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Larry Pratt, GOA, Endorses Darrell Sorrells for OK County Sheriff!

November 1, 2012
Today, as Oklahoma’s Open Carry Law goes into effect and citizens across the state are exercising their right to open carry, the Sorrels for Sheriff Campaign is honored to announce that Darrell Sorrels has received the endorsement of Mr. Larry Pratt, Executive Director of Gun Owners of America. For over 30 years, Mr. Pratt has been Executive Director of GOA, a national membership
organization of 300,000 Americans that continually work to preserve their Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.
As Sheriff, Darrell Sorrels will be committed not only to keeping the citizens of Oklahoma County safe, but to protecting their freedoms as well. Again, we are truly honored to have the confidence and support of Mr. Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America.

Dear Mr. Sorrels,
Gun Owners of America is pleased to endorse you for Sheriff of Oklahoma County. Your record of service in law enforcement, along with your staunch
commitment to uphold the Constitution, make you the best candidate for this office.
Larry Pratt
Executive Director
Gun Owners of America

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Sorrels hopes to bring ‘accountability, transparency’ as sheriff

Kaye Beach

Get to know Darrell Sorrels!

Mark Schlachtenhaufen The Edmond Sun Oct. 27, 2012

Darrell Sorrels’ parents were born and raised in Oklahoma.

His mother was a meat wrapper for Humpty Dumpty and his father was an in-city truck driver for Chief Freightline. When he was a child the family lived in Nicoma Park, where they had a small acreage with farm animals. Sorrels was raised with three siblings and attended First Baptist Church in Nicoma Park.

“My parents taught us about hard work and to be honest, which produced integrity,” said Sorrels, a Republican challenging incumbent Oklahoma County Sheriff John Whetsel. “They raised us with Christian values and to always remember how important family is.”

Sorrels said he was taught to treat people with respect, and his father showed by example that it is wise to save a portion of his earnings for the future.

“He also taught us to stand firm in what we knew was right,” Sorrels said.

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Examiner.com: No Guns for Anyone – Sheriff Whetsel and Gun Control

Kaye Beach

Oct. 26, 2012, updated Oct. 29, 2012

I hate to be an absolutist but after years of studying the International Association of Chiefs of Police, it is my firm opinion that any Sheriff candidate associated with the organization is pretty much a no go.  There are a number of police associations to choose from and a choice to band together with this one is out of them all has to be the product of a pronounced ideology that for many Americans, especially pro Second Amendment Americans, is repulsive.

Alan Gottlieb, founder of the Second Amendment Foundation, was also critical of the IACP, which he told Cybercast News Service “represents a lot of appointed police chiefs from a lot of totalitarian and dictatorship countries where human rights are constantly violated and freedom of the press doesn’t even exist.”

“There isn’t a gun-control proposal that this organization hasn’t supported. . .” 


I think that any officer of the law that does not trust law abiding citizens with a gun, doesn’t deserve our trust.

This excellent article posted today at the Examiner.com takes a look at the latest IACP anti-gun Resolutions and points out the fact that Sheriff John Whetsel was a past President of the International Association of Chiefs of Police.  Whetsel, as IACP President, in 1995,  actively worked to suppress right to carry legislation in the states including Oklahoma.

No Guns for Anyone – Sheriff Whetsel and Gun Control

Here is  1995 internal IACP strategic plan document to undermine or eliminate right to carry legislation.

The plan was to kill the bills if possible and if not to encumber the legislation with a number of burdensome requirements to deter lawful citizens from obtaining a permit.
For example, Item 5 on page 6 of the document suggests making it a criminal offense, a felony rather than a misdemeanor,  to carry with an expired permit.
Another example is item #14 on pg 7. Require a separate CCW permit for each individual weapon and limit permit holders to one gun purchase per month.

President Clinton thanked John Whetsel personally in 1994 for his help in passing the Brady and Crime Bills.  The “Crime Bill” that Clinton makes reference to is actually ‘The Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act’  This was the Act that established a ban on “Assault Weapons” which lasted from 1994 to 2004.  Clinton Whetsel 1994

The Examiner.com looks into this a little deeper here

I have been barking about the International Association of Chiefs of Police for years.

