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Fri. Oct 8th SHOW NOTES: The Well Fed Neighbor Alliance on AxXiom for Liberty

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The Future of Food

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______Fresh is the absolutely first-rate documentary from filmmaker Ana Sofia Joanes. It resonates even more loudly following the latest headlines that upwards of 68 (mostly young) people are dead today as a result of swine flu, while New Yorkers and New Zealanders shudder on the brink of what may be one of the scariest pandemics seen in a long while, eclipsing the death toll of the avian flu that sent the media and frequent flyers into a tailspin not too long ago.

Asking all the right questions, Joanes’s doc shows us the facts of industrial farming and encourages us to find out not only who is growing the stuff but – even if it looks good and tastes good – what chemical residue it has. Fresh shows us:
– a chicken litter that requires health warnings for its causticity;
– 110,000 chickens are cooped in a single space in the summer, 418,000 in the winter;
– that rice, soy and cotton require immense amounts of fertilizer and pesticide to keep them healthy because nature doesn’t like mono-cultures (“When you grow too much of the one thing you get too many of the pests of that thing.”); and
– that these animal cities/factory farms are harvesting the bacteria that kill people because of, amongst other things, their sanitation problems. After dosing livestock and poultry with massive amounts of antibiotics to ensure they do not get sick in their close, mono-cultured quarters, the lagoons of waste being excreted – instead of following the natural fertility cycle in which the “waste” helps nurture the grass to grow and create feed for the animals – are, instead, dumped in unusable, toxic manure lagoons filled with hormones, pesticides and pharmaceuticals.

So, as we reduce risk to ensure production – by using pesticides, insecticides, antibiotics, et cetera – we increase all risks both to the environment and to the consumer’s own health. Read More


by Ruell on October 4, 2010


We have come so far.  Our Food Security Summit was incredible and there is a great story in the paper today.  Find the link below.  The link following that is the editorial today In support of our urban chicken initiative.  Thank you all for your help, your energy, your good words and your support.  We would not be at this level of awareness without you.  This is the key….. we are the city…. We are the community.  It is time that we had more hand in our food, our local security, our local economy, our local jobs and our local health.  Let us let the leaders chase us for a while.  Local businesses, local grocers, local school systems, local hospitals, here is your chance to serve your community by bettering it’s economy, its job status and its health.  Work with the Well Fed Neighbor Cooperative to incorporate local food.  thanks …. Read the articles below!

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We cannot feed ourselves.  At no location in this country can we feed the population that resides there.  We are net importers of food from China. We are net importers of products from China and China finances, at last look, 900 billion dollars of our debt.
We are part of a Global economy that views efficiency and lowest price as important yet somehow, cannot foresee the extrapolation of a future with very cheap products with no one to buy them.

What do we do?
We look to our history, our identity, our heritage.

Grow Local! Buy Local! Eat Local!


Check out The County Restoration Handbook!

Group urges reliance on local foods Plan would move Ozarks away from imported supply.

Ruell Chappell does not have all the answers, but he and his supporters are taking on a task that they believe must be done — no matter how arduous — because the stakes are too high.


“Your best defense against hard times is a well-fed neighbor”

Sept. 9 2010
Kaye Beach
Anyone that is interested in eating needs to check this organization out!  They are doing remarkable things in MO to help human beings remain “sustainable”
The Well Fed Neighbor on FaceBook

The Truth WILL set us free…

by Ruell on September 9, 2010

Imagine a USA without the distraction, the spin, the disclaimers, the misleading and the legal definitions of politics. Imagine a home where we KNOW the truth…. about our food, our fuel, our economy, our jobs, our future and our motivations. If we learn to grow local, buy local and eat local….. we can do just that. If we tell the truth, if we compete with the truth, things get very simple quick. Don’t just say it…. do it. Don’t just demand it…. be it. It starts with each and every one of us. The sun comes up and goes down and we need local food, water, fuel, economy, jobs and our health to build a future for our children. The truth WILL, most assuredly, set us free.www.wellfedneighbor.com

  • Well Fed Neighbor Alliance Vision and Mission

    WFNA Vision:
    Ozarks communities enjoy sustainable prosperity through regional self-reliance.

    WFNA Mission:
    To cultivate citizen-based networks promoting food security, energy self-sufficiency and a sustainable regional economy with jobs.