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Tonight on AxXiom For Liberty Live! 6-8 PM Narconon in Our Schools, Gov. Ed Money Pit and Loopy Legislation

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Kaye Beach

May 10, 2013

Tonight on AxXiom For Liberty with Kaye Beach and Howard Houchen Narconon in Our Schools,  Gov. Ed Money Pit  and Loopy Legislation

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We are going to cover a lot of ground tonight.

First up are Colin Henderson and David Love,  returning guests to AxXiom For Liberty.  Colin and David are two untiring activists seeking to expose the deceptive and dangerous practices of Narconon and Scientology.

Colin Henderson sought help for his addiction at Narconon Arrowhead, a drug rehabilitation facility located in Canadian Oklahoma, in 2007.  He quickly became a critic of Narconon for their practices which he says are both deceptive and dangerous.

David Love, originally from British Columbia, was both a client and a staffer at the Narconon rehabilitation facility in Trois-Rivieres, half way between Montreal and Quebec City. He left in disgust taking with him masses of documentation on fraud and abuse in Narconon (NN) Trois-Rivieres (TR) facility in 2009. On April 17, 2012, Quebec health officials ordered the Narconon in Trois-Rivières to close saying that Narconon’s methods were dangerous for patients and violated Quebec’s health and safety criteria governing rehabilitation centers.

Colin and David will get us up to speed on the latest news regarding Narconon and help shed light on some of Scientology’s more insidious practices such as the one Howard Houchen encountered recently.

Narconon is a Scientology based drug rehabilitation program with facilities located worldwide including the state of Oklahoma.  Scientology has many fronts but all roads seem to lead gaining more recruits and money to fill the coffers of the church of Scientology.  Even so, you would not expect to find a trace of Scientology in a public school in the sleepy little town of Hugo Oklahoma.  Howard knows better.  He is going to explain how Narconon came to his child’s school and what he did about it.

Brandon Dutcher, OCPA

We will also get to hear Howard’s interview with Brandon Dutcher, the Vice President of Policy at OCPA (Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs) an Oklahoma individual liberty, free market policy research organization.  Howard and Brandon discuss the 91 million tax-payer dollars recently bestowed upon Oklahoma’s education system.  Brandon says that it is sheer folly to keep giving more money to this ‘failed government monopoly.’

Take a look at the numbers in Brandon Dutcher’s article for OCPA on the issue;  Oklahoma’s monopoly education system gets more money

Amanda Teegarden, Exec. Dir. OK-SAFE

We are also very pleased to welcome back Amanda Teegarden, the Executive Director of OK-SAFE, Inc. (Oklahomans for Sovereignty and Free Enterprise).

They say nothing happens by accident in politics and I am beginning to believe that this is true.   In the legislative process at least, I’m ready to vouch for it.  Amanda is going to shed some light on the process by examining two recent pieces of legislation that caused some confusion and controversy.   I think you will find this peek behind the curtain very interesting.

I will be sure to add any relevant links and articles after the show.

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Tonight on AxXiom For Liberty Live! 6-8 PM Central – Grassroots Wins and Free Market Friday!

a4l 55Kaye Beach

Dec. 14, 2012

Tonight on AxXiom For Liberty Live!  6-8 PM Central  – Grassroots Wins and Free Market Friday!

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A big thank you to co-host Howard Houchen who put together this great line up of liberty lovers for your listening pleasure tonight!

First, we will have the pleasure of speaking with Mr.  J.B. Alexander.  He is the current Tulsa County GOP Chair, a member of the Owasso Taxpayers Alliance and part of Tulsa’s recent successful Stop Vision 2 effort.  J.B. is going to help us recharge our activist batteries by sharing with us exemplary David vs. Goliath grassroots wins!



Dr. Keith Smith, Oklahoma Surgical Center

Next, we are honored to be speaking with Keith Smith, MD of the Oklahoma Surgery Center.