The IACP is an international, non governmental organization accredited by the United Nations and is a ‘Member of the UN POLICE COMMUNITY’ http://www.un.org/en/peacekeeping/sites/police/community.shtml

This organization has been instrumental in bringing about profound changes to our nation politically, technologically and culturally and not necessarily for the better.  They are the thought leaders, the change agents in American law enforcement.

You would be hard pressed to find even one of the Ten Amendments to the  US Constitution that the policies pushed by the IACP has not insulted but one of the most telling positions taken by the organization is their stance on the Second Amendment.

Steven Spingola, a well respected former homicide detective sums the IACP up very well as;

“a global organization that views the American Constitution as an obstructionist document.”

The IACP has a long history of anti-Second Amendment stances.

They have actively supported every piece of gun control legislation since the 1960’s. The organization is long time, bitter enemies with the NRA and other pro-Second Amendment groups.

IACP President, Quinn Tamm,  in 1971 actually said that a brick was a safer weapon for self defense that a handgun.

Nothing has changed since then. (See the 2012 Resolutions issued by the IACP)

For a litany of anti-gun antics from the IACP in recent times, read this.

The IACP opposes;

•expansion of concealed carry
•50-caliber rifles
•private sales of gun
•gun shows
•so-called “assault” weapons

The IACP Supports;

•Limiting the number of handguns law abiding citizens can purchase
•five-day “cooling off” or waiting periods
•Legislation to allow federal health and safety oversight of the firearms industry.
•State, local, and tribal governments mandating specific storage methods of guns
•Repealing  the Tiahrt Amendment, a federal law that protects sensitive federal gun trace data from general access.
•Gun surrender programs

This international organization is highly political.  Some of the activities of the IACP include lobbying and testifying before Congress, doing research and policy development, setting professional standards and providing accreditation for US police departments.  The IACP promotes and writes guidelines for police technology, trains and educates law enforcement as well as managing and administering numerous programs for the federal government.

But Whetsel asserts that law enforcement is not about politics.

If that is so, why choose to forge ties with an incredibly political organization like the IACP?

John Whetsel at the 2011 IACP Conference

Sheriff Whetsel has a deep and longstanding and continuing relationship with the IACP. He attends IACP yearly conferences and is a member of the IACP Executive Committee and an active member of at least one IACP subcommittee.

And it is all very convenient to say it is not about politics when he is under pressure to defend his ideology that as the Sheriff absolutely does matter!  I have spent many hours at the state capitol and have witnessed the Sheriff’s armed lobbyists working diligently on highly political matters and the Sheriff.  As you can imagine the Sheriff has quite a lot of pull up there, you know, where they make laws that impact the free exercise of your rights.  And Whetsel, like the IACP,  does not have a reputation of  being very concerned with protecting any of those Ten Amendments.

Smoke and Mirrors: Why Oklahoma County needs a new sheriff

Kaye Beach

Oct. 7, 2012

Here’s a thought provoking article about the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s race written by Craig Dawkins posted today at the Red Dirt Report.


Smoke and Mirrors: A public rebuke of the status quo and why Oklahoma County residents should elect a new sheriff.

OKLAHOMA CITY — As a former member of the Oklahoma County Jail Funding Taskforce, I have quite a bit of personal insight into the history of the jail and how it has been operated under the guidance of the current sheriff John Whetsel.

The Oklahoma County Detention Center opened for use in November of 1991 at a total cost of $53.3 million. Just before the jail opened for operations, a grand jury examined the facility and determined that it was an excellent jail that “county citizens could be proud of.” For those counting, our jail is only 21 years old. Whetsel has been sheriff 16 of those 21 years.

Since then, there have been three separate committees that have looked into the problems at the jail. The “Primary 9” jail committee, the Jail Funding Taskforce committee, and the Adult Detention Advisory Committee (ADAC) made recommendations to the county and none of those recommendations have been implemented. Two of the three jail committees (Primary 9 and ADAC) recommended the jail be placed under a jail trust authority. The county pledged to do so after ADAC issued its report but has thus far failed to follow through on that promise. You should know that Whetsel adamantly opposes a jail trust. It appears county officials on the Budget Board also oppose a jail trust. A jail trust will not come as long as Whetsel is our county sheriff.

