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Sen. Tom Coburn on Fusion Center Follies

Kaye Beach
Nov. 8, 2012
Sen. Tom Coburn is hoping that the Senate subcommittee report that he co-authored will spark fusion center reform.    Read the Report and share a copy to your state legislator too!
Nov. 6, 2012

Since the 9/11 attacks, Congress and the White House have invested hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars in support of dozens of state and local fusion centers across the United States. After a two-year Senate investigation identified problems with nearly every aspect of the Department of Homeland Security’s involvement with these centers — including irrelevant, untimely or useless intelligence reporting to DHS, among other widespread deficiencies — there is a clear need for reform.

Since 2003, more than 70 state and local fusion centers, supported in part with federal funds, have been created or expanded to strengthen U.S. intelligence capabilities and detect, disrupt and respond to domestic terrorist activities. DHS’ support for and involvement with these centers has centered on their professed ability to strengthen federal counterterrorism efforts. However, as the investigation found, there are significant factors hindering this initial intent to connect the dots in the sharing of terrorism-related information among state, local and federal officials.


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DHS ‘fusion centers’ “pools of ineptitude, waste and civil liberties intrusions”

Kaye Beach

Oct. 3, 2012

Maybe the civil liberty violations alone weren’t enough to get the kind of attention on these hometown spy centers deserve but add to that the shocking lavish spending, waste and ineptitude. .  .well finally!

Thanks to Sen. Carl Levin (D-Mich.) Oklahoma’s own Senator Tom Coburn for their great work on this eye opening report on DHS’ Fusion Centers. (Read the report)

Close them down!

The Washington Post’s Robert O’Harrow reports;

Oct. 2, 2012An initiative aimed at improving intelligence sharing has done little to make the country more secure, despite as much as $1.4 billion in federal spending, according to a two-year examination by Senate investigators.The nationwide network of offices known as “fusion centers” was launched after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks to address concerns that local, state and federal authorities were not sharing information effectively about potential terrorist threats.But after nine years — and regular praise from officials at the Department of Homeland Security — the 77 fusion centers have become pools of ineptitude, waste and civil liberties intrusions, according to a scathing 141-page report by the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs permanent subcommittee on investigations.

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Tom Coburn, Congressional Republicans Ask Governors Not To Implement Health Care Exchange

Kaye Beach
July 3, 2012
If you were wondering what Dr Coburn thinks about the implementation of the controversial Health Care Exchanges-wait no more…The good Doctor says NO!
From CapitolBeatOK
Patrick B. McGuigan
Published: 03-Jul-2012
OKLAHOMA CITY – Twelve U.S. Senators and 61 members of the U.S. House have written every governor in America, including Oklahoma’s Mary Fallin, asking the state chief executives to oppose implementation of health care exchanges under the controversial Affordable Care Act. The new developments unfolded as turmoil continued to surround what might be the most contentious judicial decision in the modern era.
Meanwhile, grass roots activists in Oklahoma are organizing a rally at the Oklahoma state Capitol for Saturday, July 7.  (link to more info)
Republican U.S. Sen. Tom Coburn of Muskogee joined several colleagues in signing the letter. Leading the charge to gather signatures on the missive was U.S. Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina.

AxXiom For Liberty Live Tonight 6-8 PM Jonathan Small, OCPA and Chris Long Documentary Filmaker

Kaye Beach

May 25, 2012

AxXiom For Liberty Radio Live with Kaye Beach and Howard Houchen

Listen Live on LogosRadioNetwork.com from 6-8 PM CST

Hour 1,  Howard and I welcome Jonathan Small, C.P.A., Fiscal Policy Director for OCPA to discuss the latest Oklahoma state budget agreement, state spending, and what’s the deal for getting REAL tax cuts.?!

Read more about Jonathan Small and the Oklahoma Council for Public Affairs


In Hour 2, we have another very special guest- Chris Long.

