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Got Dough? How Billionaires Rule Our Schools

gates schooled

Kaye Beach

April 13, 2013

Just in case you missed this article from 2011, I think it gives great insight into current school ‘reform’ efforts.

I keep hearing about “school choice” but if you look at how this so called “choice” unravels you might begin to suspect the ‘choice’ being offered is between the pan and the fire.  At this point in time, if I had  school-aged children, I would teach them myself.

Oh, and if you find it hard to determine a right/left or Republican/Democrat lead in this mess that is because, unlike us little people that are further down the political food chain, the real brokers of power have no party.

And one more thought, while I do not claim to be any sort of an expert on economics, in my humble opinion – this  is NOT a free-market model!

Got Dough? How Billionaires Rule Our Schools

By Joanne BarkanWinter 2011

The cost of K–12 public schooling in the United States comes to well
over $500 billion per year. So, how much influence could anyone in the
private sector exert by controlling just a few billion dollars of that
immense sum? Decisive influence, it turns out. A few billion dollars in
private foundation money, strategically invested every year for a
decade, has sufficed to define the national debate on education; sustain
a crusade for a set of mostly ill-conceived reforms; and determine
public policy at the local, state, and national levels. In the domain of
venture philanthropy—where donors decide what social transformation
they want to engineer and then design and fund projects to implement
their vision—investing in education yields great bang for the buck.

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How the feds are tracking your kid

From the New York Post


Last Updated: 12:13 AM, December 28, 2011

Posted: 11:01 PM, December 27, 2011

Would it bother you to know that the federal Centers for Disease Control had been shown your daughter’s health records to see how she responded to an STD/teen-pregnancy-prevention program? How about if the federal Department of Education and Department of Labor scrutinized your son’s academic performance to see if he should be “encouraged” to leave high school early to learn a trade? Would you think the government was intruding on your territory as a parent?

Under regulations the Obama Department of Education released this month, these scenarios could become reality. The department has taken a giant step toward creating a de facto national student database that will track students by their personal information from preschool through career. Although current federal law prohibits this, the department decided to ignore Congress and, in effect, rewrite the law. Student privacy and parental authority will suffer.

How did it happen? Buried within the enormous 2009 stimulus bill were provisions encouraging states to develop data systems for collecting copious information on public-school kids. To qualify for stimulus money, states had to agree to build such systems according to federally dictated standards. So all 50 states either now maintain or are capable of maintaining extensive databases on public-school students.

Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/opinion/opedcolumnists/how_the_feds_are_tracking_your_kid_xC6wecT8ZidCAzfqegB6hL#ixzz1htV4TmIc

An Open Challenge to Oklahoma Elected Officials HOW DO YOU DARE!!!!!

Kaye Beach

April 3, 2011

I have set about reading of hundreds of pages of Oklahoma documents that reveal the depth of duplicity that many of our elected officials have engaged in by creating the Oklahoma Health Information Exchange.  I will soon be listing and highlighting these documents and the eye-opening portions therein very soon.Until then I feel compelled get a few things off my chest.

An open challenge to complicit Oklahoma Elected Officials-HOW DO YOU DARE?

You have created a system under the direction of and accepted funds from the federal government even as citizens in Oklahoma demonstrated clearly and loudly that they DO NOT want to participate in an unconstitutional universal health care system controlled by the agencies of the federal government.  You have worked diligently to see that it would be so.


You have made it so that any information technology related to health care in this state cannot be extricated from a national system limiting the people of Oklahoma from utilizing technology free from federal control  that could improve their lives and health.


You have taken money from the federal government to create a health IT infrastructure in our state for the purpose of gathering the most personal and intimate information about the citizens of this state for the express purpose of sharing that information with a domineering, out of touch and out of control federal government.


You have established a system that is makes it nearly impossible for individuals to opt out of.

You have established a system that makes it nearly impossible for physicians to opt out of.

You have established a system that makes it nearly impossible for private, for profit businesses to opt out of.


You have established a system that quashes innovation.


You have sold us out, lied to us, and  insulted our intelligence.


You have painted good legislators into a corner and tied their hands making it next to impossible for them to protect the rights of their constituents.


You have consigned the agents and agencies of the state to be lackeys for the federal government.

You have enabled a degree of control over the personal choices and the lives of Oklahoma citizens that is absolutely unprecedented in American history to date and you are laying the foundation of a system of control that will be a roadmap for other states to so enslave their citizens.

