check or money order)
Thank you and God Bless,


Missouri Lawmakers Confused, Frustrated by Dept. of Revenue Story

Kaye Beach

March 16, 2013

I am trying to keep up with this story out of Missouri regarding the state’s  implementation of portions of the federal Real ID Act and the impact on Second Amendment rights.

According to Lt. Governor Peter Kinder, Eric Griffin went to his Department of Motor Vehicles fee office after he passed the application process for a concealed carry gun permit. Griffin refused to let DMV employees scan some of his documentation and he was subsequently denied a permit.

Source: Real ID Act raises privacy concerns for Mo. handgun carry permit holders, March 6, 2013, Examiner.com

Now Missouri has a REAL problem on it’s hands.  Many people, unaware of the many negative implications of the Real ID Act, might not gripe when they they run into new procedures at the DMV as a result of it but get between the Missourian and his gun rights-and watch out!

Long and Deputy Director John Mollenkamp [Mo. Dept. of Revenue] told the committee they now require documents from state residents, including conceal-carry endorsements, to be scanned into a computer system as part of an effort to cut down on fraud.  http://www.kcur.org/post/mo-dept-revenue-were-not-sending-copies-citizens-documents-dc-0

The Dept. of Revenue will not admit that they are implementing the technical tenants of the Real ID Act, they may not even know that they are.  Here is why.  The Dept. of Homeland Security and AAMVA, (the American Association of Motor Vehicles) which has set motor vehicle associated and licensing standards for the states for decades, agreed to roll the Real ID Act requirement into AAMVA’s North American Standards for Driver’s Licenses and ID cards (2012)

“In addition, DHS has worked with the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) to coordinate state implementation of the standards of the REAL ID regulation. In particular, DHS participated with the states in the drafting of the Personal Identification – AAMVA North American Standard – DL/ID Card Design (July 2009) . . .the design must meet or exceed REAL ID requirements.”

Department of Homeland Security,Secure Identification State Progress Fiscal Year 2012 Report to Congress

“AAMVA (the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators) is called the “backbone” and hub” of the Real ID Act in the final rules issued by DHS” Mark Lerner, testimony before the Michigan House of Representatives, 2008

The state bureaucrats will tell you that they aren’t implementing Real ID, they are just following ‘best practices’ as they have always done.

Anxious and frustrated Missourians might find it interesting to compare notes and see how Oklahoma is continuing to implement the provisions of the Real ID Act despite it being prohibited by law.

Now Missouri lawmakers want to know where is the personal information (including biometric data) of citizens going and why? But instead of a straight answer, lawmakers are running into a whole lot of obfuscation and misdirects from the Dept. of Revenue and this is making them hopping mad.

CBS St. Louis reports:

March 13, 2013

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (KMOX/MDN) – Earlier this week, KMOX told you about allegations that the state was creating a database of gun owners.

Now, Missouri lawmakers say the Department of Revenue lied about that and is breaking the law, because they’re collecting certain personal information from everyone.

Missouri senators spoke out in the chamber Wednesday.

Senate Appropriations chairman Kurt Schaefer said the department has lied to him three times now.

“This marks the third time I’ve been lied to in two weeks,” announced Schaefer.

The department first told Schaefer it received a grant from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security that was not related to the gathering of information at license offices.

Later, the department told him the grant was used for hole punchers to void old licenses. The hole punchers were bought at 138 bucks a pop.

In a later hearing, the department then said the grant was used for gathering information at license offices, leaving Schaefer furious.

Read More

If the people of Missouri do not insist on getting to the bottom of all of this they run the risk of either political muscle silencing the lawmakers that are currently demanding answers or that they will eventually becoming so baffled by BS, that they give up.  Stay with it ‘Show Me’ state!

Missouri compliance with REAL ID has Lt. Gov., CCW permit holders up in arms

States that Stand Against REAL ID - Really?

States that Stand Against REAL ID – Really?

Kaye Beach

March 10, 2013

Residents of Missouri are in an uproar following the discovery that their state is apparently continuing to implement the REAL ID Act requirements in Missouri despite the fact that the state passed a law prohibiting the implementation of Real ID.

Though Missouri isn’t one of the 19 states certified by the Department of Homeland Security as REAL ID compliant, its steps towards compliance is raising privacy concerns by handgun carry permit holders and state lawmakers.

Source:  Real ID Act raises privacy concerns for Mo. handgun carry permit holders, March 6, 2013, Examiner.com

Opponents of The Real ID Act of 2005 span the political spectrum and not least among these opponents has always been those who value their right to keep and bear arms.  This may be one of the first visible eruptions at the inevitable intersection of Real ID and gun rights.  It will not be the last.