Chris is currently Attending University of Oklahoma where he is working on his Master of Arts in Broadcast and Electronic Media.  His current film is Crying out Loud: Messages from the Heartland.  This film is centered on the Tea Party movement. What began as a project for a 5 minute film has evolved into a 2 year study for Chris who has made the project into his Thesis.

We will find out what Chris has learned about this movement in Oklahoma, the people involved in the Tea Party and how this movement fits into the larger populist influence, both left and right, that has shaped politics in the state of Oklahoma since its beginnings.

We welcome your calls!

Call in number 512-646-1984

Cops Want ARMED Drones!

Kaye Beach

May 23, 2012

Well, you’d have thought that they would wait until the things had been flying over us awhile before they would start talking about arming them but NO!  We have given them too many inches now and predictably, they are taking their miles.

Groups Concerned Over Arming Of Domestic Drones

May 23, 2012 1:18 PM

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – With the use of domestic drones increasing, concern has not just come up over privacy issues, but also over the potential use of lethal force by the unmanned aircraft.

Drones have been used overseas to target and kill high-level terror leaders and are also being used along the U.S.-Mexico border in the battle against illegal immigration. But now, these drones are starting to be used domestically at an increasing rate.

The Federal Aviation Administration has allowed several police departments to use drones across the U.S. They are controlled from a remote location and use infrared sensors and high-resolution cameras.

Chief Deputy Randy McDaniel of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office in Texas told The Daily that his department is considering using rubber bullets and tear gas on its drone.

“Those are things that law enforcement utilizes day in and day out and in certain situations it might be advantageous to have this type of system on the UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle),” McDaniel told The Daily.

Read more of this insanity HERE

IACP 2010: Airborne support for law enforcement that won’t break the bank

Vanguard Defense Industries’ ShadowHawk provides a serious strategic advantage for any agency that deploys it

“Yes, Virginia, We Can See — and Shoot — You From Up Here

Do you know who voted to release 30, 000 drones in US skies?

HR 658, the “Federal Aviation Administration Air Transportation Modernization and Safety Improvement Act” was passed by both Houses and signed by the President on Feb 14, 2012

Oklahoma Senators
Yea   R Coburn, Thomas OK
Yea   R Inhofe, James “Jim” OK
Oklahoma House
Aye   R Sullivan, John OK 1st
No   D Boren, Dan OK 2nd
Aye   R Lucas, Frank OK 3rd
No Vote   R Cole, Tom OK 4th
Aye   R Lankford, James OK 5th

Senator Coburn: there are numerous questions that must be answered about smart grid technology

Kaye Beach

Dec 8, 2011

Today Senator Tom Coburn in response to one of his constituents concerns about the smart meters being rolled out across the state of Oklahoma said that while he thinks our nation’s energy grid needs to be updated, “there are numerous questions that must be answered about smart grid technology. . . Concerns relating privacy and property rights in monitoring and adjusting home energy usage (as well as other things) and vulnerability to criminal actions must be addressed. Any invasion of privacy or overreach of the federal government would be inappropriate, and I will strongly oppose it.”

He also states that;

“the feasibility of this technology has not been proven”

Speaking specifically about smart meters in Oklahoma, Coburn writes that;

a voluntary smart meter program was approved last year by the Oklahoma Corporation Commission”  Noting that this was a decision that he had no input on, Coburn suggests the gentleman contact the Oklahoma Corporation Commission and share his concerns with them.

The Oklahoma Corporation Commission’s website;


I am unclear if Sen. Coburn means voluntary for the state to participate in or voluntary for the customer, which according to Corporation Commission, is not the case, but try to get  clarification from him on this point.

From the Corporation Commission’s “Common Questions Regarding Smart Metersdocument;

Can I refuse to have a Smart meter? No. Once your utility has approval to install Smart meters, all analog meters will be required to be replaced. Failure to replace all of the meters could eliminate any cost savings and reliability benefits from the Smart meter network. For example, one analog meter in a neighborhood would still require a meter reader to go and physically read the meter.

