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Howard Houchen “New Road to Liberty” Watch!







“I’m really excited about the opportunity to continue reaching out to hard-working American citizens about the principles of constitutional conservatism, the proper role of government, and the absolute necessity of ensuring We, the people, check and roll back the powers of the political-class over the working-class”. We are all Americans, it is our duty to protect and defend the rule book by which we are to govern ourselves…the U.S. Constitution. To do anything less will lead to the demise of the greatest nation God ever blessed.”

Watch Here-The Road to Liberty

Guest: A former Biometrics Industry insider, turned whistle-blower, Mark is a leading expert in the field in biometric information and how this information can, and is being, used to establish National and International ID programs.  Mark is a co-founder of the Stop Real ID Coalition, spokesperson for the Constitutional Alliance and author of a brand new book: “Your Body Is Your ID”

Be sure to see Howard’s notes below the video-excellent information all in one place.

Dan Boren Has District 2 Conservative Steamed

Boren’s vote to adjourn  makes Howard Houchen Blow His Stack!

From Howard’s Blog;

Mr. Blued-Hog himself, OUR illustrious member of the Ruling Class in Washington, Dan Boren, has done it again – REAL GOOD ONE THIS TIME!

In a 210 – 209 vote, OUR U.S. House of Representatives voted to adjourn the House without EVEN CONSIDERING extension of tax-cuts (called the Bush Tax-Cuts).  Guess how OUR main-stream-media and self-described Blued-Hog Rep voted?  You know, the guy who runs around claiming to be all “I’m a fiscal conservative and I think we have too much government and too much spending and too many taxes…”, Mr. Dan Boren voted FOR adjournment while 39 fellow Dems (fellow Enablers) voted with Repubs to discuss the tax-cuts issue further.


Howard W. Houchen is a proud Oklahoman, a Reagan Conservative and constitutionalist. He is a small businessman and graduate of University of Oklahoma with a degree in Political Science and a Masters degree in National Security Studies from American Military University.   He recently ran as a Republican against Dan Boren in Oklahoma’s 2nd District and is now the host of a new conservative political television show, The Road To Liberty.