According to Lt. Governor Peter Kinder, Eric Griffin went to his Department of Motor Vehicles fee office after he passed the application process for a concealed carry gun permit. Griffin refused to let DMV employees scan some of his documentation and he was subsequently denied a permit.

Source:  Real ID Act raises privacy concerns for Mo. handgun carry permit holders, March 6, 2013, Examiner.com

From the Missouri Watchdog, March 6, 2013;

“What is going on is improper and is a new and illegal impediment to citizens’ rights to obtain a concealed-carry permit,” said Stoddard County prosecutor Russell Oliver, who is acting as the private attorney for plaintiff Eric Griffin.

The state statute governing the actions of the Department of Revenue forbids it from disclosing such personal information as photographs, driver’s license numbers, names and addresses without express consent.

In investigating the matter, Oliver said, he discovered that a third-party company — Morphotrust — licenses the equipment. On its website, the company says it’s a partner with all states and many federal agencies in providing “identity solutions” “to simplify, protect and secure the lives of the American people.”

Oliver said he’s not sure how long the Morphotrust scanning machines have been in place or how far-reaching they are in Missouri license fee offices. Stoddard County is in the southeast corner of the state.

“This is new, at least it’s new to us,” said Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder, who joined Oliver at the Capitol in announcing the lawsuit.

. . .Oliver and Kinder said the DOR may be collecting the information to comply with the federal Real ID Act of 2005, but they said the state opted out of that law and instead implemented its own in response.

Read more

State Lawmakers Rally to Oppose Photo Enforcement

Florida, Iowa, Missouri, Washington and Virginia legislators consider banning automated ticketing.

In the face on an onslaught by the insurance and traffic camera lobbyists to convince the public that red light cameras and speed cameras save lives, state lawmakers around the country are fighting back.

Representatives in Florida, Iowa, Missouri, Washington and Virginia from both the Democratic and Republican parties have noted the lack of effectiveness of automated ticketing machines in their respective states and have proposed severe restrictions or outright bans on their use. Later today, the Virginia House Militia, Police and Public Safety Committee will discuss legislation that places a moratorium on further red light camera deployment in the commonwealth.

“No locality shall implement or expand a traffic light signal violation monitoring system on or after July 1, 2011,” House Bill 2327 states.

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Washington and Missouri Say Buh Bye to Red Light Scamera Peddlers

The Newspaper Reports:

The city council in Washington, Missouri no longer believes that red light cameras have a positive impact on safety. Members voted 6 to 2 on Monday to allow the automated ticketing contract with American Traffic Solutions (ATS) to expire, and Mayor Sandy Lucy agreed to draft a letter to the for-profit company making it clear that the council has no interest in ever bringing the devices back.

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Missouri-County Homeland Security Official Harassing Families

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. — The Jackson County director of emergency preparedness and homeland security has been ticketed for impersonation after using the lights and sirens in the vehicle he was driving to pull over a family, Independence police said.Police said Michael Curry, 63, was ticketed after the incident on Dec. 6.

According to an Independence police report, the family was pulled over by a man driving a white SUV around 7:40 p.m. on East 54th Street in Independence, Mo.The driver said the SUV had its high beams on and was tailgating the family’s vehicle prior to pulling them over.When the family turned on East 54th St., the SUV made a U-turn and followed them, the police report said. The SUV then turned on emergency lights and sirens and pulled over the family’s vehicle.The report said a man walked up to the family’s vehicle and asked the driver why they were driving so slow. The man also asked for the driver’s license. The report said the man then walked back to the SUV, returned 30 seconds later, said “You’re lucky. I’ve got a call,” got back into the SUV and drove away.

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Fri. Oct 8th SHOW NOTES: The Well Fed Neighbor Alliance on AxXiom for Liberty

Show Notes;



-Joan Veon-Prayers Please





Check out The County Restoration Handbook!





Livestock Care








Recommended Viewing

The Future of Food

Watch Online Here

______Fresh is the absolutely first-rate documentary from filmmaker Ana Sofia Joanes. It resonates even more loudly following the latest headlines that upwards of 68 (mostly young) people are dead today as a result of swine flu, while New Yorkers and New Zealanders shudder on the brink of what may be one of the scariest pandemics seen in a long while, eclipsing the death toll of the avian flu that sent the media and frequent flyers into a tailspin not too long ago.