Some might ask, “Why do we want a jail trust running our jail?” It’s all about accountability. Something that Whetsel has resisted at every turn by each of the committees that have reviewed his operations. Under current state law, a county sheriff can spend their monies in any way they want to do so.

In a story published by The Journal Record on May 1, 2003, former Oklahoma City mayor Kirk Humphreys said, “It’s totally unaccountable. If the sheriff wanted to buy a jet airplane, he could, according to this ballot language, and he’d be answerable to nobody.” Trust me when I say that’s exactly the way Whetsel wants it. I have been in numerous meetings where Whetsel defiantly announced that he is accountable to no-one other than the Oklahoma County voters.

So the question is what has Whetsel done, after 16 years deserving of another term?


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Narconon Arrowhead Client Requires Police Assistance to Get Away

Kaye Beach

July 20, 2012

Narconon Arrowhead, a drug rehabilitation center located in Canadian Oklahoma is a front group for Scientology, a fact that is not revealed to prospective patients when they check in. Regina Ramsey paid $27, 000 to enter the facility and says she was forced to read the Scientology bible.  When she wanted to leave, she says the counselors at Narconon wouldn’t let her.   Checking in at Narconon is easy if not cheap, checking out however, can be a nightmare.  Yesterday marked the fourth unexplained death in three years at the facility. Three of those deaths have been within in the last year.

Regina Ramsey’s mother was forced to call on police assistance to extricate her daughter from the facility but it is reported that Oklahoma officials are now  giving the dubious Scientology enclave some long overdue attention.

Read and view the Fox 25 report

Are Oklahoma Cops Using Spy Cams to Become Super Snoopers?

Kaye Beach

June 16, 2012

Two police agencies (to my knowledge) in Oklahoma are now using Automatic License Plate Readers (ALPR).  The Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Department and the Shawnee Police Department.


These cameras snap photographs of license plates and store the image along with the vehicle’s registration data plus the time date and location of every vehicle captured. ALPR can be mounted on police vehicles or in a fixed location and they can capture thousands of license plates per hour.

Shawnee Police Chief Russell Frantz is very excited about his new surveillance technology for the same reason Oklahomans should be concerned.

“For investigating, it will be phenomenal,” Frantz said. Link

ALPR is great for spotting stolen vehicles or wanted criminals but they also capture the information of completely innocent drivers.  If the information captured on non-offending drivers was immediately discarded then the concern would not be so great but that is not what is happening.  Without proper rules in place, this potentially valuable tool becomes nothing less than a nationwide tracking system.

As I have written about recently, the information is being used by a private company, Vigilant Video, to build an enormous database, the National Vehicle Location Service (NLVS).   As a private corporation Vigilant Video is not bound to any privacy requirements which (somewhat) restrain governmental entities and yet police departments nationwide are both supplying and utilizing the NLVS database.

You can watch Vigilant Video’s ticker that reveals how many records have been consumed by their national database here.  At the moment of this writing the count was 669, 699,058.

If you follow the link to view the ticker, be sure to look at the other products this company is offering.

Line Up” certainly caught my attention.

LineUp collects face images, detection times and “entire human” (full body) images — then catalogs all human face events into a centralized database. Using the LineUp Event Search, you can enter a suspect image into the system — and instantly search through a time-based history of every possible match.

This isn’t an issue of lack of privacy in public. We cannot stop ourselves from being viewed or photographed once we enter the public sphere. ALPR collecting, storing and sharing of this data is more properly understood to be much more than a simple sighting in public-it’s an investigation. (More on that aspect here)

The Electronic Police State

An electronic police state is characterized by state use of electronic technologies to record, organize, search and distribute forensic evidence against its citizens.

The information gathered under an electronic police state is criminal evidence, ready for use in a trial. It is gathered universally (“preventively”) and only later organized for use in prosecutions.

In an Electronic Police State, every surveillance camera recording, every email sent, every Internet site surfed, every post made, every check written, every credit card swipe, every cell phone ping…are all criminal evidence, and all are held in searchable databases. The individual can be prosecuted whenever the government wishes.


