Are You Seeing Stars on Your State Driver’s License? Say Hello to REAL ID

Kaye Beach

Feb 14, 2012

Are you seeing stars?

If you live in Indiana, South Dakota, Delaware, Connecticut, Utah, Alabama, Ohio, Florida and West Virginia you will be.

A gold star on your state drivers license means that you have yourself a REAL ID card.

The Real ID Act of 2005 imposed federally mandated standards for state driver’s licenses.

Under REAL ID licenses are to be

•machine readable
•contain  biometric data (including facial biometrics)

This and other information is to be shared nationally and internationally.  REAL ID Facts

The federal government with a little help from their friends at the Secure Driver’s License Coalition are putting the squeeze on the states to comply with the federal REAL ID Act of 2005.  You know, that federal mandate to create an INTERnational ID that about half of the states told the federal government that would NOT comply with.

“Heavily criticized by concerned citizens, civil liberties groups, and state government agencies, the Real ID act is opposed by over 600 organizations including the National Governors Association.”  Ars Technica, 2007 More state governments defy congress and reject Real ID

List of states’ Real ID  “refusal to comply” legislation

According to the Secure Driver’s License Coalition “more than half of the states are close to joining the club that is authorized to place a gold star on its driver’s licenses and IDs.”

Below is a  recent press release by the Secure Driver’s License Coalition where they go on and on about how terrible it is going to be for the poor citizens living in rogue anti-REAL ID states but here is something the Secure Driver’s License Coalition won’t tell you; There are not statutory limitation on the “official purposes” for which a  REAL ID card can be demanded.  The Secretary of Homeland Security, at his or her sole discretion can add any other purpose he or she desires without any congressional approval.

As it stands now, after the deadline(Jan 15, 2013)  is up for states to have implemented REAL ID, we will be required to show our “gold star” cards to fly on a commercial airline, enter a federal building or a nuclear facility but the DHS secretary could decide that the card is required to purchase a firearm or the get healthcare if the Sec. so desired.

Gold Stars Appear, as States Have Less Than One Year to Meet Federal REAL ID Standards for Secure Driver’s Licenses and IDs

WASHINGTON, Jan. 30, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — Airport security screeners are beginning to see stars. That is, they are beginning to see driver’s licenses with gold stars, issued by states which have been certified by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) as compliant with federal REAL ID standards. Those states include Indiana, South Dakota, Delaware, Connecticut, Utah, Alabama, Ohio, Florida and West Virginia.

n 2008, the Department of Homeland Security issued a final rule establishing federal security standards for the issuance of driver’s licenses and IDs, implementing a federal law passed in 2005. Beginning in 2009 and continuing to the present, a succession of states have changed their driver’s license procedures to comply with these regulations. The Coalition for a Secure Driver’s License has carefully tracked those upgrades, and is pleased to report that more than half of the states are close to joining the club that is authorized to place a gold star on its driver’s licenses and IDs.

The dozen states that have done little or nothing to comply with the federal REAL ID requirements had best start looking at the calendar. These states have less than a year remaining to notify the Department of Homeland Security that they will begin reforming their driver’s license rules, or their residents will need to start getting passports in order to board commercial airlines.

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34 responses to “Are You Seeing Stars on Your State Driver’s License? Say Hello to REAL ID

  1. Perhaps this report will put things in a slightly different perspective. There is no national ID here. Not even close. REAL ID implementation update can be found at the Center for Immigration Studies website at
    This assessment concludes that states (1) see tremendous value in pursuing REAL ID standards in reducing fraud, increasing efficiencies, improving customer service, and supporting law enforcement; (2) are willing to pay for those improvements with their own budgets outside of federal grant monies; and (3) are often exceeding REAL ID minimum standards in order to achieve more complete credentialing security. This study finds that 53 states and territories are embracing REAL ID or the technical tenets of REAL ID and 36 will likely be compliant by the deadline of Jan. 15, 2013. Thanks, Janice Kephart

  2. Real ID is taking a federal sledgehammer to a legitimate issue that a state hammer will fix.

    International standards, international organizations and an international organization named a “hub” and “backbone” in the Final Rules issued by DHS in January 2008, HMMM!

