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Second Amendment Subversion-The National League of Cities and Municipal League

Kaye Beach

Nov. 2, 2011

George Soros and Second Amendment subversion by the National League of Cities and the Municipal League?

The National League of Cities is well known for their role on bringing socialist planning techniques to our communities.  This organization has been working alongside of ICLEI since the 90’s to inject the principles of the UN’s Agenda for the 21st Century into government policy on the local level.

Implementing Agenda 21 ICLEI Acts in Responce to UNCED

North America

The United States campaign was introduced in November 1994 at the annual conference of the National League of Cities. Eight months later, the local councils of 15 cities had agreed to the campaign commitments.



The Urban CO2 Reduction Project

February 15, 1993

ICLEI plans to undertake a de-centralized campaign that seeks to generate enthusiasm and commitment among national and sub-national municipal associations worldwide. The first step was involving the following national and regional associations as co-sponsors of the aforementioned Summit:

. . .National League of Cities (US)The “world campaign” will initially work closely with the municipal associations that attended the Summit and with whom ICLEI already has close relations, such as the National League of Cities in the US. Through this de-centralized process of deliberation, consultation, and local advocacy, ICLEI hopes to enlist 100 municipalities worldwide by 1995 that account for one billion tonnes of global CO2 emissions


The Nation League of Cities work to promote regional governance across the nation is also a source of vexation for citizens who prefer the more traditional republican form of government that makes our country unique and was formerly the source of  our strength.  From the Greater Gaston County Tea Party blogsite;

Looking into the National League of Cities website is enough to send chills down my spine. This is yet another layer of tax deferred grant writing by special interests, corporations, and interference into local government.  I’m guessing Gastonia council joined this to get more grants. I don’t remember voters being asked to join this NLC.  Not to be overly dramatic, but it is “Public Private Partnership” and “regional governance” …all unelected bodies once again…handing out grants for compliance with a “regional” structure that the voters have no say on whatsoever.   Our council applies for and receives grants from “regional” government organizations without consulting voters.  Grants come with strings attached.  Read more

Their work in undermining our right to keep and bear arms, however,  is a new one on me.