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A Warning to Oklahoma Activists about Al Gerhart

Kaye Beach

Nov 27, 2012

“This would be a good time to take your medicine and remain silent about anything i do or say”

That is the message I received from Al Gerhart this morning.

Although I loath to have to write about this on my personal blog, I feel I have no choice because I have realized that some of my friends that have not had to spend time at ground zero with Al Gerhart, do not know the extent of his abusiveness towards other grassroots activists and this is why I have chosen to make my remarks on the situation both clear and public, so that they will know.

The grassroots activists in Oklahoma has a poison in their midst. The poison is Al Gerhart of the Sooner Tea Party.

I do not want to make a public logbook of all each and every harm caused by the man so you can take my words of caution for what you believe they are worth and you are welcome to contact me privately if you have any questions.

I tolerated Gerhart far longer than I should have.  It was some months ago when I knew for certain that he invariably destroys nearly everything he touches and that there is no tolerating of him.  At that point I pointedly and  publicly severed ties. But that did not free me from the damage caused by Gerhart.  Without fail people and projects that I love have crossed paths with the man since causing damage and heartache to all touched by him.  He also will not refrain from exercising  a vendetta against any and all that he feels have crossed him in some way making my first choice of a peaceful parting of ways impossible.

I have few gifts and many faults but one of those gifts is the ability to work with and find common ground with just about anyone.  I truly like people, all kinds of people,  and that fact is evident in all that I do.

When Al Gerhart came on the activism scene in 2009, I thought he was ‘different’.  And he was.  To his credit, he is one of the hardest workers I have ever known.  Nothing deters him from his goals.  He doesn’t scare easily and never backs down.  He is also pretty smart.  Adjusting to Al Gerhart was a tough challenge but since he was obviously here to stay and slap in the middle of most things I was working on, I accepted him the same way I do any activist.  To each his own!  Let’s face it, there aren’t enough of us that are paying attention to our government and even less that are willing to speak up and work hard to correct the problems we see.  Al’s greatest fault is the fact that he is built to be a hammer and everything and everyone looks like a nail to him.  He cannot discern between freind or foe and nothing and no one is sacred to him.  And he has proven time and again, we are all fair game.

Many people have found themselves discomforted with Al’s tactics when it comes to legislators and officials.  We have justified it to ourselves by thinking that they choose to take office and harsh comments from the public goes with the territory.  Also, with the level of frustration we have feeling ignored and inconsequential in matters of our governance, we chose to condone Al’s behavior towards these public officials even though in many of our minds, he went too far for our tastes.

Then we come to a problem that hits a little closer to home and that is the level of abuse heaped upon ordinary grassroots activists that displease ‘Al the Terrible’ in some manner.  Now, Al justifies this type of behavior by saying that “We must also hold our conservative group leaders accountable.”  By ‘accountable’ he means dishing out brutal punishment to these people that is all out of proportion to any ‘crime’.  Now mind you, I am talking about people like you who are not paid and don’t get anything out of their work but personal satisfaction.   These are people that are concerned about the antics of government and are endeavoring in some way to change things for the better.  Nothing more, nothing less but in the mind of Al Gerhart, these people’s perceived transgressions are worthy of what amounts to public humiliation.

Out of respect, I am not going to name these respected activists that Al Gerhart has maligned..   If you read this blog or have even a superficial level of involvement in grassroots conservative politics-you know them and you respect them.  If you read the Sooner Tea Party newsletter, you have read it.

An example punishment meted out to these activists that far exceeds any ‘crime’ there is the instance of a Christian Pastor and well respected conservative activist who dared challenge Al Gerhart.   He is punished by depicting him, both graphically and textually,  as a victim of homosexual rape.

For the average activist transgressor, they are treated to paragraph after paragraph of accusations of being sniveling cowards and liars and fools while Gerhart spins his story in such a way that he always come out the hero.

For the handicapped transgressor, Al has no problem poking fun at their physical condition.

Even when he takes up the cause of good men, he does so by filthy means that ends up staining the good man’s reputation.

I am presently the target of Al Gerhart.  In my case I have punished for my independent actions that displeased Al Gerhart and this, in Gerhart’s twisted mind,  warrants me a public shaming via his weekly newsrag.

Most recently, he is upset with me because his public public taunting of myself and others I care about have earned him the threat of a single blow to his delicate snotlocker should I ever be presented the opportunity of doing so.  Maybe I was wrong to say such a thing but I was at a loss for how to respond rationally to an irrational person.  For this insult to the dignity of the great and powerful Al, I get a write up as being not only a coward but a horridly obese woman and a “Sasquatch” in his weekly newsletter.   (If you want to read his pathetic attempt to humiliate me  into silence, you can do so here.  The diatribe is towards the bottom under “A Reader Responds”)  If Al was the psychological mastermind that he thinks he is, he would have known that it is my brains and not my butt that I prize so much and that I happen to think my butt is fine and his words would do nothing to change that fact.

In other writings, I have been called profane names and have been misrepresented in a number of ways but he has done far worse to others.  This is the virtual equivalent of a tar and feathering.

This morning I received more warnings from Mr. Gerhart who is apparently feeling the effects of his own boorish behavior in the form of good people withdrawing their support of him.  He sent me a text message asking me if I have unfiled tax returns and warning that;

“This would be a good time to take your medicine and remain silent about anything i do or say”

I told him I would not be quiet and that I am not afraid of him.

to which he responded;

 “Choose your path wisely. I’ve treated you gently so far but that can change if need be. I meant the good things i wrote about your work, it would be a shame if you didn’t learn your lesson”

My two word response to his threat?

