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Clearing the Air on the Oklahoma E-cigarette War

Kaye Beach

Feb. 11, 2014

Recently I wrote an article for The Oklahoma Constitution on the politics and money behind the e-cigarette bans in our state.

Many credible health experts have also noted a curious imbalance regarding the claims made by some public health advocates about
e-cigarette health dangers. . . .  Judging from the reaction to the sudden spate of prohibitions on vaping in our state, the public t buying the hype either. What most people want to know is,  why are they being banned? Who is being hurt by the use of an electronic cigarette? . . . This innovative technology is not a threat to public health but is a grave threat to the entire multi-billion tobacco industry as it exists today.

. . .You’ll find TSET grant funding everything from OETA to bike racks, but let’s look at the “Communities of Excellence in Tobacco Control” incentive grants that are driving the vapor bans.

You can read the article ‘Clearing the Air on the Oklahoma E-cigarette War’ in its entirety  at The Oklahoma Constitution.

Also, you may want to see this rebuttal to the OK. State Dept. of Health’s alarmist e-cigarette advisory. FINAL OSDH rebuttal 2 9 2014

And if you haven’t done it yet, subscribe to The Oklahoma Constitution!

Oklahoma SB36 – This is NOT What Local Control Looks Like!

Big Momma Tells a Story

Big Momma Tells a Story

Kaye Beach

Feb. 18, 2013

In my earlier post on this subject yesterday, I urged you to send emails and make calls to the General Government Committee before 10:30 AM Monday Morning.

Oklahoma Action Alert!  Big Momma Gov. Wants ‘Local Control’ SB36

Please do send those emails and make those calls because no matter how you slice it, this bill does not pass muster.

Take for example, the fact that this bill is being sold to us as a “local control” bill.  That sounds great!  We are all for local control right?

Well, Big Momma Gov. knows that, baby!  She knows how your little mind works and thats why Big Momma went and reframed this issue for you in a way that was sure to go down sweet.

Reframing is a nice word.  Since there is no way that casting a FEDERAL INITIATIVE into state law equals LOCAL CONTROL, some might call it a LIE!

Here’s the bottom line;

SB36 is really a FEDERAL INITIATIVE marketed to you as “LOCAL CONTROL”! 

Isn’t that neat?  If your intelligence isn’t insulted, it should be.

federal initiative local control sb36 2

links from graphic

“Healthy People 2020 objective (TU-16) calls for eliminating state laws that preempt any type of local tobacco control law”


Healthy People 2020 State Specific Plans http://www.healthypeople.gov/2020/implement/StateSpecificPlans.aspx

Healthy People 2020 Oklahoma Plan http://www.ok.gov/strongandhealthy/documents/OHIP-viewing.pdf

Once again contact the General Government Committee before 10:30 AM and tell them that SB36

-Violates rights of property owners
-Violates consumers right to choose

State standards already protect health of non smokers. (by requiring businesses to install what amounts to a BSL 3 area for smokers.  These are expensive, negative pressure, separate ventilation system rooms for smoking patrons!)


“Private property owners should be free to allow smoking or not.
Those who wish to smoke can patronize places that cater to smokers.
Those who don’t will have places that seek their business. That’s how
the free market works.”
(Hat tip to Rob Abeira from Oklahomans for Individual Rights https://www.facebook.com/OKRights )



Please contact the members of the General Government Committee by email and phone if you can and tell them NO on SB36!


Email grouping for Gen. Gov. Committee

Treat@oksenate.gov; ballenger@oksenate.gov; aldridge@oksenate.gov; Dahm@oksenate.gov; ellis@oksenate.gov; johnsonr@oksenate.gov ; loveless@oksenate.gov; marlatt@oksenate.gov

Phone Numbers

  • Senator Greg Treat – R – Chair   – 405-521-5632 –
  • Senator Roger  Ballenger – D – Vice Chair  405-521-5588
  • Senator Cliff  Aldridge – R – 405-521-5584
  • Senator Nathan  Dahm – R – 405-521-5551
  • Senator Jerry Ellis – D  – 405-521-5614
  • Senator Rob Johnson –  R – 405-521-5592
  • Senator Kyle  Loveless – R – 405-521-5618
  • Senator Bryce  Marlatt – R – 405-521-5626

If you care to watch the General Government Committee meeting where they will debate and vote on SB36, you can do so here http://oksenate.gov/meetingview-511a.htm at 10:30 AM.

Big Momma Gov says No Smoking Young Okies!

Kaye Beach

Feb. 14, 2012

House Bill 2314 to gradually raise the legal age to smoke to 21  passed the House Public Health  Committee today. The next stop for the bill will be for a hearing on the floor of the Oklahoma House.

If you have an opinion on this measure, you will want to contact your Representative in the  House soon and let them know what you think about it. Link

Personally, I consider those that are 18 years old to be adults and while I wish that no one would choose to smoke, I think the loss of personal autonomy to be the bigger threat here.  Big Momma Gov appears to be alive in kicking in the great state of Oklahoma!

Proposed Legislation Could Raise Smoking Age Limit


The War on Smokers and the Rise of the Nanny State

An Excellent book by Oklahoma author Theodore J.  King!

The War on Smoking and the Rise of the Nanny State by Theodore J. King

Reviewed by Mark Irwin (mark@afinemess.org)

“When people begin to accept dictates from governments of what they are not supposed to say and do, for their own and collective good, they begin to forget all the liberties that previous generations knew.   The Nannies are out to remake our society, and smokers are their lab rats” ( The War on Smoking , p. 61).

Theodore J. King describes himself as “an avid pipe smoker” (p. 103) but he obviously smokes cigarettes as well.   In his profession as a political journalist and newspaperman, he’s in a unique position to size up what’s going on with smokers’ rights across the globe, and the news is, to say the least, disheartening.   In easy-going, bright and humorous prose, he piles on story after story, all thoroughly documented, as he gives us a brief history of anti-smoking laws (including some interesting references to the Third Reich), followed by who the anti-smokers are, the effects of smoking bans on business world-wide, the sad state of smoking in Europe, and finally some possible solutions that are already in place in various parts of the country.

“Nannyism,” of course, has been around for a long time in one form or another as long as there have been governments big enough to be infected by it.   I first felt its razor claws back in the 90s with the first big push of the PC crowd.   At no less a citadel of democracy than Thomas Jefferson’s own University of Virginia, there was big talk about the health hazards of–I kid you not–coffee!   Now the cupojoe is on a fairly equal footing for me with the sacred pipe, and I remember having several conversations about the possibility of life on other planets, because I sure wasn’t going to stay on this one without coffee.   Caffeine was proclaimed one of the great killers, and people who used it were held in a special kind of abhorrence by quite a number of faculty members and students.   For a time, it even looked like the student canteen was going to quit selling this elixir of life.   Fortunately, at about that time, there was a little coffee company from Seattle that became huge when they decided not to sell just beans, but coffee drinks as well, and whether it was their economic clout or just the common sense of John Q. Citizen, the mania against coffee subsided.

As King’s book hummed along, I began to get a Ray Bradbury or Kurt Vonnegutish sci-fi feeling rising in my gorge.   I could almost hear him with Rod Serling accents–like reality had just moved into the Twilight Zone.   And I think that is part of the point King is making: to preserve individual liberties, not for the sake of cigarette smokers, but for all of us, we need to be pro-active.

Read More;


Get a copy on Amazon.com