Asking all the right questions, Joanes’s doc shows us the facts of industrial farming and encourages us to find out not only who is growing the stuff but – even if it looks good and tastes good – what chemical residue it has. Fresh shows us:
– a chicken litter that requires health warnings for its causticity;
– 110,000 chickens are cooped in a single space in the summer, 418,000 in the winter;
– that rice, soy and cotton require immense amounts of fertilizer and pesticide to keep them healthy because nature doesn’t like mono-cultures (“When you grow too much of the one thing you get too many of the pests of that thing.”); and
– that these animal cities/factory farms are harvesting the bacteria that kill people because of, amongst other things, their sanitation problems. After dosing livestock and poultry with massive amounts of antibiotics to ensure they do not get sick in their close, mono-cultured quarters, the lagoons of waste being excreted – instead of following the natural fertility cycle in which the “waste” helps nurture the grass to grow and create feed for the animals – are, instead, dumped in unusable, toxic manure lagoons filled with hormones, pesticides and pharmaceuticals.

So, as we reduce risk to ensure production – by using pesticides, insecticides, antibiotics, et cetera – we increase all risks both to the environment and to the consumer’s own health. Read More


by Ruell on October 4, 2010


We have come so far.  Our Food Security Summit was incredible and there is a great story in the paper today.  Find the link below.  The link following that is the editorial today In support of our urban chicken initiative.  Thank you all for your help, your energy, your good words and your support.  We would not be at this level of awareness without you.  This is the key….. we are the city…. We are the community.  It is time that we had more hand in our food, our local security, our local economy, our local jobs and our local health.  Let us let the leaders chase us for a while.  Local businesses, local grocers, local school systems, local hospitals, here is your chance to serve your community by bettering it’s economy, its job status and its health.  Work with the Well Fed Neighbor Cooperative to incorporate local food.  thanks …. Read the articles below!

Read More


We cannot feed ourselves.  At no location in this country can we feed the population that resides there.  We are net importers of food from China. We are net importers of products from China and China finances, at last look, 900 billion dollars of our debt.
We are part of a Global economy that views efficiency and lowest price as important yet somehow, cannot foresee the extrapolation of a future with very cheap products with no one to buy them.

What do we do?
We look to our history, our identity, our heritage.

Grow Local! Buy Local! Eat Local!


Check out The County Restoration Handbook!

Group urges reliance on local foods Plan would move Ozarks away from imported supply.

Ruell Chappell does not have all the answers, but he and his supporters are taking on a task that they believe must be done — no matter how arduous — because the stakes are too high.


Grassroots movement seeks to create a self-sustaining local food industry

—Galen Chadwick and Ruel Chappell, the founders of Well Fed Neighbor will be my guests Oct 8th on AxXiom For Liberty


KY3.com Reports, Sept. 24, 2010;

Homegrown food for the Ozark’s future

Grassroots movement seeks to create a self-sustaining local food industry


Every Friday night, folks come to the Park Central Square for some old fashioned music and food straight from Ozarks farms.

The Farmer’s Market allows local residents to purchase a variety of locally grown fruits and vegetables.

Barbara Price is one of a growing number of those residents getting back to our roots- when it comes to eating…

“Its fresh, it’s healthy.  I know lots of people who are growing their own food,” said Price.

Nearby at the Greene County Courthouse, others were pushing for more food to be grown and sold here, instead of depending on the outside world.

“All we have to do is remember the ice storm of 2007. We had three days of food on hand and that was rapidly, that was immediately gone,” said Ruell Chappell with Well-Fed Neighbor. . .

This Well-Fed Neighbors rally included politicians, business leaders- and farmers hoping to soon lay groundwork for a program urging lawmakers and communities to grow more of their own food.

Read more

A press conference was held yesterday (9/24/2010) in front of the Greene County Court House in Springfield, Missouri at 3:15 p.m. Ruell Chappell of the Well Fed Neighbor Alliance made the announcement which also included comments from two special guests, former Lt. Governor of Missouri, Joe Maxwell (a Democrat) and former assistant Majority Leader Mark Wright (a Republican). The topic was “Food Independence” and “Food Freedom.”

One of the basic statements made at the press conference is the fact that we can no longer feed ourselves. There is no location in this country that can feed the population that resides there. The U.S. has become a net importer of food from China. Not only are we net importers of products from China, but China finances, at last look, 900 billion dollars of the U.S. debt. We are part of a global economy that views efficiency and the lowest price as important, yet somehow, cannot foresee the extrapolation of a future with very cheap products with no one to buy them.