“Bite it”

Over the years since I have known Al,  I have witnessed his reaction to what he sees as  the most serious threat of all, the threat of someone getting between him and the drug that he is addicted to; Power and Control.  That means I am surely in for it because I fully intend to challenge his power and control when it come to my life and the people I care about.

I know from his past behavior that he will spend hours and hours working on a blistering write up filled with lies, half truths and garden variety spin meant to exalt himself and  and pound his target into submission.

A good example is a recent 23,000 word screed authored by Al Gerhart and posted to a popular Ron Paul message board that literally left hapless forum reader breathless at the sheer volume of words created by this maniac.  Most did not read the novel but it did earn a top spot as the most lengthy posts ever written on that site.

Yes, I am certainly in for it aren’t I?   But  I will not be silent about the things he does and says and I will not take my medicine.  I do not fear of him, my Father has my back and at the end of the day, Al Gerhart can take it up with him.

Furthermore, I will take this opportunity  to entreat upon the conscious of those who continue to support this man either by subscribing to his venomous newsletter or by their silence in the face of his vile attacks against people they may not know to do the right thing and deprive him of oxygen.

I have often said when people thank me for my work that their words are my payday.  Al is no different.  The work he does pays only in his personal satisfaction.  Your subscription to his newsletter gives him great joy.  In fact, he can see from the newsletter client he uses, when each person opens it, how long they spend reading it and even who they forward it to.  He treasures these logs of your attention like a miser counting his money. He pores over them often as evidence that he matters, that he has influence and power.

Now let me say that Al has provided some value to his readers in the form of good information and exposing wrongdoing.  I wish he would keep to that.  At the same time, he has also done his readers a disservice by letting personal vendettas interfere with the facts so that it is hard to trust what he writes.  I realized the last time I tried to give him the facts on his faulty reporting and he rejected it, that he cares nothing for the truth and I could not trust his information and therefor it was of little value.

I  have already deprived Mr. Gerhart his ‘payday’ a while back by unsubscribing from his venom filled newsletter.  I hope others will search their conscious too and do exactly what Gerhart repeatedly reminds his readers to do, hold him accountable.


*UPDATED*Ada Oklahoma- Tuesday Tea Party Gets Touchy When Ken Miller Crashes the Party


I did get to talk to Mrs. Catherine White and after doing so found myself twice as mad as before!

Catherine is a genuinely nice, gentle lady and the antics that Ken Miller imposed on her have caused her more than a little discomfort. She is trying to help others get involved and informed.  She managed to get 75 people out to that event, and that is a feat no matter how you slice it.  Much preparation went into the meeting and she was distressed that 5 people left the event right after sitting through Ken Miller’s public hissy fit.  I hope she takes this all as a learning experience and uses the bad behavior as an example of why the grassroots needs to be involved in the political arena.

As far as her take on the whole mess, Catherine was not impressed with Ken Miller at all!  She said that he spent a good deal of time canonizing himself as  “the were the most holy, stainless, pure and angelic person” and then treated the crowd to 30 minutes of hurling accusations at Al Gerhart.  She didn’t mention the specific accusations but did find it notable that while Al sat quietly through the rant;  “he didn’t make a peep” she said, Miller was “jumping up to get his two cents in” when it was Al’s turn to speak.  Catherine would not allow Al to use his time to shoot back but reminded him that he was there to inform them about the state questions so Al got little time to defend himself which I think is just as well and Catherine handled that matter very appropriately.  She was concerned about all of those people who showed up to be informed and made sure that they were.

Here is the advice I gave to Catherine by email after we spoke;

I understand your concern about this situation reflecting poorly on you or tea party efforts.

My advice is to turn it into a learning experience for them.  We are just regular folks that generally take things at face value because in our daily lives that works.  Unfortunately, politics seems to follow a different set of rules but far from discouraging us, this fact should indicate to us that our input is sorely needed.

What happens is that the good people, upon getting a whiff of the bad smell emanating from the political arena, pinch their noses and go home.  Well, this is exactly what serves the stinkers best!
I always say that I wish I didn’t know had bad it all stinks because now that I do, I cannot turn my back on it.  Why?  Because the dirty dealings that are going on in politics translates to all of us being taken advantage of in many ways not the least of which is in our pocketbooks.

The grassroots are the only political force that can resist the corruption and therefor we must serve as the moral compass in our chosen parties and government.  This is what the grassroots are for.

Rather than being bewildered by the bad behavior rampant in politics, we should turn the tables and insist (just like you did!) that the players follow the rules that we all do with each other ever day.

When you see this type of bad behavior displayed openly, doesn’t it make you worried about what goes on behind closed doors?  It is as bad as you would imagine.

The best advice I have gotten to date on how to navigate the political arena, and you will no doubt be familiar with this bit of wisdom;

“Be as wise as serpents and as gentle as doves”

Kaye Beach

Oct 31, 2010

No longer content to wait on their Party to hand out assignments or provide them with walking lists, modern day rabble-rousers are doing it all. They lobby, teach, organize events, help write legislation, block walk and even serve as civil watchdogs.

While our government runs us through a meat grinder in their quest to transform government, there is a growing number of Americans who may have been called the liberty sensitive “canaries in the coal mine” but as their numbers continue to grow they look less like canaries and more like a flock of freebirds (or possibly magpies to some aggravated lawmakers. Perspectives will vary)

They print their own political signage, run radio ads, make use of high tech tools like robo calls, databases and websites to inform voters and shine the light on political shenanigans.

But it ain’t all sunshine and roses.