Coburn end his response with this promise;

“I will guard the privacy of Americans and the ability to operate households as they see fit.”

Senator Coburn’s response minus his constituents name and info is below;


Thank you for your email regarding the recent installment of smart meters in parts of Del City. It is good to hear from you and I apologize for my delayed response.

As you may already know, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (H.R. 1, also known as the “stimulus”) funded the development of Smart Grid technology, and subsequent smart meters, at $4.5 billion. It has been said that Smart Grid technology has the capability of monitoring electricity consumption, and bringing in a new era of energy efficiency. While I believe our nation’s energy grid requires updating, there are numerous questions that must be answered about smart grid technology, most of which you raised in your email. Concerns relating privacy and property rights in monitoring and adjusting home energy usage (as well as other things) and vulnerability to criminal actions must be addressed. Any invasion of privacy or overreach of the federal government would be inappropriate, and I will strongly oppose it.

Furthermore, the feasibility of this technology has not been proven; yet politicians eager to demonstrate their support for energy efficiency (and spend your money) have jumped on the smart grid bandwagon. I firmly believe that politicians should not select winners and losers in the market-that responsibility should be left to American consumers who will purchase the most effective and efficient technologies through trial and error, and the free market. Our free market has time and again shown it is more efficient and effective than the government in allocating resources in our economy and that government mandates and subsidies prevent the full use of America’s technological know-how.

In regard to smart meters in Oklahoma, a voluntary smart meter program was approved last year by the Oklahoma Corporation Commission. As a member of the U.S. Senate, I was not involved with this decision. You might consider contacting the members of the Commission to share your concerns.

Thank you again for contacting me on this subject, and please know I will guard the privacy of Americans and the ability to operate households as they see fit. Please stay in touch.


Tom A. Coburn, M.D.
United States Senator

TC: bb

AxXiom For Liberty Aug 12 6-8pm CST ‘Your Money AND Your Life’

Friday August 12, 2011 6-8pm CST on AxXiom For Liberty radio with Kaye Beach and Howard Houchen;

Listening Info

We have an incredible line up of guests to help us make sense of the insensible tonight!

I will admit economics isn’t my strong point however some of that may be due to the fact that “economics” has been divorced from fiscal realities for a long time.  Tonight Howard has lined up an array of guests that will help shed some light on the fiscal realities we are facing on the municipal level, in regards to energy and on the personal level due to increasing constrictions on our freedom imposed by our government struggling to maintain control.


Tulsa County Assessor, Ken Yazel-

Ken Yazel was elected Tulsa County Assessor in 2002 and was re-elected in 2006 and again in 2010.

Assessor Yazel says; “Various public officials promised the taxpayers that taxes would not go up if they voted for the bonds.”
At the same time, I was advising those officials and the public that if they project an overly ambitious valuation growth rate, property tax levies go up in subsequent years to meet their obligations.

Guess What?
“Now that values are not rising as fast as projected, property tax rates must increase. The Excise Board will soon approve tax levies based on an increased demand for property taxes and a leaner tax base. The result can only be higher taxes for the citizens of Tulsa County.”

Read more


ECONOMY, Energy and the Environment

Next up-Chief Technology Officer of Merica International, Robert Rapier – Economy and Energy

Mr. Rapier career has been devoted to energy issues. He has worked on cellulosic ethanol, butanol production, oil refining, natural gas production, and gas-to-liquids (GTL). Robert Rapier grew up in Oklahoma, and received his Master’s in Chemical Engineering from Texas A&M.

The mission of R-Squared is to foster open discussions of Energy and the Environment.  http://www.consumerenergyreport.com/blogs/rsquared/

Articles by Robert Rapier

“The Long Recession” http://www.consumerenergyreport.com/2009/06/09/the-long-recession/

“The Need for a Real Domestic  Alternative Energy Policy in the USA”   http://www.consumerenergyreport.com/2011/08/04/the-need-for-a-real-domestic-alternative-energy-policy-in-the-usa/

Robert Rapier on Peak Oil



Economic Uncertainty and Freedom

Then we welcome Houston Nations, a Finance and Market Analyst who is currently in the process of concluding 2 years of independent research into the causes of the current economic crisis

And last but certainly not least,  Mark Lerner co-founder of the Constitutional Alliance

Mark has testified before many state legislative committees and is in Washington D.C. on a regular basis supporting the rights of citizens.