You have broken your oath to uphold the state and US constitutions.

You have manipulated, lied, and coerced these people into a system that is offensive to every notion of individual liberty.

You have given over our right of self determination to the federal government.

I want an answer.


Police partner with license plate readers

“Police” would be more accurately identified as “International Police”

see below.


March 3, 2010

By Trevor Hughes, USA TODAY
A growing number of police departments are turning to mobile camera systems to fight motor vehicle theft and identify unregistered cars.

The cameras read license plates of parked and moving cars — hundreds per minute — and check them against vehicle databases, said Lance Clem, a spokesman for the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, which purchased several systems for its police vehicles last fall.

Departments in Denver and Colorado Springs; South Portland, Maine; Gwinnett, Douglas and Cherokee counties in Georgia; and Clinton, Conn., are planning to deploy or have already added License Plate Recognition (LPR) systems this year, officials from those agencies said.

Also, about 40 law enforcement agencies in the Washington, D.C., metro area are deploying LPRs this year, according to Nate Maloney, a spokesman for their supplier, ELSAG of Brewster, N.Y. The district has had them since 2005, he said.

Newark, Albany County, N.Y., and Ann Arbor, Mich., added them in 2009 using federal stimulus funds, according to recovery.gov.


The International Association of Chiefs of Police Technology Center

Policy and Operational Guide for Law Enforcement License Plate Reader Systems

Funded by the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, National Institute of Justice, the License Plate Reader (LPR) Systems: Policy and Operational Guidance for Law Enforcement project employs a structured and multi-dimensional groundwork approach to identify and consolidate lessons learned from agencies on LPR technology. IACP will work directly in partnership with agencies involved in successful LPR system implementations to gather information on those implementations, capture their guidelines or standard operating procedures for LPR use, LPR user guides, and technology standards. These leading practices will be analyzed and presented to optimize opportunities for replication and customization across law enforcement agencies.

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Atlanta Stimulus Funds for CCTV

Atlanta’s other reality show is taping today outside CNN Center, at Woodruff Park and in Midtown.

Jeremy Redmon
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Sunday, Oct 25th, 2009

Atlanta’s other reality show is taping today outside CNN Center, at Woodruff Park and in Midtown.

What you might call Real Pedestrians of Atlanta is a rather modest video surveillance: a few dozen cameras monitoring select locations in the city every second. But the city has applied for millions in federal stimulus funds so it can train about 500 more cameras on city streets.

The city may now engage in a debate that has roiled European capitals for years: Is closed-circuit surveillance a benign tool that helps the cops deter and even solve crimes, or is Big Brother coming to town to observe and record every move you make?

City officials are seeking $13.7 million in federal cash amid a series of high-profile crimes in recent months: a champion boxer shot dead in the street, a City Council member carjacked at gunpoint, a rash of armed robberies near Georgia Tech.

The system Atlanta plans to use could store images for up to 30 days and support software that reads license plate numbers and detects gunshots. Critics say the system conjures up images from George Orwell’s “1984,” a novel about a totalitarian state presided over by an all-seeing Big Brother. They wonder where the cameras will be pointed, who will have access to these images and sounds, how long will they be kept, and where will they be stored.

Full article here

Agencies spent billions of stimulus money on noncompetitive contracts

Agencies spent billions of stimulus money on noncompetitive contracts Web listing of such contracts is not very user-friendly, says a transparency advocate

* By Alice Lipowicz * Oct 15, 2009

stiA chart on the updated Recovery.gov Web site shows that federal agencies have spent about $7.8 billion in economic stimulus law funding on noncompetitive and non-fixed-price contracts. However, the 39-page list of those contracts falls short on user friendliness, a transparency advocate said. The Recovery.gov Web site has been posting new information regularly since it was updated Oct. 1. New data was added today, including information on 369 loans, 5,232 contracts and 41,575 grants, according to a news release today from the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board, which runs the Web site.

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IJIS Institute’s latest Industry Briefing summary

Posted August 11th

Every six months, the integrated justice industry gathers for the IJIS Institute Industry Briefing to discuss trends in criminal justice information sharing. The Institute is “a non-profit consortium of firms that supply technical solutions to the justice, public safety and homeland security sectors.”

