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Tonight on AxXiom For Liberty Live! Drones, Biometric Scans, Raid and Common Core – NOT OK Oklahoma!

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*****Show Notes Below*****

Kaye Beach

April 26, 2013

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Tonight on Axxiom For Liberty with Kaye Beach and Howard Houchen – Drones, Biometric Scans, Raid and Common Core – NOT OK Oklahoma!

Howard and I are going to be catching up on some Oklahoma news items that will be of great interest to liberty lovers.

We are going to talk to Dax Ewbank about the FDA and the FBI raiding a Tulsa alternative cancer care clinic, discuss how a new hospital biometric identification system is causing problems for some conscientious employees and catch up on what is going on with the drones in Oklahoma.  We will also get an update on the Oklahoma push back against Common Core from Jenni White, Exec. Director of Restore Oklahoma Public Education.

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 **************************Show Notes*********************

We spoke with Sam Bass whose wife Yvonne’s treatment was interrupted because of the FDA/FBI raid on Camelot Cancer Care, and asked how we could help.

Here is a link to the website where you can support Yvonne http://www.youcaring.com/medical-fundraiser/help-a-wonderful-mom-and-friend-naturally-finish-off-her-battle-with-cancer-/52172/update/39324

Keep up with all the anti-Common Core activities here – Restore Oklahoma Public Education -ROPE – on Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Restore-Oklahoma-Public-Education/116011401766695?fref=ts



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FDA, FBI Raid Tulsa Cancer Clinic

Camelot Cancer Care center in Tulsa

Camelot Cancer Care center in Tulsa

Kaye Beach

April 25, 2013

The treatments offered at Tulsa’s Camelot Cancer Care enter were a last hope for some patients and their medications were taken right out of their hands. The video (at the link provided below) of the husband of a cancer patient interviewed, is heartbreaking.

The substance in question is Laetrile.

Back in the 1970’s,  the U.S. Food and Drug Administration examined the Laetril and found no significant safety issues with it but deemed Laetril ineffective and subsequently banned it. More than twenty states followed suit by legalizing the substance.  The debate surrounding the use of Laetril,  was and still is, huge.    Proponents of Laetrile say that the ban is all politics.

Whatever the case may be with this particular treatment, my question is do we have the right to choose our own medical treatments?

From Tulsa’s News on 6

TULSA, Oklahoma –

A U.S. Food and Drug Administration investigation shut down a Tulsa cancer clinic Tuesday afternoon. Federal agents showed up at Camelot Cancer Care in south Tulsa around 11 a.m. and served a search warrant.

Investigators have been tight-lipped about why they were there, but a source tells us the FDA is looking into the center’s use of Laetrile, and has a concern for the safety of its patients.

But one man speaks highly of Camelot and the natural chemical that he claims was saving his wife’s life.

“Listen, my wife’s dying, and we don’t want to go with chemotherapy and radiation,” said Sam Bass.

Read more and watch the video here

OKC: Homeland Security Raids T Shirt Store

Kaye Beach

June 7, 2012

Why is Homeland Security raiding t-shirt vendors for the NBA??


Homeland security raids Thunder t-shirt seller

OKLAHOMA CITY — The staff at Hi-Performance on N. May Ave. said they were surprised when agents came in the store on Wednesday and took all of its Thunder t-shirts.

“They just came in and kind of bum rushed us,” employee Chadd Hook said. “Six guys came, one was Homeland Security and his gun was exposed. The others said they were NBA officials. They said they were going to confiscate all our shirts now or sue us.”

Read more

Deputy Dan Sullivan and the ABLE Commission Raiding Tulsa Nightspots

Kaye Beach

August 30, 211

Andrew Griffin of the Red Dirt Report posts this story about the ABLE Commission raiding businesses in the Tulsa area…aided by State Rep Dan Sullivan all dressed up with a gun and a badge?  Apparently its not enough to write and pass the laws, Sullivan wants to enforce them too.  Moonlighting as a reserve deputy for the Tulsa County Sheriff’s office, he gets to do all three.

From the Red Dirt Report Aug. 29, 2011;


The concerned bar owner that contacted Red Dirt Report said that while she was watching the ABLE agents, police officers and sheriff’s deputies look for drunks in her bar – several of whom were simply waiting for rides and had no intention of driving anywhere – one of the deputies sporting a gun and a badge happened to be State Rep. Dan Sullivan who works as a reserve deputy for the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office.

Our source said it was Sullivan who offered up the legislation that got the federal funding for the state program offering law enforcement officers overtime pay to ensure drunks aren’t out on the roads after leaving local bars.

We are told numerous photos were taken of the raids and that Sullivan appears in a couple of photos. We are looking to obtain copies of those photos to be posted here at Red Dirt Report.

And what was interesting is that Sullivan reportedly left the bar in an ABLE agent’s car. When we asked Hughes, with ABLE, if that was allowed, he chuckled and said. “We welcome any law enforcement officer to ride in our vehicles.”

The concern regarding Sullivan, the bar owner noted, was that Red Dirt Report had posted a story written by members of the Sooner Tea Party about Sullivan and allegations made against him. The bar owner was surprised that a man facing such allegations was allowed to carry a gun and badge.

The bar owner also said that in addition to Sullivan’s presence, she was surprised at some of the childish behavior exhibited by some of the ABLE agents as they cited her and patrons were arrested.

Read more;

Bored agents of the ‘nanny state’ harassing drinkers, bar owners and taco lovers