    Really? “Embracing” is a nice way of having something forced down the throats of states by threatening citizens with not even being allowed to visit their members of Congress without identification approved by the government.

    If Real ID is so important, effective and NECESSARY why does the law (Public Law 190-13) allow for a non Real ID compliant driver’s license?

    How does Real ID protect us from corrupt government officials in other countries who work for drug cartels and terrorist organizations from issuing “bad guys” official documents such as passports that can be used to not only enter the United States but also to travel with the U.S.? Just yesterday, Mexican officials in charge of a prison were suspended because it is believed they were complicit (payed off) and allowed dozens of the most dangerous members of the Zeta Cartel to escape.

    Perhaps, Ms. Kephart would like to explain why it is states must formally make a “REQUEST” to DHS to be certified as Real ID compliant or a “gold star” can only be placed on the state driver’s license if the federal government authorizes it?

    Real ID requires the verification or authentication of breeder documents such as a person’s birth certificate. Why not just simply number the birth certificates ( a simple software issue) since all states are or have digitizing their birth and death certificates. If a number comes up more than once then state law enforcement can determine if fraud is taking place.? Most citizens have their birth certificates which proof identity and citizenship, so why should those citizens be subjected to the federal government’s invasion into a state issued document, the driver’s license or state identification card? The states control their own Dept. of Motor Vehicles and Dept. of Vital Statistics (maintains birth and death certificates for a state) so why should citizens stand for the federal government intruding into what is a state issued and supposed to be, controlled document?

    Ms. Kephart and others conveniently forget government’s authority comes from the consent of the governed; with Real ID it is the citizens that require the consent/permission of government before citizens can visit with their elected members of Congress?

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  5. I live in West Virginia, and was told at the DMV that if WV does not comply…”they would lose federal funding”. With the banking crisis, which i think is a hoax. THEY truly have control of the money and everything money buys. (airlines today, what tomorrow? (FOOD AND GAS). Wake up America!!

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  8. I can remember when another country put stars on its citizens.

  9. loretta blecker

    I’m with You Bob, next we will be walking down the street and hearing Papers Please

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  11. If you already have the star from one state them you move to another state, do you have to get another star from that state as well ?

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  13. I am sooooo frustrated by people’s inability to wake up. We don’t need to ask “Gov daddy’s” permission to drive. It is our inalienable right to travel about as we see fit. There is NO NEED for anyone to ask, or more aptly, BEG for permission to travel, anywhere, whether it be by horse and buggy, boot leather express, or by any private conveyance. Everything Gov does, is a way to exert more and more control, and this is no exception.

  14. The mark of the beast is the number name which is at the core of all this…the SSN. They are just making it more official.

  15. Place them in the microwave for a few seconds.

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  17. Thats Right is right. Our true constitution is Magna Carta which provides for unrestricted travel making any drivers license unneeded. How they get us is they change our status from traveler to driver which is a commercial title and requires a license. The definition of license is documentation allowing one to do what otherwise would be illegal as in to drive.

  18. Nothing government does is for our benefit… government only serves itself, and represents people the way Col. Sanders represents chickens!

  19. Drivers licenses are the purview of individual states, not the Federal Govt, and, especially not that of international gov’ts. The US Constitution is clear on the division of powers between the Federal Gov’t and those of the states. Issuing drivers licences is NOT interstate commerce; rather, it’s strictly within the states themselves; so, the Feds have NO authority whatsoever to tell states what drivers licenses to issue.

