My name is Kaye Beach and I live in Central Oklahoma.

I have been a full time freedom activist for three years and am a member of the Board of Directors of the Constitutional Alliance-a coalition of individuals and groups committed to preserving the unalienable rights to life, liberty, and property as pronounced in the Declaration of Independence and protected under the Bill of Rights.  I began this blog site to share information and ideas with others who are also interested in keeping an eye on our government and making a positive impact on policy.

AxXiom For Liberty Radio

Every Friday evening, I play co-host to the irrepressible Howard Houchen.  We can be heard live every Friday from 6-8 CST on the Logos Radio Network

Howard and I strive to make sense of the insensible and discover how each of us can play a part in preserving our freedom.  Listeners  can expect to hear the results of original research and analysis as well as the voices of  ordinary Americans  just like us  that are doing extraordinary things  to keep our nation from veering off course.

Be sure to check out Howard’s television show The Road to Liberty , my website AxXiom for Liberty and tune into Rule of Law Radio Network live every Friday from 6-8 CST or access the archives for past shows.

“Privacy is inherently personal. The right to privacy recognizes the sovereignty of the individual.”  

Smith v Artesia 1989

I believe our “right to be left alone” is an essential one so my concerns are naturally focused on the expansion of surveillance and control in our society.   This is the driving force behind my work.

My particular interests often afford me the opportunity to connect with other activists across the political spectrum which suits me well as I find building bridges much more rewarding than building walls.  I am ardently pro-individual liberty,  as long as you support the individual, unalienable human rights of each and every one of us, then we have a common cause.

The idea that “everything has changed” since 9 11 must be challenged because our government has used this notion as license to run amuck.  Nothing has changed so much that we need to upend the basic tenants that this country was founded upon.   The principles of individual liberty and personal responsibility are enduring and required for our personal satisfaction as well as for the success of our nation. But right now the assaults on our legal and natural rights seem to come one right after another prompting many to wonder where it will end.  The answer depends on us.

“How free do you want to be?”

contact me at AxXiomForLiberty@gmail.com

14 responses to “About

  1. Hi ,I was looking at Behavioral Teacher Education Project on Scribd.
    It looks like you uploaded it. I was trying to download it, but that site wont let me.
    If you have it do you think you can send me a pdf?

  2. Crosstimbers Okie

    Hey Kaye,

    Check out the WikiLeaks Fallout:


    Senate Passes Bill That Destroys Existing Whistleblower Rights

    The Senate passed the Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act (S. 372) on Friday, December, 10th, by unanimous consent. As the National Whistleblowers Center has repeatedly stated S. 372 is a bad deal for whistleblowers. There are two poison pills in the bill that fundamentally undermine the small advances in the bill. There is still time to fix the bill.

    For the first time ever, federal employees will not be protected for blowing the whistle on a violation of law. The excuse given to justify this dangerous rollback is that it only excludes minor violations of law. The fact is there is no such thing as a minor violation of law. Either it is violation of the law or it is not. Federal managers should not be allowed to decide what laws they can violate.

    In fact, this provision overturns one of few Federal Court decisions in 30 years that ordered corrective action for a whistleblower. The provision also runs counter to every major study on how to detect fraud, including the most recent study by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. These studies have found that the best way to detect fraud is to protect whistleblowers who report even suspicious activity because it is often the suspicious activity that leads to the discovery of major fraud.

    The second major rollback in the Senate bill is the increased power given to the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB). Instead of reforming the broken MSPB, for the first time in history the Senate has given the Board the ability to summarily dismiss a whistleblowers case without ever having a hearing. The House resisted efforts in 1978 to give the MSPB this tremendous authority and should continue to do so today.

    These two dangerous rollbacks in existing whistleblower protections can be fixed in the House and sent back to the Senate. We cannot allow another generation of whistleblowers to suffer. Urge the House to continue to stand up for real whistleblower protections and fix the Senate bill before passing it.

    Whistleblowers were promised enhanced protections. We will not stand by silently and watch Congress destroy existing whistleblowers rights so that they can say they passed something for whistleblowers. Please help us protect whistleblowers by taking action and then passing this alert on to your friends and family.

  3. Oh No! I thought that bill was finished.
    Early this spring I was following it.
    Frederic Whitehurst’s campaign (via the National Whistleblowers Center) against the bill caught my attention-


    This is terrible.
    Thank you so much for bringing it to my attention.

