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Elmore City Police Chief Says He Was Fired Over ‘Ticket Quota’

Kaye Beach

Nov. 7, 2012

Police departments usually deny the existence of ticket quotas but this former Police chief says he was fired for not meeting his quota set by the town’s mayor.

from News9.com

ELMORE CITY, Oklahoma –

An Elmore City police chief says he was fired for not writing enough tickets.

The former chief says he was told by the mayor there was a ticket quota and when he refused to meet it, he was let go.

News 9 checked with an attorney who says ticket quotas are illegal and a violation of a police officer’s oath.  But the former chief and others who used to work for the city tell News 9 the mayor made it clear, he expected a certain amount of tickets to be written every day.

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New Mexico: City Shuts Off Water, Sewer for Photo Ticket Nonpayment

Kaye Beach

April, 27, 2o12

Now how is this logical?  Answer:  It isn’t!  Since the circumstances neither warrant nor call for the cutting of vital services for non-payment of a traffic fine, it is bullying plain and simple.  I hope the people of Las Cruces gets a hold of their city government fast!

From TheNewspaper.com

New Mexico: City Shuts Off Water, Sewer for Photo Ticket Nonpayment

Las Cruces, New Mexico is threatening to cut off water, gas and sewer service over unpaid red light and speed camera tickets.

With more and more vehicle owners simply deciding refuse to pay red light camera and speed camera tickets, private, for-profit companies and municipalities are growing increasingly desperate. America’s second-largest city shut down its photo ticketing program last year largely because residents who could not afford the $500 citations did not pay them. On Monday, Las Cruces, New Mexico announced it would shut off the utilities of city residents who refused to pay Redflex Traffic Systems, the Australian company that owns and operates the cameras.

“The city is notifying offenders by mail that they have until the due date stated in the letter to pay the fines or make satisfactory payment arrangements,” a Las Cruces press release warned. “Failure to comply will result in termination of utilities services.”

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Random Red Light Camera News and Views

City Wants to Add Red Light Cameras Outside of Downtown
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About Face on Red Light Cameras?
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In tonight’s hotly debated City Council meeting, the Washington Chief of Police ( Chief Hahn) has apparently done an about face on Red Light Cameras in the

Two More California Cities Reject Red Light Cameras
Red light cameras are nowhere near as popular as they once were with Golden State municipalities. Loma Linda and Whittier became the most recent examples of

More than a third of red light camera citations go unpaid
Franklin Park Herald Journal
By MARK LAWTON mlawton@pioneerlocal.com More than a third of drivers who are cited in Northlake via red light cameras are not paying their fines.
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Running Reds: The Camera Cash Cow
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[O]verall collisions are up at the intersections where Clarksville has installed red light cameras (a result we’ve seen nearly everywhere they’ve been
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Red Light Runners
What really floored him was a burgundy car…rocketing through a red light on Millbranch. It lost control, cutting off a van before wiping-out.

Speed camera becomes a lottery
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Regarding redlight cameras. I wonder how many frames of that film are wasted on police cars that don’t stop and run through the lights?

Clearwater pushes ahead with red light cameras – St. Petersburg Times
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Random Red Light Scamera News

Redlight cameras going in at Ogden-Eola
Chicago Sun-Times
AURORA — The intersection with the highest number of crashes in the city last year will soon have red light enforcement cameras. Installation of the
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Albuquerque’s redlight cameras to return Friday
ALBUQUERQUE, NM (AP) — The redlight cameras in Albuquerque will be turned back on early Friday morning. They were turned off on Oct. 26 when a contract
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Letters: Redlight cameras angst
Houston Chronicle
The city officials responsible for the redlight cameras are either arrogant or incompetent (or maybe both). They should have sent a letter to ATS giving
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Red light cameras to monitor Ogden at Eola
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Keep cameras, vans on the job
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For one reason, a popular vote against redlight cameras in Houston and a Louisiana Supreme Court decision not to try to reinstate cameras in New Orleans
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Violations generally clear in photos, videos of redlight runners
Colorado Springs Gazette
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Fun! The speed camera that doesn’t just check your speed

At a stroke this eliminates speed cameras and redlight cameras (which are serviced by third-party operators in return for a cut of the take) as well as
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Red light cameras voted out – BaytownSun.com: News
Tuesday night, with early votes, mail-in votes and over half of Election Day votes counted, Baytown’s Proposition 1, limiting the use of red light cameras,


Grits for Breakfast: Houston wants to continue redlight cameras
By Gritsforbreakfast
Although voters abolished Houston’s red light camera system Tuesday, the 70 cameras have the green light to keep recording traffic violations for months as the city weighs a legal strategy for exiting its contract with the firm
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Bring the Scameras Down! » Amber-light scam hidden Database
In some U.S. jurisdictions where redlight cameras were used, they discovered the vast majority of so-called red-light runners are ticketed 0.1 or 0.2 seconds after the light turns red. Some states have mandated longer amber times which
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Seattle’s KING 5 News Interviews YAL at WCC President | Bastiat
By Mikayla Hall
Making banning local red light cameras a large focus, the YAL chapter at Whatcom Community College (Bellingham, WA) has been at the forefront of the Ban Cams movement. Recently the chapter president, Johnny Weaver, was interviewed by
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Tattletale Trash Cans

EDITORIAL: Tattletale trash cans

Nanny-state spy chips watch your garbage

In the never-ending quest to extract money from the public, municipal busybodies have turned to spying on your trash. Cleveland wants its residents to participate in the feel-good ritual of recycling. On Wednesday, the City Council voted to expand installation of radio-frequency identification (RFID) spy chips in everyone’s dumpsters to track the trash and eventually dish out $100 fines to anyone who fails to participate.