Al Gerhart, of the Oklahoma Constitutional Alliance and Sooner Tea Party along with the hosts and attendees of a recent Tea Party meeting in Ada got a surprise visit last Tuesday.

Gerhart was scheduled to speak on the state’s ballot initiatives and upcoming Tea Party activities when State Representative, Ken Miller, Republican candidate for the Oklahoma State Treasurer’s office turned up unannounced at the event. He asked if he could speak in response to an ongoing Tea Party campaign, www.kenmillerlied.com , an effort to expose instances that activists believe demonstrates deceit on the part of Rep. Miller.

Ken Miller has received some un-welcomed attention from grassroots activists and the media on matters pertaining to the Governors Spy Cam scheme, tax credits, and his role in the Tax/Fee bill that was passed at the tail end of the last legislative session.

The hostess of the evening, Mrs. Catherine White, graciously allowed Rep. Miller the floor in order for him to have his say.

I am told The Oklahoma State Representative began his talk tame but grew temperamental before long.

After offering a bit of personal background about himself, Rep. Miller turned his attention to the matter that inspired him to attend the Ada event in the first place.


Rep. Miller is quite put out with the quantity of “litter” being strewn about the state and he is pretty sure who is responsible for it.

Now, as far as campaign materials go, the signs in question are unusually discreet ones measuring app 3″ x 18″. They hardly seem to qualify as litter but perhaps the difference between litter and valuable information is in the “eye of the beholder’ as one Oklahoma Representative told members of the House when he was asked to clarify the difference between a “Tax” and a “Fee”.

The signs bear only a single web address:


“They littered my entire House District with them, and they are littered ALL over the state!” the Rep. and State Treasurer hopeful declared to the onlookers.

The Representative went on to charge that Al Gerhart, small business owner and newly minted Tea Party political activist, was fabricating the allegations found online at www.KenMillerLied.com

If you have not met Al Gerhart, I will note that he has a no-nonsense, straightforward approach that has served him well as a small businessman. These same skills have quickly earned him both loyal fans and intense detractors in the Oklahoma political arena.

I like to give credit where credit is due. One thing about Al that is undeniable is that he gets the job done! Furthermore, he does it at a price that you can’t beat with a stick.

Al Gerhart, like many other great people in this state and nation, receives nothing in return for his labor as a grassroots activist and he works harder at it than just about anyone I know.

I am very interested in finding out what those who witnessed what must have been a rather uncomfortable meeting, took away from the Tuesday night spectacle.  On Monday I plan to satisfy my curiosity and contact some who were present and find out what the folks in Ada thought about it all.

When I found out about this contentious event that took place in Ada I contacted Al to find out more about what actually happened — which he was happy to share.

According to Mr. Gerhart, Ken Miller has been badmouthing him and other Tea Party activists at Republican events since last July; other sources validate that this is true.

Gerhart says;

“We ignored Mr. Miller’s antics, after all, he was helping spread the story, I thought perhaps some of the attendees would look further into the facts.  Never in a million years did I think Mr. Miller would ever take the time to hunt me down and confront me personally.”

Apparently, Rep. Miller’s first contention at the recent Ada event was that “I and a few friends were “littering” the entire state with the KenMillerLied.com signs,” says Al.

He notes that Rep Miller “didn’t explain just how a few people could afford the cost of the signs nor how we could manage to ‘litter’ the entire state.”

Ken Miller believes that Al and others in the Tea Party Group were angered by his refusal to permit a certain bill, HB 2810, to advance in the legislature last session.

That certainly didn’t win Ken Miller any grassroots love but it also isn’t the only thing that has gotten him crossways with voters.

Rep. Miller told the crowd that this bill would have prevented the federal government from collecting excise taxes and would also allow the printing of Oklahoma currency.

According to Gerhart;

“HB 2810 did not prevent collection of Federal Excise tax, it would have merely created an escrow account for the tax should Eric Holder, the Obama administration Attorney General make good on his threats to strip road and bridge tax money from Oklahoma should Oklahoma pass a bill to make English the official state language.”

According to this story posted on The McCarville Report on Feb. 10, 2010;

House Bill 2810 allows the state to collect and then remit federal taxes and hold that money in a fund that can be invested with the state retaining any earnings from the investment.

“There is a potential for over $50 million new tax dollars to be made by the state if this bill passes,” said Key. “And that is in the current low interest rate environment. In a typical year, that figure could be four or five times higher.”

Key filed a similar bill in 1995 and it passed the House on an 89-12 vote, but was held up by the Senate.

Gerhart also insisted that there was no mention of printing currency in the bill. I did a word search on HB 2810 and indeed, the word currency is not in it, nor is “printing”, “coin” or “money”.

Here is my story about the resistance we met with on HB 2810;

HB 2810 The Oklahoma Sovereignty Act: Stuck in Liebmanns Craw

One can only hope that Rep. Miller actually read this bill before deciding to kill it early last session.


Rep. Miller had other complaints about Gerhart and the Sooner Tea Party.

Al Gerhart related that Rep. Miller was indignant over robo calls that the Oklahoma Constitutional Alliance (a conservative coalition group initiated by Gerhart last year) issued in July to inform voters about Rep. Miller’s voting record.

“He is apparently upset that mere citizens dared to inform other citizens of his voting record.” says Gerhart.

**Note to self, robo calls do in fact, still work.


Rep. Miller’s role in the controversial, last minute tax increase bill is a central point of contention between the activists and Rep. Miller that led to the creation of the www.KenMillerLied.com website.