Read More


“Your best defense against hard times is a well-fed neighbor”

“Your best defense against hard times is a well-fed neighbor”

Sept. 9 2010
Kaye Beach
Anyone that is interested in eating needs to check this organization out!  They are doing remarkable things in MO to help human beings remain “sustainable”
The Well Fed Neighbor on FaceBook

The Truth WILL set us free…

by Ruell on September 9, 2010

Imagine a USA without the distraction, the spin, the disclaimers, the misleading and the legal definitions of politics. Imagine a home where we KNOW the truth…. about our food, our fuel, our economy, our jobs, our future and our motivations. If we learn to grow local, buy local and eat local….. we can do just that. If we tell the truth, if we compete with the truth, things get very simple quick. Don’t just say it…. do it. Don’t just demand it…. be it. It starts with each and every one of us. The sun comes up and goes down and we need local food, water, fuel, economy, jobs and our health to build a future for our children. The truth WILL, most assuredly, set us free.www.wellfedneighbor.com

  • Well Fed Neighbor Alliance Vision and Mission

    WFNA Vision:
    Ozarks communities enjoy sustainable prosperity through regional self-reliance.

    WFNA Mission:
    To cultivate citizen-based networks promoting food security, energy self-sufficiency and a sustainable regional economy with jobs.

AxXiom for Liberty Live “High Resistance” Show Notes 11-3-10

“Your Body Is Your ID”  New Book!

QUOTE by Robert Mocny of US VIST Dept. of Homeland Security:

DHS“Information sharing is appropriate around the world, and DHS plans to create a ‘Global Security Envelope’ of internationally shared biometric data that would permanently link individuals with biometric ID, personal information held by governments and corporations.”

This book contains what Mark Lerner  has learned from being an insider into the boardrooms of the Biometric industry, from dissecting policy and working for years with legislators all over the country to craft legislation in order to stop what he discovered in those boardrooms was being planned for all of us.

His mission is to convey the meaning buried in the technical details of these super snooping systems and to unsnarl the facts and history about the issue and to present it to people who are in a position to do something about it.


Mark Lerner for The Constitutional Alliance

This book is a remarkable tool for anyone who is searching for a way to stop our country from being transformed by pervasive surveillance.

Order Here


Deborah Stevens-was on the Dr. Katherine Albrecht Show 11/03/10

Rule of Law Radio Webcast with Randy Kelton & Deborah Stevens  Mondays, Thursdays, & Fridays 8 PM CST on RuleOfLawRadio.com

“The Dr. Katherine Albrecht Show”
Genesis Communications Network, M-F 4-6 PM EST

Poker Face

Paul Topete from Poker Face  spoke with us tonight. We discussed the band being targeted by the ADL (which is a whole show in and of itself!)

For an unbiased review of the problem of some of the supposed “Anti-Hate” non-profit organizations, read “The Watchdogs” by Laird Wilcox.

Poker Face video to Area 51 (The Nephilim)
video by D Rossiter

“Poker Face” www.pokerface.com


-I mentioned SIF in Oklahoma Public Schools (more to come on this one!)

SIF stands for Schools Interoperability Framework. In a nutshell, SIF provides specifications that enable data sharing between institutions.

Oklahoma Receives First Ever SIF Award Public Schools

CPSI is pleased to congratulate the Oklahoma State Department of Education (The Wave) as the Outstanding SEA/Vertical Implementation SIF Excellence Award. . . reflected in the creation and growth of a support network that encompasses CPSI as the contracting vendor, 13 participating student information system vendors and 540 state districts. The resulting effort is the largest SIF deployment in the country.

Read more

Bevely Eakman from her 2008 critically acclaimed speech “Edcation’s Role”
“Today, hundreds of seemingly unrelated pieces of data that reveal political leanings and parental views are fed into a “predictive” computer algorithm. What’s a predictive computer algorithm? Well, it’s a mathematical formula that sifts masses of information, then predicts what a person will probably do, given various hypothetical scenarios.”
read more of Beverly’s speech


Kevin L Kobe

Kevin Kobe is currently running for Missouri State Representative in the 51st District.
He is writing the book: “Don’t Be Tread On: Propaganda, False Paradigms, and Civics” about how the Media and Government have manipulated the American English language to further political agendas and subvert the original intent of our Constitutional Republican form of government.

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You Are Not The Enemy (Kevin’s writing on the MIAC report is included)


I mentioned

“Today, hundreds of seemingly unrelated pieces of data that reveal political leanings and parental views are fed into a “predictive” computer algorithm. What’s a predictive computer algorithm? Well, it’s a mathematical formula that sifts masses of information, then predicts what a person will probably do, given various hypothetical scenarios.

Beverly in her 2008 acclaimed speech said;

“. . .data-mining actually started in the schools back in early 1980s, when it was called psychographics: a combination of socio-economic demographics and consumer trends. Psychographics is essentially a data-gathering strategy to sell products or services, like deciding where to place a new daycare facility or sell a new kind of cereal. In the process, however, personal and political leanings are revealed, and since everything is now computerized, it can be cross matched, analyzed, and transmitted.