  20. Reblogged this on and commented:
    This is Data collecting in plane sight.

  21. so get one and marr the #%&& out it.

    all a cop can do is say

    get another liscense

  22. Actually, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that driving on the highways of the U.S. is a right and not a privilege as all states claim. It is actually illegal to
    charge money for a right such as a drivers license and registration to drive.
    The states and police who blackmail you by fining you could be charged
    under the RICO act. The Rico act is used by the Federal Government to
    prosecute organized crime. Since the states are an organization with many
    parties involved, a person could file Federal charges against the state,
    district attorneys,the police,judges the DMV as well as the State government for violation of your rights. State or Federal officials have no immunity from
    a lawsuit when they break the law and violate your rights. Learn what you must have with you for evidence such as what documentation to bring to court that will get your case thrown out of court if you get stopped and get a ticket. READ AND LEARN! REMEMBER, MOST EVERYTHING YOU THINK TO BE TRUE IS FALSE …READ and seek the truth on EVERYTHING! You have been taught half truths in school on most subjects and in some cases complete falsehood. READ and see what the real truth is! EXAMPLE: On 2 surveys roughly 97% of Doctors are in the business for the money only and do not care about you as a patient other than what is in your wallet. They are trained to make you think they care! ALSO, some Drs. in the late 1800s and early 1900s CURED many types of disease and even wrote books on how they did it. Some even cured every cancer patient that walked through their door! READ and RESEARCH! REMEMBER, MOST EVERYTHING YOU THINK IS TRUTH IS FALSE! A driver is actually someone that drives a vehicle for commercial purposes such as a taxi, or a electrical contractor, big rig, etc. When you drive your personal car for your personal business the police have no right to stop you unless you injure someone or damage property. When driving your vehicle for pleasure or personal business you are a TRAVELER NOT A DRIVER. REMEMBER, you are a TRAVELER and NOT a DRIVER! Also, remember, that just as the police or judges or the district attorney says : IGNORANCE OF THE LAW IS NO EXCUSE!
    USE the law to gain your freedom from having to pay for a DRIVERS LICENSE and REGISTRATION/TAGS. LOOK IT UP PEOPLE AS THE INFO
    IS EASY TO FIND. ALSO, study the Constitution for knowing how you can
    be free from being blackmailed. Look up the definition of the words of the
    Constitution to see what you are missing out on when it comes to freedom.
    ALSO, everyone lives in a REPUBLIC in the U.S. LOOK up the definition of a republic AND a democracy to see how free you are if you use that information. Most all your Judges, District Attorneys and Police are ignorant
    of what the Constitution really means. They break the law more than anyone by their ignorance and YOU people allow them to do it by your
    ignorance. GET SMART and free yourselves. READ! RESEARCH! IT IS
    ALL ONLINE! Easy to find information..

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  24. Because everything on the internet is true…

  25. was is the dead line for someone living florida that was born October 11,1952 to have a real ID with the star.

  26. just recently lost or misplaced my drivers license and told I have to bring in my birth certificate, social security card, and two proofs of residence. So I cannot drive a vehicle until I get a gold star drivers license however long that takes to get up all this information. In the meantime would somebody please tell me how am I going to purchase groceries for the three members of the household Im living with. How long does it take to get a social security card? How am I going to be able to get to my bank to take care of my personal business since I cant drive or any other activities I have to take care of? This is a classic case of Big Brother wanting too much information
    I have been a loyal citizen of the US for 63 years now and this real Id should be intended for criminals and terrorist only. this real ID is oppressive to our basic freedoms . if you get a summons t go to a federal court building or have an important business flight to catch and you don’t have a gold star ID your flight just got canceled and you are in contempt of court in either situation. we are headed for a police state similar to the form of the KGB of another country. Americans wake up and see whats really going down!

  27. Jerry, I feel your pain.

  28. Hey Kaye thanks for your comment. I feel like I am under some kind of House Arrest and I haven’t commited any crime! This is all pointing to the end times. Get this type of drivers license or we will see to it you never drive again is the final analysis that I see in all this. Sounds similar to KGB? The Gestapo? In the old Soviet Union one had to get permission from the Government to travel say like from Mobile Alabama to Foley Alabama. Is this what we are becoming???

  29. Agurus Guru

    There sure are a lot of paranoid people here!

  30. Paranoid is just something you call someone when you are unable to accept the plausibility and possibility of something other than what you think you know.

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