At issue is Rep. Miller’s campaign statements that assert that “he has never supported a tax increase”, a statement disputed by others, including this well respected Republican commentator who has no known involvement in the Tea Party movement.

As highlighted by the www.kenmillerlied.com website, Rep. Miller posted this statement to his campaign website in response to the insistence by some in the Tea Party movement, including this writer, that he was not being truthful about his voting record or his role in the tax increase

In Ada, Rep. Miller admitted that he did author the bill but downplayed that fact saying that that it is part of his responsibility as the Chairman of the House Appropriations and Budget Committee. There is something to this but it isn’t the point.

But focusing on it serves a great red herring for Rep. Miller to use. The reason many took issue with the bill in the first place was because they believed it was not in accordance with the Oklahoma State Constitution which plainly says no revenue bills can be passed in the last five days of session.

Rep. Miller has backed himself into a corner by making overarching statements to try to obscure his complicity in the tax increase bill.

From what I have seen, I have no doubt that Ken Miller is pretty bright, bright enough to know that the bill was a blatant violation of the law.

Isn’t his first responsibility as a legislator to uphold the law? I doubt the job description for chair of the Budget and Appropriations committee requires Rep. Miller to uphold and defend unconstitutional legislation.

Here is the oath Oklahoma officials do solemnly swear:

“that I will support, obey, and defend the Constitution of the United States, and the Constitution of the State of Oklahoma, and that I will not, knowingly, receive, directly or indirectly, any money or other valuable thing, for the performance or nonperformance of any act or duty pertaining to my office, other than the compensation allowed by law; I further swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully discharge my duties”

If Kim Holland caught the problem with the bill Ken Miller certainly should have!

Miller’s Tax Bill Gets theGavel!

The detractors of the tax increase bill were actually vindicated by the Oklahoma Supreme Court in August of this year;

Oklahoma Supreme Court Finds Health Insurance Tax Bill Unconstitutional

Naturally, the person listed as the author of this measure earned the brunt of the ire.

There is some confusion as to the technical procedures at play in our state legislature but Rep. Miller’s blanket denial of culpability in regards to authorship and support of the bill brought about renewed outrage as he is clearly listed as the author and records show that he signed the bill out of committee as well.

The bill in question traveled an unusually tortured path on the way to its eventual passage making it tough to evaluate. The 11th hour appearance before the house and also owing to the resistance it met with from some members of the State House contributed to the mess of documentation on the measure that made sorting out exactly what happened and what it meant hard to discern. Again after researching the matter and the input of those with the credentials to decipher the meaning from the morass of papers, Rep. Miller’s culpability was validated.

See the documents and explanation here

DRT-Dead Right There

In an effort to better understand the degree of support that Ken Miller really did lend to the measure, I made several calls to both legislators and staff and it was pointed out to me that the author of a bill also has the power to quash it at any time. As a gadabout and citizen lobbyist at our state capitol, I was aware of this but asked if this ability to kill your own bill was changed by the fact that Rep Miller is the chair of the Budget and Appropriations. Does his position make any difference? The answer is no.

Had Rep. Miller really wanted to, he could have made that nasty, unconstitutional bill “DRT-Dead Right There”, as Neil Bortz likes to say

From my July 26, 2010 posting on the matter;

  1. Ken Miller authored the bill
  2. A bill cannot be altered or advanced without the approval of the author meaning that
  3. The author has sole power to withdraw their bill.
  4. If Ken Miller really opposed the bill, he could have killed it.
  5. Ken Miller did not kill it.

Given these facts and Rep Miller’s statement that it is a “ridiculous assertion” that he “authored and supported a tax increase bill” as he stated on his website, “Ken Miller Lied” is a perfectly fair and indisputable statement.

They are watching you (but not as much as they could be)

Thank goodness the Spy Cam, InsureNet Governors Revenue deal fizzled out!

Rep Miller was also miffed about the Tea Party dragging him down the center of town with devils bringing up the rear prodding him with pitchforks right in the behind.


It turns out that the gentle tea folk did not do anything of the sort. But they did discuss (or fantasize) about doing such a show at the recent Ghouls Gone Wild Halloween Parade in OKC.

This idea was resoundingly rejected by the group as a whole as unseemly and the rest settled on handing out candy and literature instead.

The shocking thing to me is that we have a state legislator spying on a group of citizen activists. Think about that for a minute. Ken Miller is not sure who exactly put those little signs out all over the state, but when the legislation he authored reaches its fulfillment then we will understand just what a chill comes when the government has even more power to spy on the people.

Rep. Miller told the audience Tuesday night that he had nothing to do with the spy cam bill. He is telling the truth, technically speaking.

The has been no legislation in Oklahoma that I am aware of called a “spy camera bill”

The Spy Cam’s in question are actually Automatic License Plate Recognition or ALPR.

ALPR uses a video camera and optical character recognition technology to read the letters and numbers on your license plate. By comparing your plate with whatever database it might be linked up to, the device can check to see if you have any outstanding tickets or warrants. It can also see if you are on a watch list, owe back taxes or verify whether or not the vehicle is insured. ALPR can store your data allowing your movements to be tracked and cataloged.

The technology is not foolproof and requires certain features to be present on license plates in order to work optimally.

Our old Oklahoma license plates did not have the features needed to be read properly by the ALPR. The font of the characters, contrast in color and reflectivity needed to be changed before the ALPR could work properly.

**See 3M’s brochure

Oklahoma passed legislation to mandate the creation and implementation of the camera ready plates.