We will get his  insight into current events (including economic uncertainty) and what all of this means for the future of freedom in America.


Show Notes:

Oklahoma Townhalls

The U.S. Military’s Plan for London-Like Riots

TC Indymedia Exclusive: Secret ‘Trigger’ & blueprint for emergency domestic military crackdown plan revealed

Submitted by TCIMC on Fri, 11/19/2010 – 16:31

Dan Feidt debriefed us on the CONPLAN 3502 documents he unearthed last Nov. Find the documents and listen to the audio archive here-

Operation Garden Plot, Insurrection and CONPLAN 3502 – Hayden’s Note on Katrina Attached

“It is my belief that Operation Garden Plot and Noble Eagle-like activation was witnessed in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina.  I was a police officer there at the time and it fulfilled the plan to a T.  Joint patrols with civil authorities, checkpoints for major arteries in and out of the city, soldiers and Humvees stationed at major intersections and bridges, assistance in imposing an unlawful curfew against all citizens, gun confiscation, and even business checks.  These “patrols” involved the use of thermal image cameras mounted on the Humvees, looking for warm bodies moving through the darkness and debris, riding with various SWAT teams and responding to gun fights, looting and even conducting traffic stops and simple drug enforcement. ” read more 

Corporate Media Puzzled by U.S. Martial Law Plans in Wake of Brit Riots

Britain considers restrictions on social media to stop rioting

DHS Proposes Secret Watchlist Database, Privacy Groups Protest


Heads Up!  HB 1981 The “Protect Children From Online Pornographers Act” that has nothing to do with online pornographers or children!

From Downsize DC;

A dangerous bill has been approved by the Republican-controlled House Judiciary Committee that would ELIMINATE  your online privacy. That’s why I sent a letter to Congress using DownsizeDC.org’s Hands Off the Internet Campaign.

I urge you to send a letter. You may borrow from or copy this…

I insist that you oppose HR 1981, the so-called “Protecting Children from Internet Pornographers Act.”

The very name of the bill is dishonest and offensive. It misleads the public into thinking the bill gives law enforcement expanded tools to protect children from pedophiles.

But actually, it gives law enforcement broad powers to examine ANYONE’s Internet activities, for ANY reason. According to CNET (http://cnet.co/oU5t35):

* It would require commercial Internet providers “to store… customers’ names, addresses, phone numbers, credit card numbers, bank account numbers, and temporarily-assigned IP addresses.”
* Rep. Zoe Lofgren says this would create “a data bank of every digital act by every American” that would “let us find out where every single American visited Web sites.”
* If the law passed, criminals would simply go to libraries or coffeehouses and use the Web anonymously, while law-abiding Americans would have their activities recorded.

In addition…

* ISP’s will have to reconfigure their systems to accommodate the data retention requirements — an expense they will surely pass on to their customers (to you)
* Combing through mostly irrelevant records of innocent Americans is a highly INEFFICIENT form of catching criminals

As Kevin Bankston of the Electronic Frontier Foundation puts it, HR 1981, “would treat every Internet user like a criminal and threaten the online privacy and free speech rights of every American… Such a scheme would be as objectionable to our Founders as the requiring of licenses for printing presses or the banning of anonymous pamphlets.” (http://bit.ly/rffep9)

The First and Fourth Amendments guarantee my right to anonymity and to privacy. Both disappear if the government tracks my online activities.

Uphold your oath of office to support and defend the Constitution. Oppose HR 1981!


You can send your letter using DownsizeDC.org’s Educate the Powerful System.