The town’s high-tech garbage trucks are capable of weighing each trash can as it is collected. Spy chips enable the system to track precisely how much and what kind of material each home disposes on a weekly basis. Should the recycled bin’s contents fail to meet an arbitrary threshold, municipal revenue agents can be dispatched to rummage through and assess the offending homeowner’s rubbish so the fines can be levied.

Cleveland – known as “the Mistake on the Lake” – is not alone. Locally, Arlington County, Alexandria, Frederick and Gaithersburg use the same spy chips, but these jurisdictions are not issuing tickets yet. Alexandria residents didn’t believe the claim that the ultimate goal wasn’t generating fines when the issue first came up in May. Alexandria officials insisted the primary purpose was tracking heretics who don’t embrace the city’s environmentalist agenda.

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Traffic Camera Accuracy, Legal Problems Proliferate Worldwide

Officials in the US, UK and Australia are forced to refund inaccurate or illegally issued red light camera and speed camera tickets.

Reported by The Newspaper

In the past week, thousands of vehicle owners across the US, England and Australia will receive refunds after officials admitted that the automated citations they received were either bogus or issued contrary to law. In Virginia Beach, Virginia, the red light cameras operated by Redflex Traffic Systems were ticketing drivers who stopped before turning right on red. Despite making perfectly legal and safe turns at Independence Boulevard and Bonney Road, vehicle owners were receiving tickets from the Australian company, WVEC-TV reported. Virginia Beach police claimed that they “reviewed” every citation before it was mailed, yet they failed to prevent innocent owners from being ticketed.

A Hagerstown, Maryland woman was issued a ticket by American Traffic Solutions of Arizona on March 17 for allegedly running a red light on March 17 in Washington, DC. Pearl Myers owns a blue Saturn and never drives in the District. The ticket showed a Volkswagen with a blurry license plate that shared all but one letter with the plate on the Myers Saturn. Myers filed a challenge and was told it would take “up to six months” for a ruling. The bogus ticket was rescinded after the Herald-Mail newspaper intervened.

A motorist in Buckinghamshire, England battled the speed camera ticket that charged him with driving 40 MPH in a 30 zone on Denham Green Lane on June 16, 2009. Instead of merely accepting the £60 fine, Graham Lee, 37, braved the risk of a judicially imposed fine of £1000 and a lengthy driving ban that the UK legal system threatens to discourage court challenges. Lee ordered the video evidence of his alleged crime — which he had to drive 200 miles away from home to view. According to the Bucks Free Press, error codes were recorded on the video that did not appear in the still photograph that accompanied his ticket. As a result of his discovery, charges were finally dropped.

A total of 260 vehicle owners in Seattle, Washington were accused of “speeding” in a school zone, despite being nowhere near a school. The letters were sent as part of a temporary warning period before the actual citations of up to $247 are issued by American Traffic Solutions, an Arizona-based firm. When ticket recipients called to complain about the error, they were ignored until the Seattle Times intervened.

In Liverpool, England, innocent drivers of milk delivery vehicles are being constantly pulled over and interrogated due to a fault in the Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) camera system. The low-speed electric vehicles do not need the annual “MOT” vehicle safety test under the law. Since they are relying solely on the alert of the camera to look for easy tickets to issue, police end up stopping and ticketing milkmen who are operating within the law.

Often the speed cameras claiming to punish lawbreakers are themselves breaking the law. In Queensland, Australia, over 1145 vehicle owners received speed camera tickets issued in violation of the law from cameras mounted in the financially troubled Clem7 toll tunnel. All tickets from the opening of the tunnel to May 17 will be refunded. At an average of A$150 per ticket, the total cost is expected to be $172,000. According to the Brisbane Times, all cameras must be tested manually for accuracy. The Clem7 system relied on a “self-test” mechanism whereby the speed camera certified itself as accurate.

In West Palm Beach, Florida, officials unanimously decided to refund the $150 red light camera tickets issued to the owners of vehicles that made safe right-hand turns on red, the Palm Beach Post reported. The change of heart followed issuance of a right-turn tickets to the mayor and two other commissioners who believed them to be unfair as well as the ruling of a special master earlier this month throwing out all twenty-four challenged tickets because the citations failed to obey the city ordinance requiring a description of the make and model of the vehicle.

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ATS Loses Traffic Camera Court Battle Against Redflex
Battle between two largest traffic camera companies ends with victory for the Australian firm.

Well sorta…

Camera Fraud explains;

The court case, which Redflex actually won against American Traffic Solutions may have hurt the winner more than the loser. Karen Finley, CEO of Redflex was forced to admit under oath that her woefully incompetent multi-national corporation was operating in the United States for 11 years(’97 – ’08) with falsified FCC documents, which said the company’s radar equipment did not need to be certified. As you can guess, the equipment absolutely did need to be certified, which means Redflex was lying through their teeth for years in order to score contracts with cities.

These corporations demonstrate to us again and again that they will do anything to turn a buck, even putting our lives at stake by shortening the yellow lights but we are supposed to believe these things are for our safety and mail them a check every time they send us a ticket in the mail?

Apparently Oklahoma wants us not only to trust and obey some private company issuing photo enforcement tickets, they also want us to allow them to be our judge and jury!

Traffic Technology Today

. . .the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety (DPS) is preparing to sign a contract with a company that will track all passing motorists with a network of at least 20 ALPR cameras. The devices would also generate additional revenues by issuing US$250 citations for expired insurance using the Oklahoma Compulsory Insurance Verification System (OCIVS) database. . .

The winning company would install, test, maintain and operate the cameras. It would mail tickets to vehicle owners. It would run a toll-free hotline and conduct hearings where motorists would contest camera tickets before a camera company employee instead of a judge.

Let me get this straight.  You get a ticket from a scamera company and think it is in error.  When you show up to contest it…..

We are living a nightmare!