  4. Kaye:
    Looks like we may be neighbors. I have a small farm in Okfuskee County, about 10 minutes from Okemah.
    Anyway, I came across your site while trying to find info on the upcoming precinct meetings and read your piece on precincts and the committee power. I am looking to move beyond the emails, calls and visits to representatives, rallies, and the like – choosing to get involved in the process more directly – so thanks for the information. Based on your “About” profile, we are indeed kindred spirits in thought.
    Two items: 1) Have you read much relative to Mr. Obama’s proposed Internet ID program through the Commerce Department? I have found very little and my antenna are up. 2) Would love to have you visit my blog – you may find some of it of interest. The address is: http://freedomfarm.me
    In liberty,

  5. Hello Phil,
    Glad to meet you!
    The precinct meeting are square one for making a difference so you are looking in the right direction. Politics are what they are of course but unless we are affecting policy in some way they don’t really mean much. By becoming an active, voting member of the party we can have a direct effect on the quality of leadership, the selection of candidates and more. Interacting with our representatives is hugely important and made even more effective by being an active participant in the political process.
    I learned a lot about politics and our government in general from taking the time to follow the process from the precinct to the county and state conventions all the way to the RNC. I’m no party hack but am dedicated to being one of the many who are doing something to ensure that the next generation is left with their essential rights intact so that they will have the freedom they need to straighten out the mess we leave them. Beginning at the precinct level in the GOP is one powerful way to do this.
    The internet ID is definitely a concern but the REAL ID, which isn’t dead by a long shot regardless of any re-branding they apply to it, still looms. Nearly 1/3 of the states are fully or almost fully in compliance with the benchmarks for REAL ID.
    I look forward to reading your blog and hope to see you soon. If I can be of help to you in any way, please let me know.

  6. Sorry, I have to question Any blogs that ‘moderate’ viewers comments…that is Not freedom but Feel free to delete my comment from your ‘freedom’ ,er, cough, blog…

  7. Terry, WordPress gives these options;

    An administrator must always approve the comment
    Comment author must have a previously approved comment

    I checked the second option, as I remember, to protect from spammers who have gotten quite tricky. Am willing to give un-moderated a try because I don’t care for it either.

  8. Prescriptions for cold medicine and “Wandering Weaver” goes to Bourbon Country?

    We have another case of the government punishing the people to catch the less than 1% misusing a common product, using flawed data to back up their “logic”.

    Now common cold remedies using ephedrine and pseudoephedrine are sold at drug stores everywhere. But those ingredients are used in producing meth too. So to “solve” the meth problem Senator Tom Jensen (R-Kentucky) will force you to go to the doctor to treat your sniffles. Doesn’t make sense.

    The problem isn’t the medicine, the problem is how it’s being misused.

    Senator Jensen proposes to punish the 99% that are using the medicine correctly. Even our own Darryl Weaver, head of the Bureau of Narcotics in Oklahoma weighed in for Kentucky. In Kentucky. In Kentucky? Wandering Weaver went to Kentucky … to help Oklahoma? How does that work?

    Mr. Weaver believes the potency of home made meth is greater than that smuggled in from Mexico. Somehow he believes you shouldn’t be able to get common cold tablets for your kids at the corner drug store. But the law of supply and demand exists in the illegal drug industry too. Prices are decreasing as purity levels are increasing in an effort to attract users. Purity has increased to 90 percent even as the price per gram has dropped to about $89, according to a federal Drug Enforcement Agency database and reported in the study.

    But as Senator Jensen proposes to restrict your rights in a misguided effort to stop home-made meth, it ignores the ingenuity of the drug lords. According to Jane Maxwell, senior researcher at The University of Texas, meth purveyors are getting around restrictions on pseudoephedrine by turning to a manufacturing method that uses different chemicals.

    “It’s not surprising that meth use is rebounding”, Maxwell said in the journal Addictive Behaviors in December 2011, “that’s the pattern during the decades that meth has been used. It really is a cyclical pattern of use is up, we put in barriers to producing it or to prevent it from being obtained and that takes it down for a little while,” she said. “But then it goes back up again.” The recent down cycle occurred after sale of ephedrine and pseudoephedrine were severely restricted. The up cycle began as makers of the drug in Mexico reverted to another method called P2P for the principal chemicals involved.

    Wandering Weaver should stay home and solve our problems here.