I consider it to be an assault on my autonomy as a free, independent and law abiding citizen to be entered into a tracking database.   It may surprise you to know that although I am a law abiding person, I still have plenty I would like to hide from the government.  I don’t want them to know where I go to church, who I associate with, what political events I attend or where I get my nails done.  Even though I am not doing anything wrong-they are- and it is none of their damn business! 

Lots of people have plenty to hide that is still no business whatsoever of the police or any of their cronies that they might be persuaded to share this info with.   If you happen to go to AA, have a sweetie on the side or are a politician (hello!)-you should be especially concerned and more than a little creeped out.

The only reason to track and monitor anything is for control so what does that tell you about the collection of this type of information on all of us?

I suggest that residents of Shawnee and Oklahoma County contact their Police Chief or Sheriff and ask a few questions about how this data is being used.

You have a right to receive from your chief law enforcement official;

  • A copy of their data policy and privacy policy governing ALPR’s
  • Any documents showing how the collected plate data is stored, shared and/or deleted
  • Any auditing requirements the department has to ensure appropriate data privacy, and to discover and punish any abuse of the system.

You should be able to get this information by simply requesting it.  I say “should.” It may not be that simple in which case you will want to structure your request to include reminders of Oklahoma’s Open Records Act.  Fortunately, there is an easy way to do this.  Use a template!

Oklahoma Open Records request template


About OK Open Records Act


Autonomy  is “The desire to avoid being manipulated or dominated wholly by others.

… Loss of autonomy means loss of our capacity to control our own  life

It also would be a good idea for anyone who is concerned about their privacy or autonomy to contact their local police or sheriff’s department and ask if they have or are considering using ALPR and let them know that you will cause a ruckus if they use this technology inappropriately.

Data should not be retained or shared on innocent motorists!

The Rape of Delaware County, Oklahoma

Kaye Beach

May 24, 2012

Who knew little Delaware was up to so much deviousness? Sexual abuse of captive prisoners, illegally collected fines from traffic stops, secret meetings. . .

Article written by William N. Grigg, posted May 22, 2012 on Pro Libertate

In Oklahoma’s Delaware County, Sheriff’s deputies were too busy figuratively raping motorists in the village of Bernice to supervise guards who were literally raping inmates in the county jail. As a result, the County Commission has put the screws to the entire county in the form of an 18 percent sales tax increase in order to pay the victims a $13.5 million settlement.
Bernice, which has a population of about 600, is bisected by Highway 85A. For the past quarter-century, the town has been one of the most notorious speed traps in the Midwest. Until recently, the town didn’t have a police department; instead, it contracted with the Delaware County Commission, paying $5500 a month to rent sheriff’s deputies to write speeding tickets and other citations.
A recent investigation conducted by Oklahoma State Auditor and Inspector Gary A. Jones  discovered that since 1977, the municipal government had never published its ordinances as required by state law – which meant that its schedule of fines and court fees was invalid: The trustees never published the ordinances, as required by state law.
“Any ordinances (other than those pertaining to the appropriation of money) that are not published within 15 days of their passage are not in force,” notes the audit.  As a result, “the municipal court should not have collected fines of more than $50. The court has over-collected approximately $106,308 in fines through the end of June 2011”; in addition, the court also “over-collected” nearly $8,000 in court costs. The auditor directed the Bernice Town Board to reimburse those who had been subjected to illegal fines (in one instance, a motorist was given a ticket for $545). More importantly, from the perspective of those higher up in the tax-feeding chain, the auditor slammed the Town Board for withholding a cut of ticket revenue and court fees from the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation and state Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training.


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Friday May 18th AxXiom For Liberty Live! Guest Co-Host Craig Dawkins, OK GOP Convention Retrospective, OK County Sheriff Candidate Darrell Sorrels

AxXiom For Liberty Radio  May 18, 2012

Listen Live! 6-8 PM CST Every Friday At LogosRadioNetwork.com

Tonight on A4L – I would like to welcome Craig Dawkins as my guest co-host sitting in for Howard Houchen who busy on the campaign trail for OK Senator.

Check out Howard’s website!  http://www.howardhouchen.com/

Craig Dawkins is a tenured professor who teaches economics, personal finance and investments formerly a professional financial adviser and business owner.   His true passion lies in agitating on behalf of liberty and he advocates for the reform of the ballot access laws in Oklahoma, ending the drug war, and the importance of third parties in reforming the political process.