Because the role of IJIS includes implementing the information sharing policies of the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), there is a very close relationship between the Institute and the DOJ Office of Justice Programs (OJP) that control the funds.

The Institute’s most recent meeting took place this past weekend in Bellevue, Washington and featured the data movers and money tree shakers of criminal justice.

While the acronym packed agenda was heavily weighted toward law enforcement and homeland security topics, I wanted to highlight some of the trends that may more broadly affect the administration of justice in the coming months and year:

  • The Money: $4 billion in economic stimulus funding will be flowing through the OJP’s Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) to state and local communities for criminal justice. That will mean more cops, more funding for information sharing and will result in more business throughout the justice system. $2 Billion will be available to the states through the Byrne/JAG grant programs. Funding will be tied to concrete, positive social outcomes that provide observable value to the average American.
  • The Standards and the Buzz: Funding will flow to those agencies who implement information sharing standards like NIEM and GFIPM. While you don’t necessarily need to know what NIEM is, your vendors who are linking computer systems absolutely should. Predictive Policing”, “Suspicious Activity Reporting (SAR)” and “Identity Management” are concepts that will be finding their way into criminal justice practices and may affect the way that you will be exchanging information with other justice agencies.
  • The Health Care Debate: Obama “drug czar” Gil Kerlikowski, Director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy discussed the criminal justice related aspects of the national emphasis on health care. Because drug treatment is half the cost of incarceration there will be renewed interest in identifying risky behavior and treating addiction to lower drug crime. Controlled substance and prescription drug tracking will be important initiatives in information sharing.


About the IJIS Institute—The IJIS Institute serves as the voice of industry by uniting the private and public sectors to improve mission critical information sharing for those who protect and serve our communities. The IJIS Institute provides training, technical assistance, national scope issue management and program management services to help government fully realize the power of information sharing. Founded in 2001 as a 501(c)(3) non‐profit corporation with national headquarters on the George Washington University Virginia Campus in Ashburn, Virginia, the IJIS Institute has grown to more than 250 member and affiliate companies across the United States. For more information visit http://www.IJIS.org.

Sinister Triumvirate: Stimulus, Health Care, PASS ID…You’re Dead

From the Patriot Room;

Howard Houchen brings it together and the sum total is CONTROL.

Mr. Houchen is Oklahoma’s  District 2 candidate for congress, 2010.  He will be featured on Radio Free Oklahoma this Wed Sept. 16th at  8-10 pm CT.

Listen online http://www.radiofreeoklahoma.net  call in with questions 512-646-1984

Sinister Triumvirate: Stimulus, Health Care, PASS ID…You’re Dead

Connecting the new health care bill to the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and the liberals’ PASS ID legislation shows a long term plan by the Left to manage your access to medical treatment and provides government with the tools necessary to control virtually every aspect of your life.

Remember that stimulus bill back in February, the $850 BILLION plus one… the one that was URGENT, URGENT, and more URGENT that would rapidly create millions of jobs and jump start the economy? The one that not a single Republican supported or cast an AYE vote for in the House due to the fact that no one read the bill before voting for it? The one that contained all kinds of programs that had nothing to do with economic improvements?

The Democrats, including the so-called Blue-Dogs, got behind the plan anyway and pushed it through (again, without reading it), committing present and future generations to pay for the pork-laden almost trillion dollar bill. Oklahoma Congressman Dan Boren, rather infamously now, said when attempting to justify his yes vote to newspapers, “I would rather err on the side of doing something.” But what did his, and the other liberal-Democrats, cavalier “shrug of the shoulders” justification for voting for this devastation of the American economy actually do that could kill us?

Contained within that bill was a provision that fostered the creation of a new government bureaucracy, called the Federal Coordinating Council for Comparative Effectiveness Research, which was exposed by Betsy McCaughey in an article on Bloomberg. Democrats scurried to say they did not want to interfere in patient care by putting a bureaucrat in between us and our doctors; they simply were creating ‘efficiencies’ by gathering everyone’s medical records into a central location. However, the bill created this group to work hand-in-hand with the National Coordinator of Health Information Technology to centralize everyone’s medical records, and have the Health and Human Services Secretary empowered to impose “more stringent measures of meaningful use over time” according to her article. In other words, bureaucrats would set treatment protocols and determine what treatments are “appropriate and cost effective” for doctors to provide their patients.