In 2007 SB 748 was passed

SB 748-Creates the Oklahoma License Plate Design Task Force to choose the design of a new official Oklahoma license plate. Requires the Oklahoma Tax Commission, contingent upon statutory authorization, to implement the license plate reissue using the design selected by the task force.


In 2008 HB 3326 was passed

HB 3326 by Rep. Kenneth Miller, directs the Oklahoma Tax Commission to begin replacing state license plates with those approved by the Oklahoma License Plate Design Task Force





Gov. Brad Henry’s Budget Proposal for FY 2011 which was unveiled at the State of the State address proposes;

Automated Enforcement of Vehicle Insurance

The Governor’s budget proposes that the State of Oklahoma better protect Oklahomans from uninsured motorists by increasing drivers’ compliance with compulsory vehicle insurance laws through implementation of an automated enforcement system. An automated enforcement system will increase the efficiency of the current Oklahoma law enforcement, enable equal enforcement of in-state and out-of-state violators and reduce costs to existing vehicle liability policyholders. An automated system also eliminates insurance fraud by providing instant insurance verification.

Without these two bills, Oklahoma would not have the (spy)camera ready license plates that we do today.

Read more about the Oklahoma, Spy Cam, InsureNet Budget Deal

Al’s turn

Gerhart goes on to give a detailed account of what he said to the audience when time came for him to speak but I will only give an abbreviated version here with a promise to follow up after I have gathered the impressions of some of the others who were present.


Al says;

“I did tell the crowd of the work and expense of the KenMillerLied.com project, all of which was funded by dozens and dozens of citizens from all across the state.”

He indicated to me that he defended the efforts and actions of activists who are ordinary working people that were trying to do their part to improve matters in our state by getting involved in the political process.

Gerhart apparently covered a lot of ground despite several interruptions by Rep. Miller who was finally admonished by an elderly gentleman who stood and expressed that the Representative was being unfair by interrupting when he had been allowed his say without interference. Rep. Miller doesn’t seem to think the same rules that we follow, apply to him.

Al Gerhart expressed some surprise and doubt about the quality of Rep. Miller’s judgment in showing up unannounced to the event and acting rudely. He questioned whether Rep. Miller underestimated the intelligence of the group of people in Ada, who surely had some background about the matters raised that evening.

Pride Cometh…..

Gerhart’s conclusion?


“Miller is not stupid, but he is eaten up with arrogance and pride.”


Speaking of politicians that exhibit these qualities, Gerhart says he wonders if “the very qualities that put them in charge will not be what brings them down to public humiliation”

Gerhart left the people in Ada with some food for thought;


“He [Miller] had listed a long list of endorsements for his campaign, yet he left out one of the most remarkable endorsements, that of the sitting State Treasurer, Democrat Scott Meachum.


“I asked what sort of world were we living in where a Democrat elected official would stand for one of their highest elected officials endorsing a Republican?  Is that not insanity?”

He then makes the point that it only seems insane “because we don’t understand the reasoning behind it.”

The reasoning, Al suggests, transcends partisan politics because those who stand to benefit most from a Treasurer that will play ball….


“. . .can’t afford to have an honest man elected to the Treasurer’s office”

AxXiom and Maxim for Liberty on Rule of Law Radio Friday 6-8pm CST

Also joining us tonight- RJ Harris and Mike McNeil

Meet Your Candidates July 10, 2010 Lawton OK. Photo “Cheat Sheet”

Tea Party group holds rally in Oklahoma City

Members of Sooner Tea Party, a conservative political group, held a rally Saturday in downtown Oklahoma City. More than 100 people, including political candidates, gathered outside the Ford Center leading up to the “Taking Our Country Back” tour on Saturday afternoon.

Who is the Tea Party in Oklahoma? News 9’s Amy Lester gives them a fair shake

Who is the Tea Party in Oklahoma?

Posted: // May 12, 2010 2:59 PM CDT Wednesday, May 12, 2010 3:59 PM EST Updated: // May 13, 2010 10:27 PM CDT Thursday, May 13, 2010 11:27 PM EST

There  are thousands of people in about 50-separate Tea Party groups in  Oklahoma.Enlarge this picture

There are thousands of people in about 50-separate Tea Party groups in Oklahoma.

Members of the Tea Party movement share a desire for limited  government, lower taxes and states' rights.  Many call themselves  Constitutional Conservatives, identifying with the values of the  founding fathers.Enlarge this picture

Members of the Tea Party movement share a desire for limited government, lower taxes and states’ rights. Many call themselves Constitutional Conservatives, identifying with the values of the founding fathers.

Gubernatorial candidate Randy Brogdon said he considers himself  part of the Tea Party movement and has attended rallies trying to win  votes.Enlarge this picture

Gubernatorial candidate Randy Brogdon said he considers himself part of the Tea Party movement and has attended rallies trying to win votes.

// By Amy Lester, The Oklahoma Impact Team

OKLAHOMA CITY — They’re frustrated, they’re protesting and they’re part of the Tea Party movement in Oklahoma.

“The federal government has vastly, vastly overstepped its boundaries,” said Greg Ingle, Tea Party participant.

“Our founding fathers envisioned a country that had a federal government that was strong but, it was held in check by the states. We’ve lost that completely,” said Al Gerhart, founder of the Sooner Tea Party.

There are around 50 Tea Party organizations in Oklahoma with thousands of members.

“It’s the culmination of the American people’s disgust, disgust with the process,” said Mike Gossett, Tea Party participant.

Tea Party participants want lower taxes, limited government and states’ rights. Many call themselves constitutional conservatives.

“I really think our founding fathers would roll over in their graves if they saw what the federal government has become,” said Joseph Miner, Tea Party participant.