“Three years ago, Dr. Keith Smith, co-founder and managing partner of the Surgery Center of Oklahoma, took an initiative that would only be considered radical in the health care industry: He posted online a list of prices for 112 common surgical procedures. The 51-year-old Smith, a self-described libertarian, and his business partner, Dr. Steve Lantier, founded the Surgery Center 15 years ago, after they became disillusioned with the way patients were treated at St. Anthony Hospital in Oklahoma City, where the two men worked as anesthesiologists. In 1997, Smith and Lantier bought the shell of a former surgical center with the aim of creating a for-profit facility that could deliver first-rate care at a fraction of what traditional hospitals charge.”  Read more about Dr. Keith Smith and the Oklahoma Surgical Center; ‘Oklahoma Doctors vs. Obamacare’, Reason Magazine, Nov. 15, 2012

Great finds here!  G. Keith Smith’s Blog

Jonathan Small, C.P.A.

And last, but never least, Jonathan Small C.P.A., Fiscal Policy Director for the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs (OCPA).

The Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs (OCPA) is an independent, nonprofit public policy organization— a think tank—which formulates and promotes public policy research and analysis consistent with the principles of free enterprise and limited government.

Jonathan is one of our favorite guests bringing us common sense views on economic policy always grounded in free-market principle.  Tonight Jonathan is going to weigh in on Corporate Tax Credits.  www.ocpathink.org

What is total state spending?

 Economics 101

Your questions or comments are always welcome!

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OCPA: Time to End Taxpayer Funding for the Native American Cultural and Education Authority

Oct. 22, 2012

By Jonathan Small, CPA

Findings in the performance audit of the Native American Cultural and Education Authority (NACEA) leave no doubt that it’s time to cease more taxpayer funding for the NACEA, and that lawmakers were right to reject another bond proposal. OCPA has previously recommended the end of more taxpayer funding for the NACEA. The findings of the performance audit are discouraging, especially considering that taxpayers have committed more than $112 million to the project to date.

This debacle is yet another example of what happens when government expands beyond its core functions. . .

Read more


Tonight on AxXiom For Liberty- Jonathan Small, OPCA and Doug Friesen, Gun Rights Attorney

Kaye Beach

Sept. 7, 2012

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Regular co-host Howard Houchen is back tonight!

We will be talking about our experiences at the recent Republican National Convention where both Howard and I were delegates.

Then we are pleased to welcome Jonathan Small, C.P.A., who serves as Fiscal Policy Director for OCPA, the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs. 

Jonathan will be telling us all about the 2012 Liberty Gala featuring Arthur Davis as the keynote speaker.

October 10, 2012

6:00 Reception • 7:00 Dinner & Program

Downtown Double 2012 Tree Hotel

Tulsa, Oklahoma

To reserve your ticket(s), complete the online registration form. For more information, contact Rachel Hays at (405) 602-1667 or rachel@ocpathink.org.

Our next very special guest is Doug Friesen.  Friesen is a leading gun rights attorney having  represented more than 25 use of deadly force cases.  You have probably seen Mr. Friesen on the news as he is a frequent guest expert invited to weigh in on issues surrounding gun laws and the Second Amendment. He also teaches the legal portion of the Concealed Carry Course at H&H Gun Range and hold seminars on many topics including Conceal and Open Carry Laws.

Tonight, Doug is going to be telling us about his  Second Amendment Protection Plan.    

Friesen is also defending Jerome Ersland in his appeal against the life sentence he was given for who shooting and killing one of the two would be robbers who entered his store back in 2009.

Read more about Doug Friesen and his Second Amendment Plan

Your comments and questions are welcome! The call in number is 512-646-1984

AxXiom For Liberty Live Tonight 6-8 PM Jonathan Small, OCPA and Chris Long Documentary Filmaker

Kaye Beach

May 25, 2012

AxXiom For Liberty Radio Live with Kaye Beach and Howard Houchen

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Hour 1,  Howard and I welcome Jonathan Small, C.P.A., Fiscal Policy Director for OCPA to discuss the latest Oklahoma state budget agreement, state spending, and what’s the deal for getting REAL tax cuts.?!