Now, let us fast forward to the current “Health Care Reform” bill being pushed by the Obama-Pelosi-Reid Bunch. We are bombarded by the now all too constant mantra from the liberal-democrats and the White House: “Like your insurance, you can keep it, like your doctor, you can keep them”…but, keep this in mind; this current Health Care Bill clearly follows, and is dedicated to, the framework that was set in motion by the stimulus bill to centralize the treatment decision making process in Washington, for bureaucrats to determine what specific treatments those insurance providers and doctors will be allowed to provide for you. One perfect example would be the reduction of timely, life-saving, access to transport in rural areas. Due to financing redistribution of health care based on census oriented care and treatment, the sparsely populated areas of our country will not have the same “golden-hour” access to trauma centers that save countless lives each and every day. American citizens, who would have previously lived, will now die.

The framework for the collection, dissection and dissemination of your personal health data has already been laid in place by the egregious Stimulus Bill (again, that no one read) – wholly owned by and foisted upon the American people by Democrats. What we get as American citizens, as a result of combining the excretions of the “stimulus bill” and those sought in the Health Care Reform bill, is a Health Care system partially dedicated to rationing health care. Simply put, Americans will be subject to the denial of care for patients who are in need of care. American citizens, who would have previously lived, will now die.

The last “piece of the pie” to consider, though not directly related to the stimulus bill, is the already introduced (S. 1261) PASS ID Act. Contained in this bill is even more privacy robbing directives, as if the two aforementioned bills do not go far enough in this respect. The best summation of what PASS ID will achieve, if allowed to pass is: The federal government will mandate that certain criteria and information, specifically biometric information (fingerprints and digital facial recognition friendly photos), be contained on state issued drivers licenses. PASS ID would actually enroll every American possessing this national identification card into a single Global Biometric Identification System. Quite simply, the U.S. federal government would be capable of and in the business of collecting, maintaining, and disseminating information on American citizens to international agencies. The freedoms fought for and secured by our founders and subsequent generations will die.

If you want to have any control left regarding your own health care decisions and do not desire government prodding into, having instant “at the touch of a button” access, and knowing every detail of your personal life. If you are against government collecting personal information concerning job history, activities, donations, complete financial history, medical procedures and every facet of your being, it is time to speak out and throw out in 2010 every single one of those that supported the stimulus and set this outrageous removal of personal freedom and choices from the American people in motion. If not, the greatest, most charitable island of freedom and hope in the history of man will die. We, the people are America!

Howard W. Houchen


Lawsuit against HHS and Secretary Sebelius to Stop National Health Data System

Citizen Files Class-Action Lawsuit against HHS and
Secretary Sebelius to Stop National Health Data System

Seeks Preliminary and Permanent Injunction

(St. Paul/Minneapolis, July 7, 2009) – The civil action lawsuit filed in U.S. District Count on June 24 by Beatrice M. Heghmann brings needed attention to the federal infringements of privacy and personal health care choices enacted through the economic stimulus bill, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act signed into law by President Obama on February 17, 2009.

Beatrice M. Heghmann vs. Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary, Department of Health and Human Services, Nancy-Ann DeParle, Director, White House Office of Health Reform, and Charlene Frizzera Administrator, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services brings the impending privacy and patient choice infringements to light:

  • Federal plan to provide a single electronic medical record for every person by 2014 (p. 6 lawsuit; p. 117 ARRA)
  • Federal plan for “enterprise integration,” the electronic linkage and sharing of private medical data between “providers, health plans, the government, and other interested parties” who have access to records without consent. (p. 7 lawsuit; p. 114 and 117 ARRA)
  • Congressional requirement that the National Coordinator of Information Technology develop a nationwide health information technology infrastructure for a broad list of purposes. (p. 8 lawsuit; p. 116 ARRA)
  • The apparent elimination of State’s Rights as authorized by the state pre-emption provision of the federal HIPAA privacy rule, 45. CFR 164 (p. 8 lawsuit; p. 162 ARRA)
  • Secretary of Health and Human Services empowered to reduce privacy protections through rulemaking, including the authority to alter current privacy-protecting definitions such as “minimum necessary” and “deidentification.” (p. 9 lawsuit; pp. 151 and 165 ARRA)
  • Federal access to patient and physician data without consent for government-endorsed ‘comparative effectiveness research’ aimed at limiting and denying access to care. (p. 10 – 15 lawsuit; pp. 63 and 73 ARRA)
  • Coercive strategies against physicians who refuse to create EMRs, join the national health data system, or be a “meaningful user” (report patient data to the Secretary of HHS). (p. 12 lawsuit, pp. 355-356 ARRA)