According to a new poll, 13 percent of American voters said they’re part of the Tea Party. A majority of them are women.

Dee Dobson is one of them.

“If you’re standing next to me, you’re talking about what’s going on in this country,” said Dobson, Tea Party participant.

Dobson is a stay at home mom who runs a Conservative t-shirt business.

“If we are out there educating and we’re active and we look at the politicians that are running for office and we find out what they’re about and we check their votes, then we should be able to make some good decisions,” Dobson said.

Dobson wants more Conservative people in office. It’s a desire other women in the movement share with her.

“I want a Conservative, conservative values. I want to get that back in our country,” said Angela Benner, Tea Party participant.

Many Oklahomans agree. According to a survey done by SoonerPoll, nearly 43 percent of Oklahomans have a favorable opinion of the Tea Party.

Read More;


Obama Care Protest takes a Detour July 17, 2009

okc609 067 

Today in downtown OKC, shortly before noon a crowd of around 50 Oklahomans who oppose the current plans for healthcare reform marched up to Mary Fallin’s office and went in. This group organized by Sooner Tea Party, counter-protested against proponents of the plan last week and expected to do the same this week but apparently Move On, had moved on.

None of the OK GOP representatives are likely to vote in favor of this initiative but why waste a chance to visit your congressional representative? Coburn’s office was closed due to a personal loss by one of his staff.



Congresswoman Fallin was not in but two of her assistants were and they were gracious about giving this well behaved “mob” some of their time. The conversation was taken outside, in front due to the size of the crowd and an impromptu Q and A session commenced with the two spokesmen for Fallin’s speaking and listening to the crowd for nearly an hour.

okc609 011


The  mix of people who showed up was an intersting one,  most were unfamiliar to me and in fact a few of the more vocal participants just happened upon the demonstration and joined in. They were informed and fiery so I decided to audio record the event, take pictures and just watch what happened.

I was pleased to hear the plain message that our next governor must advocate for upholding the Tenth Amendment. This tells me that the wisdom of restraining the federal government from controlling the states has wide popularity among a variety of conservatives here.

The two men addressed the crowd beginning with the assurances that Mary Fallin is very conservative, has a very conservative voting record and is doing her best to get the message opposing this reform out through radio, blogs and television.

Many of the protestors expressed a desire to do something more to help.

James Lane took his lunch off of work in order to participate and his suggestion was that was a townhall meeting might be in order so that we could get to work helping our state government come together in the healthcare reform issue. Several said that they wished for more leadership from our DC representatives, here in the state. One gentleman from Fallin’s office said that these were all good points and promised to speak to the Congresswoman about their ideas and then reminded everyone that she was home every weekend.

One lady made a clear statement at the beginning that;

“if we don’t have states rights we are going to lose the whole battle!”

Fallin’s representative stated that Congresswoman had voted against every spending initiative of the Obama administration which was met with an outburst of objections from the crowd. The assistants countered by assuring everyone that Fallin did not vote for the stimulus but a few of the protestors interjected that although she did not vote for the stimulus, she did vote for the $700 billion dollar bailout last fall, to which her assistants deferred that that particular measure was;

“A totally different item, totally different. These are different. Keep in mind about that whole deal-they’re not spending that money the way that they told congress”


When asked about oversight the Fallin staff members offered
that Republicans are in the minority and could do little.

They won’t let us put any of our input into the bills” said one spokesman for gubernatorial candidate Fallin.


“The lady fan of state’s rights says;

We have got to shift the power back to the states!


And one person, with pleading frustration says ;

“Do you have our names? You need to have our names.. . I mean why not, here you have a great opportunity.. . ”

Spokesman- “Sure, We can get them, get a sheet we’ll write them down. . .we want to hear from you and I’ve got some cards too.

The frustrated protestor further informs the Fallin staff members that;

“Over the last year. . .I said please, let me know how I can help , or sent my name to the Republican Party. You think I ever hear anything? No. I never hear anything!”

While cards are being passed around Mr. Lane, the lunchtime demonstrator and newly minted conservative activist speaks;

While we appreciate that she didn’t vote for the stimulus but her vote on the the bailout, I mean that was still unconstitutional. On what grounds did she oppose the stimulus? If it’s just because that’s the way the wind is blowing. . .I want to know that she has strong values and principles that she is going to hold to. The bailout vote was unconstitutional and it was just as bad as the stimulus”

Fallin’s staff member responds;

Well, I gotta tell you. . you know. ,I don’t want to get into. . We could talk for two hours about why TARP hasn’t worked now but. . I tell you. . uh. . .She voted for it. . .because. . I’ll tell you who else voted for it! A guy whose office is in that building (gestures across and down the street)- Tom Coburn-no. Listen. In that moment in time, our economy was on the ropes. I..I.. again Caleb (spokesman #2) put it well, what happened afterwards is another debate. At the time our credit markets were frozen. She was told that if we don’t do this and we don’t do it the way we say were gonna do it, the economy is going to experience a. .

The crowd interjects

Who was she listening to??” someone asks.

She was told. . .it wasn’t just. . . The way that . . .She was. . she was. . . she was . .under the impression, as was the congress if they didn’t do this the credit markets would freeze, the very grease in the wheel of the American economy would freeze and so. Look. . look. . she voted. .



This bit of information came out on Friday, July 17, 2009

Paulson reveals US concerns of breakdown in law and order




The crowd is not mollified much by these comments and many speak out at once .  The dark haired unnamed Spokesman seemed to become slightly irritated; “Without your ability to get a loan-everything fails!”