    So why is Oklahoma punishing it’s law abiding residents in an effort to chase a problem that already has been side stepped by the drug lords?

  9. “Time for Law Enforcement to Back Up Its Citizens, Not Turn Its Back”

    Last week I read in The Times (Pryor Creek, OK) that Diana Reeves lived in a peaceful neighborhood for 33 years.
    Past tense.
    In a house down the street, there seemed to be a lot of visitors. At first it was during the day. The visitors rapidly increased to any day and anytime. It evolved into a sort of drive up system. A car would pull over in front of the house; someone would exchange sacks and run back into the house. Then a lookout was added. After a few months of calling the sheriff, she had enough and went to the police station. No results. As any good citizen would do, she said enough and took the additional courageous step of taping the activities as well as recording vehicle license plates. Armed with some great information, she gave it to Sheriff Frank Cantey. Cantey assured her they would like to get these guys. Problem solved, results expected shortly. But over a 14 month period, only one off-duty officer stayed on her street for about 90 minutes. That’s about .00015 of 1% over the 14 month period devoted to stopping this meth house. Since the activity magically stopped during the one-time surveillance then reappeared 20 minutes after the officer left and the neighborhood NEVER had any follow up police work, one must wonder what’s actually going on. Is it deliberate indifference, other priorities (in the #1 area for pseudoephedrine sales in the state?) or something as nefarious as a Sheriff gone bad?
    A cheap shot at law enforcement? I don’t think so. This could have been the scenario in any town in Oklahoma. With our top narcotics enforcement agent Darryl Weaver, calling for greater regulations on Oklahoma’s law abiding citizens instead of catching these guys, is it any wonder that bad attitude has made its way to the local level? What a lazy way to solve a problem – ignore it until it gets too big, then punish those that are playing by the rules.
    The problem isn’t the medicine; the problem is law enforcement being viewed as lazy, not tenacious and slow to act.

    With the police calling for citizen involvement and with Diana Reeves not only answering that call but going beyond what should be expected, and being ignored, I wonder what kind of message law enforcement sitting on its hands sends Oklahoma’s tax paying citizens and how cheerful criminals must be smiling. Let’s hope this period of law enforcement sitting on the sidelines ends soon and that good folks like Diana Reeves can go to bed at night knowing law enforcement has her back as opposed to turning their back on her and the rest of its citizenry.

  10. Kaye, I live in Tulsa Oklahoma. In May i witnessed abuse by some employees at the municipal court. I followed the protocol and reported the incident to the City of Tulsa ethics commission. Those people in retaliation turned me over to the Federal “Gang Stalking and Electronic Harassment” program, that is run from the state Fusion Center. These people has stalked me in groups since May and because i ignored them, now they are using Directed Energy Weapon devices against me. These people are doing a lot of harm to my person. Please contact me Angel Vides

  11. We need creative solutions, real, big creative solutions now…we all know these insane people are trying to transcend to higher human possibilities i guess but i think they’re mad and drunk with power and shows the human condition when it enthrones human intelligence and casts out God and morality. Dystopian future is hardly descriptive of the nightmare they have in mind. I’m wondering, what is their ultimate goal? Is it to transcend to immortality so they can travel to the stars? If so, why don’t they get on with it and leave the rest of us here as throwbacks for posterity’s sake? I’ll volunteer to build their space ships or space guns (ref; h.g. wells “things to come”) for them and give them the materials with no fuss whatsoever! They should have told us and given us a couple of continents to live as normal humans while they go on their creepy vision quest. I’ve also wondered if david rockefeller hasn’t already been knocking back on that longevity juice.

  12. Would love an update on what’s happening with the biometrics/DL case!

  13. Sarah,
    My apologies. The truth is that I have been somewhat discouraged and have been waiting for something good to happen that I can share.
    Here is the short story: I filed a Motion for Summary Judgement and so did the state. The District Judge denied my motion and approved the state’s. Unfortunately, the Judge did not elaborate on her rulings and thus, I have no idea whether her ruling was on the merits of my case, my standing or what.
    I filed an appeal, which was accepted u the OK Supreme Court who then sent it to the Court of Civil Appeals in Tulsa which is a panel of judges.
    I am waiting to see what they will decide to do.
    My case is still alive, so that is the good news.

  14. Thank you for the update. It’s disappointing that they don’t care enough about our rights to do something about this in a speedy way. Wishing the best!

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