Contact Information:
Twila Brase, President
Citizens’ Council on Health Care
651-646-8935 office

# # #
Citizens’ Council on Health Care is a non-profit, independent health care policy organization that supports free-market ideas in health care.
See more from this highly informative group;


Obama Care Protest takes a Detour July 17, 2009

okc609 067 

Today in downtown OKC, shortly before noon a crowd of around 50 Oklahomans who oppose the current plans for healthcare reform marched up to Mary Fallin’s office and went in. This group organized by Sooner Tea Party, counter-protested against proponents of the plan last week and expected to do the same this week but apparently Move On, had moved on.

None of the OK GOP representatives are likely to vote in favor of this initiative but why waste a chance to visit your congressional representative? Coburn’s office was closed due to a personal loss by one of his staff.



Congresswoman Fallin was not in but two of her assistants were and they were gracious about giving this well behaved “mob” some of their time. The conversation was taken outside, in front due to the size of the crowd and an impromptu Q and A session commenced with the two spokesmen for Fallin’s speaking and listening to the crowd for nearly an hour.

okc609 011


The  mix of people who showed up was an intersting one,  most were unfamiliar to me and in fact a few of the more vocal participants just happened upon the demonstration and joined in. They were informed and fiery so I decided to audio record the event, take pictures and just watch what happened.

I was pleased to hear the plain message that our next governor must advocate for upholding the Tenth Amendment. This tells me that the wisdom of restraining the federal government from controlling the states has wide popularity among a variety of conservatives here.

The two men addressed the crowd beginning with the assurances that Mary Fallin is very conservative, has a very conservative voting record and is doing her best to get the message opposing this reform out through radio, blogs and television.

Many of the protestors expressed a desire to do something more to help.

James Lane took his lunch off of work in order to participate and his suggestion was that was a townhall meeting might be in order so that we could get to work helping our state government come together in the healthcare reform issue. Several said that they wished for more leadership from our DC representatives, here in the state. One gentleman from Fallin’s office said that these were all good points and promised to speak to the Congresswoman about their ideas and then reminded everyone that she was home every weekend.

One lady made a clear statement at the beginning that;

“if we don’t have states rights we are going to lose the whole battle!”

Fallin’s representative stated that Congresswoman had voted against every spending initiative of the Obama administration which was met with an outburst of objections from the crowd. The assistants countered by assuring everyone that Fallin did not vote for the stimulus but a few of the protestors interjected that although she did not vote for the stimulus, she did vote for the $700 billion dollar bailout last fall, to which her assistants deferred that that particular measure was;

“A totally different item, totally different. These are different. Keep in mind about that whole deal-they’re not spending that money the way that they told congress”


When asked about oversight the Fallin staff members offered
that Republicans are in the minority and could do little.

They won’t let us put any of our input into the bills” said one spokesman for gubernatorial candidate Fallin.


“The lady fan of state’s rights says;

We have got to shift the power back to the states!


And one person, with pleading frustration says ;

“Do you have our names? You need to have our names.. . I mean why not, here you have a great opportunity.. . ”

Spokesman- “Sure, We can get them, get a sheet we’ll write them down. . .we want to hear from you and I’ve got some cards too.

The frustrated protestor further informs the Fallin staff members that;

“Over the last year. . .I said please, let me know how I can help , or sent my name to the Republican Party. You think I ever hear anything? No. I never hear anything!”

While cards are being passed around Mr. Lane, the lunchtime demonstrator and newly minted conservative activist speaks;

While we appreciate that she didn’t vote for the stimulus but her vote on the the bailout, I mean that was still unconstitutional. On what grounds did she oppose the stimulus? If it’s just because that’s the way the wind is blowing. . .I want to know that she has strong values and principles that she is going to hold to. The bailout vote was unconstitutional and it was just as bad as the stimulus”

Fallin’s staff member responds;

Well, I gotta tell you. . you know. ,I don’t want to get into. . We could talk for two hours about why TARP hasn’t worked now but. . I tell you. . uh. . .She voted for it. . .because. . I’ll tell you who else voted for it! A guy whose office is in that building (gestures across and down the street)- Tom Coburn-no. Listen. In that moment in time, our economy was on the ropes. I..I.. again Caleb (spokesman #2) put it well, what happened afterwards is another debate. At the time our credit markets were frozen. She was told that if we don’t do this and we don’t do it the way we say were gonna do it, the economy is going to experience a. .