Fallin’s staff member, Caleb reclaims control;

“We are getting off point here. . The point is that we have this healthcare issue coming up, right now and once it is over our economy it will be a massive, massive entitlement that will be almost impossible to repeal.”. ..

“A lot of these other things that we just passed recently, we can repeal if conservatives get back in power-soon but something like healthcare in a massive entitlement form will be almost impossible so we got to beat this now.”

The crowd again asked what they could do to help and they were advised that the Republicans needed to regain power.


A petite but feisty lady kept up the drumbeat and pulled the two spokesmen back to the subject at hand each time they attempted to steer the discussion to less contentious subjects
 okc609 074

We are told that the Republicans must reclaim power or all is lost but these demonstrators want to know specifics.

Several times members of the crowd raised the subject of state government asserting their proper authority and repelling the federal government Sen. Brogdon’s name was mentioned again as an alternative to status quo politics and his support of the Tenth Amendment Resolution was held up as the model for Fallin to follow.

“Washington does not need to be deciding what kind of life I am going to live!” This was one statement made by a participant that drew a round of applause.

“We want to know what she is doing for state’s rights…there are others running for governor that are big advocates of state’s rights and unless she falls in with that…unless she starts advocating for that, she is going to lose my support”

One of Fallin’s spokesmen offered that she voted against the stimulus. When it was apparent that this answer didn’t satisfy he hastily went on;


“I gotta tell you. . she did attend the Tea Parties in April, she did go. She is supportive. I can’t tell you how many times she emailed me from Washington to tell me. . .w-when I could go because she was excited about this movement and your ideas. . saving our deficit, saving our future generations AND. . . . and. . you know. . makes herself very vocal on this issue”


Once again, the crowd was reminded that Fallin rejected all of President Obama administration’s spending initiatives and again the crowd seemed less than impressed and countered by reminding them that she did vote for the bailout and that was unacceptable.


Some ladies brought literature on what AZ is doing to protect the people from Obama care and asked is falling could, since she is running for Governor, go ahead and start advocating within the state for something similar? The AZ measure to protect the residents of that state specifically from the Obama Care bill is an idea that this group liked. They were firm in wanting to see legislators in Oklahoma stand up to the federal government and defend the principle of sovereignty guaranteed by the Tenth Amendment

Arizona Moves to Oppose Obama’s Expected Health Care Mandates




Participants said that they wanted to see the conservatives do something other than just cast votes They want to see the Republican party get organized, get a strategy and utilize the help that that is being offered to them by the grassroots and stop simply biding their time until they get back in power.

Look. We are willing to help” says one lady who went to Denver to help out with the Mccain-Palin campaign

I’m tired of donating to the party; I want to donate to an individual that is going to step up and do it!”

When asked what the party was doing to ensure future success, one of Fallin’s spokesmen finally hit on an idea that met with approval;

“We have to stay consistent with our principles.”

fallin crowdem2

To which the British ex-pat questioner, now American citizen responded with a tight lipped






fallincrowdJimmyCMy new friend, Jimmie Carter!

fallincrownogThis gentleman made plenty of well-articulated points.





okc609 022Signing up!

 fallinrepsecSecurity man hovering in the background made us all feel much safer


okc609 067There were so many well-reasoned ladies present. I asked them if they would like to go with me to our Capitol and help by giving input to our elected officials.

okc609 063

British-American and fan of the Fair Tax.

July 4th Oklahoma Capitol Tea Party Retrospective

This is the first speech I have ever written and I am glad I did it! 

I admit that by the time I got to the podium, especially following the long line up of excellent orators, I was feeling very much out of my element and not articulate in the least.  “Winging it ” has sufficed when in the past I have needed to say a few words, but I fear I would have been at a complete loss without my thoughts on paper this time.

When I was asked to speak, I wanted to say “No way!”  But I couldn’t because I spend so much of my time sharing with people what I have learned about how they really can make a difference.  It is a priority for me and I would have felt a coward to turn down an opportunity to get to talk to so many at one time just because I was nervous.

In retrospect, I did the right thing. 

I have had so many people contact me to say that they are going to take me up on my offer which was to accompany them to their capitol anytime they wish and show them around.  I know many people that knew a whole lot more about the state legislature and how to influence legislation than I do, but have found that it does not take long for people to become comfortable with the idea of stopping by and once they know their way there, they never forget and that door is always an open one to them.  Advocating for your self is something we all do every day and that is exactly what we are doing when we communicate with our officials.

 Helping people to find a way to turn their frustration into effective action, this is one thing I can do. I enjoy it.  There is just not enough people who are engaged but there are so many that want to be, that are ready but just need an introduction.  It never occurred to me that all of those people showing up to the Tea Parties would be satisfied with continuing to show up and vent.  It seems a natural progression to go from angry to active.  I have heard the July 4th Tea Party be criticized for being too political- I am at a loss as to how to answer to that. 

I only saw an amazingly supportive crowd that seemed to be listening attentively to each speaker, in fact, I felt a great deal of support from the participants and felt among friends.  I know that there was a diversity of opinions among all that were there but we all had one thing in common.  We are gravely concerned about the direction our country is headed. 

The organizers worked with single mindedness to achieve two goals; putting on an event that supported the airing of our frustration and enabling connection with others like them.

   I don’t know if you noticed but the flagpoles and podium were created by hand by one Al the Carpenter.  I attended the first meeting of the would be organizers without knowing that it was to be such a meeting for those who wished to hold the event on the 4th that had been cancelled.

