TalkingStickTV – Jesse Trentadue – Death, Lies, and Revenge in Federal Custody

Kaye Beach

Sept. 12, 2012

A must watch!  Video of Jesse Trentadue telling his story below.


On August 18, 1995, Kenneth Trentadue was confined in the Federal Bureau of Prisons’ Federal Transfer Center (“FTC”) in Oklahoma City, after being arrested for a parole violation.  Two days later he was dead. When the Bureau of Prisons ruled his death a suicide his family became alarmed, knowing Kenneth had no reason to end his life. Thus began a 17-year journey to find the truth.  Led by his ever persistent brother Jesse Trentadue, a Salt Lake City attorney, his family began to discover the facts of Kenneth’s death.  Jesse brought forth undisputed physical evidence and key witnesses to indicate his brother’s death was something other than suicide and revealed a government cover-up. A legal battle between the Trentadue family and the Federal Bureau of Prisons, F.B.I., and the Department of Justice ensued. Jesse Trentadue fought tirelessly in an epic battle through the court systems, including three appeals to the 10th Circuit of Court Appeals, seeking justice for his brother.   That justice, however, never came.

Instead, the Trentadue family’s quest for justice for a murdered husband, son and brother, has uncovered a corrupt and ugly side of the U.S. Department of Justice and  F.B.I. that many will have difficulty believing, evidence such as the existence of the “I-Drive,” “S-Drive,” “June Files” and “Zero Files” in which the F.B.I. buries evidence and records to keep those materials out of the hands of defense counsel in criminal cases and away from Freedom of Information Act requests.  Another disturbing fact uncovered by the Trentadue family in their almost two decade long war with the Department of Justice and F.B.I. has  been “PATCON,” an undercover operation involving then Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder that was in place throughout the 1990s.  An acronym for “Patriot Conspiracy,” PATCON was designed to infiltrate and incite the political and religious right so that they could be neutralized as a political force.  Perhaps most disturbing of all is the recent revelation that for many years the F.B.I. has had a program in place, complete with operations manuals, for recruiting and placing informants on the staffs of federal judges, in the offices of United States Senators and Congressman, within the top management of the national media, among the clergy, on defense teams in major criminal prosecutions and inside of local law enforcement and other federal agencies.  The following website provides additional background about the Trentadue case:

If the video is not working properly, here is a link


3 responses to “TalkingStickTV – Jesse Trentadue – Death, Lies, and Revenge in Federal Custody

  1. So who’s screwed up your trentadue tape, why and how?

  2. Did the video not work?

  3. I’ve been following this case since it happened. I appreciate you resurrecting it for Mr. Trentadue. I too, believe there was a coverup. I knew Dr. Jordan well. I believe he returned to his home state of Maine when he retired. Something dreadfully happened to have him label he death a suicide. I knew him to be the kind of person just like his video interview. Maybe the truth will come out someday.

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