The crowd interjects

Who was she listening to??” someone asks.

She was told. . .it wasn’t just. . . The way that . . .She was. . she was. . . she was . .under the impression, as was the congress if they didn’t do this the credit markets would freeze, the very grease in the wheel of the American economy would freeze and so. Look. . look. . she voted. .



This bit of information came out on Friday, July 17, 2009

Paulson reveals US concerns of breakdown in law and order




The crowd is not mollified much by these comments and many speak out at once .  The dark haired unnamed Spokesman seemed to become slightly irritated; “Without your ability to get a loan-everything fails!”

Fallin’s staff member, Caleb reclaims control;

“We are getting off point here. . The point is that we have this healthcare issue coming up, right now and once it is over our economy it will be a massive, massive entitlement that will be almost impossible to repeal.”. ..

“A lot of these other things that we just passed recently, we can repeal if conservatives get back in power-soon but something like healthcare in a massive entitlement form will be almost impossible so we got to beat this now.”

The crowd again asked what they could do to help and they were advised that the Republicans needed to regain power.


A petite but feisty lady kept up the drumbeat and pulled the two spokesmen back to the subject at hand each time they attempted to steer the discussion to less contentious subjects
 okc609 074

We are told that the Republicans must reclaim power or all is lost but these demonstrators want to know specifics.

Several times members of the crowd raised the subject of state government asserting their proper authority and repelling the federal government Sen. Brogdon’s name was mentioned again as an alternative to status quo politics and his support of the Tenth Amendment Resolution was held up as the model for Fallin to follow.

“Washington does not need to be deciding what kind of life I am going to live!” This was one statement made by a participant that drew a round of applause.

“We want to know what she is doing for state’s rights…there are others running for governor that are big advocates of state’s rights and unless she falls in with that…unless she starts advocating for that, she is going to lose my support”

One of Fallin’s spokesmen offered that she voted against the stimulus. When it was apparent that this answer didn’t satisfy he hastily went on;


“I gotta tell you. . she did attend the Tea Parties in April, she did go. She is supportive. I can’t tell you how many times she emailed me from Washington to tell me. . .w-when I could go because she was excited about this movement and your ideas. . saving our deficit, saving our future generations AND. . . . and. . you know. . makes herself very vocal on this issue”


Once again, the crowd was reminded that Fallin rejected all of President Obama administration’s spending initiatives and again the crowd seemed less than impressed and countered by reminding them that she did vote for the bailout and that was unacceptable.


Some ladies brought literature on what AZ is doing to protect the people from Obama care and asked is falling could, since she is running for Governor, go ahead and start advocating within the state for something similar? The AZ measure to protect the residents of that state specifically from the Obama Care bill is an idea that this group liked. They were firm in wanting to see legislators in Oklahoma stand up to the federal government and defend the principle of sovereignty guaranteed by the Tenth Amendment

Arizona Moves to Oppose Obama’s Expected Health Care Mandates




Participants said that they wanted to see the conservatives do something other than just cast votes They want to see the Republican party get organized, get a strategy and utilize the help that that is being offered to them by the grassroots and stop simply biding their time until they get back in power.

Look. We are willing to help” says one lady who went to Denver to help out with the Mccain-Palin campaign

I’m tired of donating to the party; I want to donate to an individual that is going to step up and do it!”

When asked what the party was doing to ensure future success, one of Fallin’s spokesmen finally hit on an idea that met with approval;

“We have to stay consistent with our principles.”

fallin crowdem2

To which the British ex-pat questioner, now American citizen responded with a tight lipped






fallincrowdJimmyCMy new friend, Jimmie Carter!

fallincrownogThis gentleman made plenty of well-articulated points.





okc609 022Signing up!

 fallinrepsecSecurity man hovering in the background made us all feel much safer


okc609 067There were so many well-reasoned ladies present. I asked them if they would like to go with me to our Capitol and help by giving input to our elected officials.

okc609 063

British-American and fan of the Fair Tax.