Read more about Jonathan Small and the Oklahoma Council for Public Affairs


In Hour 2, we have another very special guest- Chris Long.

Chris is currently Attending University of Oklahoma where he is working on his Master of Arts in Broadcast and Electronic Media.  His current film is Crying out Loud: Messages from the Heartland.  This film is centered on the Tea Party movement. What began as a project for a 5 minute film has evolved into a 2 year study for Chris who has made the project into his Thesis.

We will find out what Chris has learned about this movement in Oklahoma, the people involved in the Tea Party and how this movement fits into the larger populist influence, both left and right, that has shaped politics in the state of Oklahoma since its beginnings.

We welcome your calls!

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Got Sovereignty Oklahoma?

Kaye Beach

Sept. 15, 2011

Not so much.

This article from the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs is an eye opener.

[In 2009] “Federal aid into Oklahoma grew twice as fast as the national average”

OCPA’s research shows that far from being “free money” this federal influx causes an increase in our tax burden.  (It also adds to our regulatory burden and liberates us from the burden of state and local control)

Federal Grants and Unintended Consequences


By J. Scott Moody and Wendy P. Warcholik · Tue, Sep 06, 2011

The data used in this analysis are from a report called “Federal Aid to the States” published by the U.S. Census Bureau.1 Chart 1 shows the inflation-adjusted (real) per capita federal aid flowing into Oklahoma between Fiscal Year (FY) 1995 (the earliest year of available data) and FY 2009 (the latest year of available data). Federal aid into Oklahoma grew twice as fast as the national average (87 percent versus 39 percent, respectively). As a result, Oklahoma went from being below the national average to above it in FY 2009.

Read more

AxXiom For Liberty Tonight 6-8pm CST Jonathan Small OCPA,Mark Costello OK Labor Commissioner

March 18,2011

Tonight on AxXiom For Liberty

(Listening information here)

Special Guest-Jonathan Small, C.P.A.,  Fiscal Policy Director for OCPA.

Jonathan writes:

“Contrary to what you may hear from our friends on the left, government spending in Oklahoma continues to rise, and it continues to outpace personal income growth in the state” Read More

Previously, Jonathan served as a budget analyst for the Oklahoma Office of State Finance, as a fiscal policy analyst and research analyst for the Oklahoma House of Representatives, and as director of government affairs for the Oklahoma Insurance Department. Jonathan holds a B.A. in Accounting from the University of Central Oklahoma and is a Certified Public Accountant.

We are also honored to have  Mark Costello, Oklahoma’s new  Labor Commissioner with us this afternoon.

Here is a recent article by Mr.Costello;

Bills offer relief for Oklahoma wage earners


As labor commissioner, it is my duty to advance profitable employment opportunities for the wage earners of the Sooner State. That is why I am happy to report that relief is on the way.

Two courageous legislators, Sen. David Holt and Rep. Scott Martin, have introduced bills (Senate Bill 826 and House Bill 1576, respectively) that would restore equilibrium between the voters and their public servants. These legislators deserve the full support of citizens who believe in a just and sustainable society

Read more: http://newsok.com/bills-offer-relief-for-oklahoma-wage-earners/article/3545046#ixzz1GyuKoW1q

Listening information here

SQ 744 Facts vs ‘Folks’-lore

SQ 744

Facts vs ‘Folks’-lore


by Kaye Beach

The deeper you look, the more you know. . .

SQ 744 is one wormy apple for Oklahoma schools!

‘Folks’-lore tells us;

State Question 744 would repeal a section of the state Constitution. The HOPE petition would require the state to meet the regional per pupil average for spending in public schools.