DownsizeDC.org is one of 30 organizations that had sent a letter to the House Judiciary Committee concerning HR 1981. You can read that letter here.

Rural Council: It’s about control

There is no justification for the federal government to impose itself into the life and lifestyles of rural America. Nothing in the Constitution can be construed to authorize the federal government to require a farm boy to obtain a federal Commercial Driver’s License before he can drive the family tractor.  It’s about control, and nothing but control, over every facet of life.  See what else the feds are doing to control rural life in… This week’s newsletter!

Meet the Candidates! Lawton Okla. Thurs. Oct. 14th 7-9 pm


Just a few of the Candidates that will be speaking tonight in Lawton;

Tom Coburn, Gary Jones, Janet Barresi, and Jim Priest


Senator Coburn says he will hold up food safety bill

posted 9/16/10

By MARY CLARE JALONICK (AP) – 7 hours ago

WASHINGTON — A Republican senator is threatening to hold up food safety legislation that would give the Food and Drug Administration more power to prevent outbreaks, saying Democrats must find a way to pay for it.

Republican Sen. Tom Coburn of Oklahoma says the bill, which has stalled in the Senate for more than a year, adds to the deficit and expands the power of an already troubled agency.

Advocates for the bill say it is crucial to strengthen the nation’s toothless food safety oversight and would help prevent large outbreaks of tainted food.

Coburn’s office said Wednesday the senator will object to bringing up the bill if his concerns aren’t addressed. His objections are a major blow to supporters’ chances of passing the legislation this year.

The legislation would give the agency more power to recall tainted products, require more inspections of food processing facilities and require producers to follow stricter standards for keeping food safe. Currently, the FDA does not have the authority to order a recall and must negotiate recalls with the affected producers. The agency rarely inspects many food facilities and farms, visiting some every decade or so and others not at all.


Oklahoma Watchdog-OK Congressional Disbursement Reports

Oklahoma congressional delegation comments on new disbursements website

By Andrew Griffin on December 16, 2009

OKLAHOMA CITY — Oklahoma Watchdog took a look at the disbursement reports, available online for the first time, from Oklahoma’s congressional delegation, which includes Republican Reps. John Sullivan of Tulsa; Mary Fallin of Oklahoma City; Tom Cole of Moore; Frank Lucas of Cheyenne; and Democrat Rep. Dan Boren of Muskogee.

All the representatives contacted agreed that having this information online is a positive development.

Sullivan, who was preparing to leave for Copenhagen to attend the climate summit, said, “I think it’s good, the transparency of it. It’s been available in a hard copy but it being online is good for all eyeballs to see.”

Fallin replied in an email, “I believe our expenditures reflect my office’s commitment to serving constituents of Oklahoma’s Fifth Congressional District.  We are always very conscientious about spending taxpayers’ money and budget our needs and expenses very wisely.  I am glad this information is now available online to ensure greater government transparency, which is especially important when it comes to how taxpayer money is spent.”

Asked about the negative number showing up under the printing and reproduction category, Fallin’s communications officer Katie Bruns said, “That negative charge is a reclassified expense that had already been paid and disclosed in (the second quarter) but showed up under its new classification in (the third quarter).

Rep. Frank Lucas said, “I am pleased that Speaker (Nancy) Pelosi has finally placed this information online in an easy to use format. The people have the right to see how their money is being spent by their members of Congress and this is a step in the right direction.”

Rep. Boren replied, “I am pleased that greater transparency has been provided to citizen’s regarding the administration of the U.S. House and its Member offices.  With 25 counties spread across the entire block of eastern Oklahoma, these statements of disbursements reflect the administrative costs of representing one of the largest Congressional districts in the U.S. and maintaining the best possible constituent services for the citizens in the Second District.”

And Rep. Cole, who had the highest amount of expenditures, responded, saying, “While the Statement of Disbursement has been publicly available previously, I believe making it more accessible by putting it on the internet is an idea long overdue.”