Hour 1

We are going to spend the first half of the show touching upon the recent Oklahoma OP State Convention but focusing on the future of the Ron Paul inspired Liberty movement and the Oklahoma GOP.

Guests include Lukas Collins, RNC Delegate, Ron Paul 2012 grassroots leader, Cheryl Williams, current State GOP Committeewoman and former GOP Vice-Chair, and John Roberts, current State GOP Committeeman and former Statewide Volunteer Coordinator for the Randy Brogdon for Governor Campaign 2010.

Mitt Romney supporters, Ron Paul partisans brawl at Oklahoma GOP convention

Oklahoma GOP continues national trend of disenfranchising Paul supporters dailycaller.com

OKGOP Chairman Matt Pinnell reflects on Saturday’s chaotic convention reddirtreport.com

The OKGOP convention – Both sides messed up. By: David Tackett

Order and Chaos Part 1 – A Republican Gathering

Order and Chaos Part 2 – A Reconvention

Hour 2

Craig and I will take your calls and discuss issues facing the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Department and jail (For a good and relatively brief overvies of some of thes issues read 2009  report by the Oklahoma County Adult Detention Advisory Committee. http://www.okpns.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/adacfinalreport.doc) and then introduce the 2012 contender for OK County Sheriff Darrell Sorrels.

Darrell Sorrel has served the citizens in Oklahoma County as a professional Law-Enforcement Officer for over 20 years.  He is currently a special Deputy for the US Marshal Service in the Western District of Oklahoma.(Check out Darrell Sorrels’ campaign website and Facebook page )

Call In Number is 512-646-1984

Listen Live! Every Friday 6-8pmCST on  LogosRadioNetwork.com

Whetsel Challenges Candidacy of Darrell Sorrels Monday 10am OK County Election Board

Kaye Beach

**Update-Sorrels Prevails!  More Below**

April 22, 2011

Oklahoma County Sheriff John Whetsel filed a petition last Tuesday to contest the candidacy of challenger, Darrell Sorrels.


Whetsel claims that Sorrels is in violation of the Hatch Act  which limits certain political activities of Federal employees.  Sorrels disagrees.  He is an independent employee of a federal contractor, a position is not a covered one under the Hatch Act.

A hearing will be held to resolve the question Monday April 23rd at 10 am at the Oklahoma County Election Board.

I will be there to observe the proceedings and encourage other supporters of Darrell Sorrels to attend.

The Oklahoma County Election Board Office is located at 4201 N. Lincoln Blvd, Oklahoma City, OK 73105




April 23, 2012

Contact: Darrell Sorrels



Oklahoma County Election Board Unanimously Rejects Whetsel’s Claims


          Darrell Sorrels, Republican candidate for Oklahoma County Sheriff, won a key victory over incumbent sheriff John Whetsel in front of the Oklahoma County Election Board. The incumbent sheriff attempted to have Sorrels disqualified from the political race for reasons that were found to be completely without merit.

Sorrels, who is employed by a private sector law enforcement contractor, is exempt from federal Hatch Act laws. In advancing his misguided claim, Whetsel argued that federal Hatch Act laws prevent Sorrels from partisan elections. Additionally Whetsel was unaware that Hatch Act claims were outside of the jurisdiction of the Oklahoma County Election Board.

With Whetsel’s record of mismanagement as sheriff to properly operate the detention center facility along with the dark cloud hanging over his office by the U.S. Department of Justice, it’s understandable that he doesn’t want to risk being held accountable by Oklahoma County voters.

“When John was first elected sheriff, he pledged to address the problems and properly run the jail. It is clear that he has failed that task. Now he wants to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to build a new jail palace,” said Sorrels. “The current jail isn’t a perfect facility, but it should not be cast aside. It’s a 21 year old facility. The taxpayers deserve better.”

Now that Sorrels has prevailed over Whetsel’s attempt to deny the voters a real choice in November, he will begin his campaign in earnest.