Oklahoma’s region is comprised of New Mexico, Colorado, Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri and Texas. Oklahoma legislators allocate $7,615 per student in comparison to the average regional per-pupil expenditure of $9,078, said Doug Folks, OEA spokesperson. (emphasis mine)

source-The Edmond Sun

From Oklahomans  for Responsible Government;

Playing with numbers

Put this down as another reason why State Question 744 would be a huge problem for Oklahoma if it passes in November: you can’t trust the numbers.

If you go to the State Department of Education’s website and look at the Stat Card for 2007-2008 (the most recent data available, apparently), you will see the claim that Oklahoma spends $7,615 per student. This is the same figure used by the OEA to justify SQ 744. But the OEA claims that the regional average for 2007-2008 is $9,078 while the State Department of Education Fact Sheet says it is $8,870. That difference of $200 per student is a difference of almost $127-million! (emphasis mine)


The Oklahoma Council for Public Affairs-OCPA,  has really looked at the numbers;

Public School Results at Elite Prep-School Prices

January 01, 2010

By Steve Anderson

What is the truth about per-pupil spending in Oklahoma?

The state’s most powerful labor union, the Oklahoma Education Association (OEA), says we spend $7,615 per pupil in Oklahoma. The union gets this number from the National Center for Education Statistics. But I have conducted a comprehensive examination of public education spending in Oklahoma for the 2007-08 school year (the latest year for which actual data are available), and I estimate the real number is $10,257 per pupil.

Take a look at Mr. Anderson’s math and you will see that there are some liberties being taken with the figures we are being given by the OEA.

My study was designed to measure every cost involved in funding and operating the public education system. Instead of arbitrarily selecting or excluding a cost, I used common-sense guidelines with an independent referee-the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB).[1]

I considered every step in the process, beginning with the collection of the funds necessary for education and following them to their end use in the system. I then isolated the local or state entity or entities that perform the function and calculated those costs.[2] This allows citizens to see every cost incurred in the provision of public education.

Read more;


And this from R.O.P.E.-Restore Oklahoma Public Education;

HOPE Isn’t Change or Vote NO on State Question 744

Based on current public data and and a review of articles from credible internet sources, I found that, according to the Sunshine Review, the Oklahoma tax payers actually paid approximately $11,250.00 per student in 2007 when costs are compared apples to apples with private school educations (http://sunshinereview.org/index.php/Calculating_the_real_cost_of_public_…), not the 7k numbers the OEA and NEA are asserting.

[ . .]Even when using The Sunshine Review number of 11k per pupil spending is used for calculation, the administrative costs of educating our kids is just barely below HALF (41.54%).

In other words, the NEA and the OEA, better actually hope that Oklahoma tax payers are paying the 11k per pupil suggested by the Sunshine Review article or they are looking at a HUGE discrepancy between what tax paying parents think they are spending on their child’s classroom education and what is actually being spent on their child’s classroom education.

Why in the world are we moving teachers out of classrooms and cramming kids together in classes of up to 30 when all we CLEARLY need to do is reduce administrative spending? Clearly, HOPE is not the answer here. Clearly, CHANGE is needed and that change is to DECREASE ADMINISTRATIVE costs to a FRACTION of their current total in relation to in-classroom spending.

Great analysis!

Read more;


More OEA ‘calculations’

Funding for the HOPE ballot initiative

According to a Tulsa World article August 30, 2008, petition circulators were paid $1 per signature and the drive raised $179,627 since May 1, with all but $100 coming from the OEA or National Education Association. The group hoped to raise as much as $3 million for the entire process, which would include a possible challenge.[21]

The OEA raised $600,000 to pay 250 circulators, and projected the total ballot initiative wouldcost $3 million.[32] According to a September 2009 report, the measure could cost the state up to $850 million per year.[33]


SQ 744 does not add up!

The OEA and the NEA must be placing bets and  banking on the “HOPE” that  Oklahomans will not take time to do the math.