  Al scared the heck out of me!  A long time Republican and all around good guy that was there brought up the subject of the necessity of supporting good candidates and Al reacted with swift hostility that surprised me-until I realized the purpose of the meeting.  He was defending this grassroots event from any possible encroachment by political haymakers.  I know a little more about Al now and he is far from hostile.  He is decidedly passionate about the Tea Parties and I like that!  He is the one that crafted the needed items on stage.  If you got really close you would have seen the amazing work that was done on the finishing of these things.  Even the wooden stage fronts were antiqued white with artful patches rubbed away and crackled as if with age.  The colors that showed through the white were red and blue.  It was just gorgeous!  Little details that were not necessary to functionality at all and probably unnoticed by most but someone took the time to make these necessary items works of art!  Because it mattered to them.

Every single detail was attended to by this team with that much care, in that little time.  They were so on point that I never got the chance to find out what political party they ascribed to.  I do not know-we didn’t talk of politics, only practicalities.  It might surprise Tea Party goers that I was the ‘old hand’ among them, having been active in politics for now a year and a half.  The organizers many times asked for my opinion on this or that speaker or this or that group.  I was as honest and as fair as I could be and was humbled by the trust they extended me.  My circle is wide by some measures but  I am a conservative and have not had much opportunity to get to know many outside that arena. 

 When I began my foray into the political arena, I reached out to any and all that I saw advocating for constitutional issues.  As I planned and attended events, met with various groups and worked with others there were always a notable few who were nearly always present and working beside me.   I scrutinized them of course, to see if they were on the philosophical page that I was.  I found some better matches than others, as far as I could tell but as I became more focused and involved, I simply forgot the differences and realized that the people I saw every time I lifted my head for a breather, were in fact, my allies.  Whatever differences we might uncover down the road are simply not at issue right now.  Until I came to this realization I worried over what our differences might be and what that would mean, but once I actually got to work my concerns on this count necessarily evaporated.  This is what I tried to share with the participants of the 4th of July Tea Party with my little speech.

If any imbalance was apparent as to speakers or groups with tables, you may blame me, the “seasoned pro” for poor advisement to my new friends who went to great pains to see that everything was just so.  I answered their questions as honestly as I knew how and gave as broad a perspective as I am capable of.

In the future I would like nothing more than to see a much broader sample of Oklahomans participating in these types of events.  In the meantime, there is no need to be harsh with any of these people.  They will learn by trial and error as we all do and I have not a shred of doubt as to their motives.

None of these people had to do anything, but because they cared, they jumped in and did something.  In my book they are all heroes and patriots.  I honor their efforts and wholeheartedly believe that the majority of people who showed up last Saturday feel the same way.  Stepping up to the podium, one is keenly aware of the mood of the crowd, and I felt decided acceptance and support for the efforts put forth.  

I would like to thank everyone who turned out- I have little love for “politics” but people like you give me great hope for the future of Oklahoma and America.


 July 4th 2009 OK. State Capitol Tea Party

speech by Kaye Beach


You are just the people I want to talk to.

Despite confusion, misinformation, the heat, busy schedules, you made it a priority to come today.

This means you have the right stuff!


Who am I? 

I am just one person who is fears that my generation will be the one that witnesses the last gasp of a dying America.


I am not an organizer, a leader, a researcher, a writer or a lobbyist.

I am not a public speaker.

I dislike confrontation and find politics depressing, but over the last couple of years I have done all of those things.

Did I do them well? 

Not particularly, but what matters is that I did what I could.

I even did what I couldn’t because it needed to be done.


 If you are here today and you make a few calls on Monday and maybe next week you send an email to your representative, if you inspire another to do the same-you are a hero.

 You don’t have to do anything, but if you choose to do something to help our country-you are a Patriot.

Now, if I revealed to you all my most cherished beliefs, my political peculiarities my philosophy in general, some would applaud, some would laugh and some might even scorn me.  So, instead I will tell you what really matters. 

I am afraid and I am angry. I believe my government is going astray from its intended purpose.  I do not feel that I am being fairly considered or justly represented.

Do these statements strike a chord with you?


Good! We have just found common ground and this means that you and I can work together in some fashion.


I think we are short on time.  

I believe that our house is on fire and all I want to know is can you grab a hose, get a bucket or even just spit. 


 Look behind me.

This is where I concentrated my efforts during the last legislative session.  I want to tell you what I learned;


I learned that persistence pays.

I learned that a small number of people concentrating on a shared goal can completely alter the course of legislation.

I found that even small groups working together have an effect that is much greater than what they could achieve with each acting on their own.

I wish I could tell you that I learned all of this from the actions taken by myself and my allies, but the politicians are the masters of the art of keeping their eyes on the prize.  They understand the value of allies and coalitions.

They do not compromise on what is essential and rarely burn bridges, but when they do they make sure it is one that they can afford. 


Whether sinner or saint, it is true that there is strength in numbers. 

Allies are the people beside you with a hose, a bucket or maybe just spitting.


Please, remember this;

 If they are fighting the same fire that you are right now, then they are your allies.

I sincerely hope the day will come that we can afford the luxury of arguing over the finer points with one another. 

Our America is fading and I am compelled to demand of myself and plead with you all;

 Be radically tolerant of your countrymen and utterly relentless with your lawmakers.


Until we recover our Republic-we are all allies.


If you are interested in ways to improve our government, please see Grassroots Activism Whole Lot of “How To”  for ideas, information and guides.

If I can help in any way, I can be contacted at ladyaxiom@yahoo.com .  I gain inspiration through connecting with others who share my excitement in finding concrete ways to effect our government for the better!