Non Partisan Sheriff? Contact Legislators and Ask them to Vote NO on SB 327

Kaye Beach

March 3, 2012

SB 327 would make the office of County Sheriff in Oklahoma a non-partisan office.  Don’t you want to know if your sheriff is liberal or conservative?  Seems like a good starting point to me.

Last week when SB 327 went before the House for a vote it failed by just one vote. It will be voted on again at any time.  Please email these representatives that voted for the bill and ask them to vote NO on SB 327 when it returns to the floor.

Not revealing one’s party affiliation will not make a Sheriff’s candidate non-partisan, it will only make it harder for you-the voter-to know where the candidate stands or hold them accountable when they stray from their party’s principles.

We elect our sheriff’s and we have a right to know the truth about the candidates who are asking us to elect them to be the top law enforcement officer of our county.

What is the rush?

This bill is simply designed to give the advantage to the current sheriff, Sheriff John Whetsel. Democrats, at the moment, are not the favored party. Is this a good reason to change our law?

Chances are it will not always be this way and should not alter our laws on a political whim.

I have yet to hear any good reason for making the sheriff’s race non-partisan. Why the rush?   If this is really a good idea our representatives can wait until after the upcoming election so as to avoid the appearance of partisan non-partisanship!

I have grouped all of the House members’ emails together who voted yes on SB 327 for you.  You can copy and paste and email them all at once.  Full contact info for all House members is at the bottom of this post if you would like to make a call.
Please email these representatives that voted for the bill and ask them to be fair and vote NO on SB 327 when it returns to the floor.

Here are the House members that voted for SB 327;

YEAS:   50

Brown              Hickman            Morrissette        Rousselot

Cannaday           Hilliard           Nelson             Russ

Casey              Hoskin             Newell             Scott

Cockroft           Inman              Ortega             Shelton

Condit             Kouplen            Ownbey             Shoemake

Cox                Liebmann           Pittman            Shumate

Dank               Lockhart           Proctor            Thomsen

Dorman             McCullough         Pruett             Virgin

Faught             McDaniel, C.       Renegar            Walker

Glenn              McDaniel, J.       Richardson         Williams

Grau               McDaniel, R.       Roan               Mr.Speaker

Hamilton           McPeak             Roberts, D.

Hardin             Morgan             Roberts, S.

brownb@oksenate.gov; ed.cannady@okhouse.gov; jwhickman@okhouse.gov ; weshilliard@okhouse.gov ; richardmorrissette@okhouse.gov; waderousselot@okhouse.gov; jason.nelson@okhouse.gov ; todd.russ@okhouse.gov ; dennis.casey@okhouse.gov ; chuck.hoskin@okhouse.gov ; tom.newell@okhouse.gov ; seneca.scott@okhouse.gov ; josh.cockroft@okhouse.gov ; scott.inman@okhouse.gov ; charles.ortega@okhouse.gov ; mikeshelton@okhouse.gov ; donnie.condit@okhouse.gov ; steve.kouplen@okhouse.gov ; pat.ownbey@okhouse.gov ; jerryshoemake@okhouse.gov ; dougcox@okhouse.gov ; guyliebmann@okhouse.gov ; anastasia.pittman@okhouse.gov ; jabarshumate@okhouse.gov ; david.dank@okhouse.gov ; james.lockhart@okhouse.gov ; eric.proctor@okhouse.gov ; todd.thomsen@okhouse.gov ; joedorman@okhouse.gov ; mark.mccullough@okhouse.gov ; rcpruett@okhouse.gov ; emily.virgin@okhouse.gov ; george.faught@okhouse.gov ; curtis.mcdaniel@okhouse.gov ; brian.renegar@okhouse.gov ; purcywalker@okhouse.gov ; larryglenn@okhouse.gov ; jeanniemcdaniel@okhouse.gov ; philrichardson@okhouse.gov ; cory.williams@okhouse.gov ; randy.grau@okhouse.gov ; randy.mcdaniel@okhouse.gov ; paulroan@okhouse.gov ; rebeccahamilton@okhouse.gov ; jerrymcpeak@okhouse.gov ; dustin.roberts@okhouse.gov ; tommy.hardin@okhouse.gov ; dannymorgan@okhouse.gov ; sean.roberts@okhouse.gov ; krissteele@okhouse.gov

You can find all contact info for your state representatives here